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Stop Running

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Gerard heads home without Olivia

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Olivia had cleared out her things by the time Gerard and Jade got home. It had been a week since she left, and Jade asked him everyday where she was. He told her that Livy had to leave and that they would see her soon. Jade missed her, so did he. Alicia said she's watch Jade whenever he had a meeting. He saw the pity in everyones look and hated it. He would find out what happened and why Olivia felt like she had to run.

"Daddy I'm sweepy" Jade said as they walked up the steps.

"I know sweetheart I'm gonna tuck you in for a nice long nap" He said as he lifted her into her bed.

"See you when I wake up daddy" She said sweetly.

"See you too" He kissed her head then shut the door.

He walked into Olivia's empty room and felt defeated. He had finally opened up to someone, let himself fall in love again and then she leaves. It just wasn't fair.

"Thanks for letting me stay" Olivia said to Zach. She'd been staying with him this past week.

"No problem. I will always be here for you, you know that" He smiled and handed her a cup of coffee.

"Has he tried contacting you" He asked and took a seat across from her.

"Yes, he calls and text. I hate ignoring him" SHe said trying to hold back tears.

"Do you think this is whats best? He seemed like a nice enough guy, you should tell him if you love him" She didn't want to here that right now. Only Zach knew what happened and thats how she wanted to keep it.

"I can't. Please don't push me on this" She stood up and walked to his window.

"He's gonna look for you and if he was sniffing into your past already. He loves you Olivia, I could see it when he came here. He won't stop searching just because you left" He said hoping to get threw to her. SHe was one of his best friends and she had hid for to long. SHe deserved to be happy.

"Maybe I could fake my death" SHe said seriously. Zach shook his head.

"Stop running. Trust him. Do you love him" HE asked. She turned and stared at him.

"Yes. Very much" She wrapped her arms around her chest and turned back to the window. He walked over and put his hands on her shoulders. She needed the support, he knew it.

"I'm never gonna escape this" SHe said and leaned back against him.

"I'm worried about Gerard" Mikey said to Alicia. After Olivia left, Gerard had changed. He was sketching more and staring off into space. The only person who could make him smile was Jade. "

I am to. You should have seen his face when he read the letter. HE really loves her" Alicia said. SHe was sad to. She missed her friend.

"I'm gonna see if he and Jade want to come for dinner some time this week" Mikey said looking over at Alicia. SHe looked sad. Olivia had hurt his wife when she left to.

"Yeah I will make some spaghetti this week. We can try to cheer him up" ALicia smiled and grabbed her husbands hand.

"He'll be okay" She said half heartedly. She knew niether of them believed that.

Gerard was cuddled on the couch with Jade watching Aladdin when he felt his cell vibrate in his pocket. He reached for it hoping to see Olivia's name pop up on the screen. He cursed under his breath when he saw it was Krystal.

"Bad word daddy" Jade said as she watched the movie.

"I know, I'm sorry. I'm gonna get up, be right back" He walked towards the kitchen and answered.

"What" HE said angrily. He was in no mood to speak with her.

"That's no way to greet me" she said, he heard the smile in her voice.

"What do you want Krystal" HE asked threw gritted teeth.

"I want to see Jade. I'm in town" SHe said like what she was asking was no big deal.

"No" He said immediatly. "I will get a court order against you if you continue to keep her from me" SHe said he could here how serious she was. This made him pause. She'd never threatened him with anything legal before.

"You wouldn't" He spat.

"I would. I want to see her Gerard, I'm serious. It doensn't have to be at your house. We can meet in a mutual place. Just let me see her" She actually sounded desperate. He shook his head. He didn't want Jade to see her and be dissapointed again. The last time she left Jade cried for days.

"Fine. Meet us at the park at 2" He said then hung up.

He walked in and looked at Jade. She was laughing at the movie. He loved her so much, he just wanted to protect her from everything. Including her own mother.

"Hey sweets. After this is over were gonna go to the park. Your... your mom wants to see you" he said and notice her flinch.

"Do I haves to" She asked in her whiney voice. He sighed.

"Yeah, she misses you and wants to see you" He said picking her up and kissing her cheek.

"I will be there with you.It will be okay" He smiled and tickled her. She laughed forgetting about having to see her mom.

An hour later they were sitting on a bench at the park waiting for her. Jade was singing to herself and he was looking around for Krystal. Ten minutes later she walked towards them, she was smiling and waiving.

"Your late as usual" He said standing up and holding on to Jades little hand. Krystal ignore his comment and got down on her knees in front of Jade.

"Hey beautiful. How are you" She asked touching the little girls hair.

"Im fine. Daddy I don't wike her" Jade said turning from Krystal touch and grabbing Gerards leg.

"Honey I'm your mommy. You can't not like me" Krystal said still smiling. Gerard looked down at JAde as she burried her face into his leg.

"Give her a minute Krystal she's not used to you" He said hoping she would back off.

"I am her mother, she should be used to me" Krystal said standing up quickly.

"She never see's you" He said giving her a look that said, calm the hell down. He could see she was getting worked up and he didn't want to upset Jade anymore than she already was. He saw her take a deep breath then smile at Jade.

"You want to play on the swings? Mommy can swing you" She said holding out her hand for Jade. Jade shook her head no.

"Only daddy, or Livy" She said looking up at Gerard. Her Livy was gone and his little girls words made his heart ache even more.

"Maybe another day Krystal" He said picking up their daughter.

"Don't you want to see mommy" Krystal tried one more time.

"No I wants to se Livy" Jade said then started to cry.

"You have poisoned her against me" Krystal screamed.

"Do not raise your voice in front of Jade" Gerard said sternly.

"We are leaving. Now" He said then turned.

"It's okay Jade. Don't cry" he said as he brushed his hand down her hair.

"Your okay, your with daddy" He whispered and kissed her fore head.

They walked back to the town house and Jade asked again for Livy. He didn't know what to tell her besides he missed Livy to.
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