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Laurie Jones is a twenty-one year old waitress by day, front woman by night. She's had a normal summer so far. Living on the Jersey Shore, cool job, cool friends, awesome band. But things start sha...

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The Rock Show: Chapter 1

I didn't know why, but when I woke up on July, 9th, 2010 I had the strongest feeling that my life would be changed. I didn't know by who and I didn't know by what. I would, however, find out by that night.

"Laurie!" I heard my name being called by a man. I assumed it was another fan and took a sip from my rum and cola. I sighed and checked the time. My next set was in thirty minutes. I decided to break from the band to enjoy a drink. Being twenty-one, I was the oldest of the group. Naomie was second oldest being twenty, followed by Destin, 19, and then Randy and Daryl, both 18. I was surprised that we could get the gigs at the club since Randy and Daryl were still in high school. But then again, I don't think the manager cared either way.

"Another rum and cola" I told the bar tender. If I had to play a shit hole like this tonight I was going to do it drunk.

"Shouldn't you slow down on the drinks?" I heard a man to the right of me ask. "I mean, you do have another show tonight" I gritted my teeth and turned around to scold him.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" I asked poking him in his chest. I met his eyes and gasped. I knew him. "Micah?" He smiled and took my hand, still resting on his chest, into his for a handshake.

"Hey Laurie, long time no see" He released my hand and pulled me into a tight hug. I hugged him back and grinned. I hadn't seen Micah since high school graduation. Sure, we tried to keep in touch through email and, but with college it just got complicated and eventually we lost contact. It was nice to see him again.

"It's great to see you again" I let out a small giggle. So many memories of our days in high school flooded my mind. The day I sat with him at lunch because my ex-boyfriend and I were in a fight. And the many jokes we made in financial literacy class with our old friends. Those days seemed like ages ago. "What brings you here, dude?" I asked.

"I heard there was this band playing here that everyone said was pretty good. I asked who was in it and they mentioned you and Naomie. I had to come check it out" He smiled and sipped from a bottle of beer. "I have to say you guys are pretty good. Especially you. I never knew you could sing like that" I blushed. He noticed and smiled. "You're cute when you blush" I giggled.
"Oh really?" He nodded.

"You've always been cute, Laurie. Beautiful in fact" I blushed deeper and looked away from him.

"Eh...I've never been cute" I sighed. "If I remember, Molly Collins got "best looking" in the year book" He chuckled and rested a hand on my arm.

"And I got tallest. What's your point?" He could see me growing timid. He gently grabbed my chin and turned my face to meet his. "I always thought you were beautiful, Laurie. You had these banging curves, and those big, brown eyes of yours. How you're hair was black but looked brown in the sunlight" He ran his thumb across my lips "And your lips were always glossy and red. You were sexy, girl" I smirked. I was always a sucker for compliments like that.

"Boy, you don't know how sexy I can get" I teased. "You know you weren't too bad yourself. You were tall, athletic. You could draw, you played guitar" I grinned. "You were one sonnet away from being a romance novel character" Micah grinned and took my hand. "You know, I have twenty minutes 'til my set starts..." I raised an eye brow "You wanna dance?"

He nodded and lifted me from my stool. "After you, beautiful"

We danced close to each other. Our bodies pressed against each other perfectly matching the beat of the music. Micah ran his hands up and down my body, caressing every curve. His 6'4 frame towered over my 5'3 body. I wrapped my arms around his neck to bring him closer to my face. I took in every feature of him. His skin was light brown. His Dominican and Puerto Rican features shown through his face. His lips were full and his eyes brown and fixed on every move I made. The music changed to a slow song. Our paced slowed but we still stayed close to each other.

"Micah, you wanna come backstage after the show tonight?" I asked, our faces practically touching.

"Yeah" He answered. "You wanna go back to my house after the show?"

"Yeah" I replied. Our faces moved closer until our lips touched in a soft kiss.

"Laurie! Micah!" A voice called to us from the crowd. Micah and I broke apart and turned to see another old friend rushing towards us. Micah and I smiled with delight.

"Jimmy!" Micah exclaimed, patting Jimmy's back. "How goes it, man?" Jimmy shook his head and sighed.

"Not so good guys" He looked at me. A sense of urgency washed over him.

"Laurie, Rob's here" I groaned in disgust. It figured that my ex-boyfriend would show up at one of my shows.
"What the hell does he want?" I asked, obviously annoyed. Jimmy looked me up and down, his eyes resting and the "V" of my neckline.

"Rob still has feelings for you. He saw you and Micah. He's very drunk and really dangerous right now" His eyes moved up to meet mine. He quickly avoided my gaze as intense anger flashed on my face.

"Laurie, you ok?" Micah asked putting an arm around me.

"So Rob's jealous?" I asked myself more than to anyone else. "I'll give him a damn reason to be fuckin' pissed!" I grabbed the collar of Micah's shirt and began kissing him passionately. I forced my tongue into his mouth as he pulled me closer, rubbing his hands all over me.

Suddenly, Micah was grabbed away from me. I heard the sound of glass breaking. I looked around only to see my ex-boyfriend, Rob, on top of Micah clumsily throwing punches and missing by a lot. Already, Jimmy was on top of him trying to pull him off of Micah, while Micah was trying to squirm away before he was actually hit. I ran over and grabbed one of Rob's thin arms, trying to break him away from Micah. "God damn it, Robert!" I shouted to him. He couldn't hear anybody it seemed. He was probably too drunk to notice anyone talking to him. "Rob, stop it!" I screamed. "Stop it! NOW!" Rob went quiet and dropped his fist. He looked at me with blood shot, glassy eyes. "So not only are you drunk you're fuckin' high too?" I shook my head disgusted at him. Jimmy pulled him off of Micah, who stood up and dusted himself off. I walked over to him and began to examine him for wounds of any kind. "Are you ok, Micah?" I asked. Worry was prevalent in my voice.

Micah cracked his neck and knuckles and answered "Yes, I'm fine. Thank you"

"You son of a bitch!" Rob shouted as he lunged for Micah again. This time Micah threw a punch that landed straight in Rob's eye. He was knocked out in an instant.

"Laurie, we need you backstage" Naomie informed me. She took my arm and started pulling me away from the mess.

"But, but the guys..." I trailed off as I looked at Micah, not wanting to leave him in that condition. He looked at me and nodded waving me off with a cut left hand.
"I'll be fine" He said. He helped Jimmy with Rob and started moving him towards the exit. "I'll meet you backstage, I promise" I smiled and nodded. Naomie led me by the hand to the back stage area of the club confusion evident on her face.
"Was that Micah Mendez? From High school?" She asked. I merely grinned and nodded.

"Naomie, my friend, I have a lot I need to tell you"
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