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chapter 2. enjoy

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Author's Note: I apologize for the longevity of the completion of this chapter. I worked very hard so that any readers may be fully satisfied with the storyline for this section. that being said I've compiled a playlist of songs I wrote this chapter with. I advise you to listen to these songs, as you may like some.

Playlist for chapter 2:

Practice Makes Perfect by Cute Is What We Aim For

Lazy Eye by The Silversun Pick Ups

Don't Lose Touch by Against Me

Explode by Uh Huh Her

Closer by Nine Inch Nails

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

Of All The Gin Joints In All The World by Fallout Boy

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Chapter 2: Laurie

I couldn't believe that was Laurie Jones on stage. Her long, dark hair had been cut into a choppy bob that framed her round face perfectly. She was still painting her full lips with that glossy red lipstick, and her brown eyes were still wide and lined in black. Her lids were still being heavily shadowed in her shade of the week. I assumed that this week was purple. A monroe and nose piercing, and a few tattoos were new. Other than that, she looked how she did when we parted ways on graduation day. I closed my eyes and listened to her voice. She was singing a sad song about a girl that lost her way. Her voice was beautiful. She was strong and harmonious and had perfect control. I had never heard her sing before this, and that made me sad.

"Ok, Wildwood. I'm afraid it's our last number for tonight" Laurie announced from the stage. Boos and shouts of protest were heard from the crowd. Personally, I couldn't wait for her set to be over. I wanted to catch up with her so badly. I wanted to get to know her all over again. And, if I was lucky, I would've liked to have her in my bed before the end of the night. "Don't worry, Wildwood, The Crazy Ranges will be playing all over the city for the whole summer. I hope you guys enjoyed the show!" The audience hooted and applauded. They had put on a good show. "Ladies and gentlemen, our last number of the night: Live It Up, Drink It Down!" The crowd was sent into an uproar. Fans cheered and applauded. This was obviously a crowd favorite. The guitar started playing an upbeat melody as the rest of the band joined in. Laurie grinned and opened her mouth to sing.

"Live it up. Drink it down. Come on, kid. Don't be a clown"

Laurie's energy lit up the club. Everyone was jumping up and down having fun. I even noticed some people singing along with her. But the lyrics were so depressing. A song about alcoholism the band had cleverly disguised with poppy beats. They were smart.

"I can help you make it better, so I'm writing you a letter. Every ounce that you yield won't mask how you feel. I've been there before. Talk to me, I'll be your cure"

I could hear every emotion in Laurie's voice. Her song was from the heart. Who had she lost? I would have to remind myself later.

"You Micah?" A large man asked.

"Yeah" I shouted over the noise. "Are you with Laurie?" The man nodded and pointed me to a door in the back of the club.

"Laurie said you were gonna be back stage waiting for her. She wants me to show you where" I shrugged and followed him. I felt like I knew him from somewhere, but I couldn't put my finger on it. We walked into a rather dirty looking room. There was one dingy couch with random stools and chairs decorated around the floor. There was one large vanity mirror with various cosmetics scattered around it. A changing curtain sat in one small corner of the room. I took a seat on the couch, while the big man stayed outside of the door. I guess he was security. Soon enough I heard cheers as the music stopped and shuffling started on stage. Band members exited the stage via the small stair case at the back of the room. Two kids first; the lead guitarist and the drummer. Then Destin, followed by Naomie. Naomie smiled and ran over to give me a hug. I gladly welcomed her.

"Micah, it's so good to see you" She squealed. Naomie plopped down in the seat next to me, beaming with nostalgia. It had been so long since I've seen her. She had gotten so mature. She still had the big brown eyes that made Spencer Payne melt in graphics and design class, but she stopped dying her hair honey blond. It was now her natural deep brown. She no longer kept it in messy pony tails or pinned up with shiny clips and cute bows. It was cut in a shag that was plastered to her face with sweat. She seemed to stop caring about maintaining her "innocent flower" appearance like she did in high school. She let her curves show with a black lace up top and some type of tutu. She had definitely changed.

"You've grown up a lot, Naomie" I pointed out. A light blush played on her cheeks. The red stood out against her cinnamon skin. "You finally letting boys come near you?" I joked. She laughed her same hearty laugh and playfully punched my arm, hard enough to nudge me from my relaxed position on the couch.

"Jerk" She stuck her tongue out at me.

I shrugged my shoulders replying "I was just kidding"
"Naomie, I know you aren't abusing a fan" I heard someone call from upstairs. It was no doubt Laurie's voice. It amazed me how much Naomie and Laurie were the same, and yet how much they differed.

Both girls in high school were shy and reserved, but they got so loud around their friends. If there was a heated discussion in eleventh grade English neither girls were afraid to share their opinions, but they were often on the opposite sides. Both could draw, Naomie better than Laurie from what I remember. And both could sing, however Laurie's voice was much stronger. It was nice to see that they had remained friends for all those years.

Laurie had made her way down into the room, a complementary water bottle in hand. She twisted off the cap and downed half of it within a second. She heaved a large sigh of relief, no doubt needing the cold water after the show she had just put on. She looked in my direction and smiled. I could help but smile back. In high school, it was rare to see Laurie Jones even smirk on her own let alone smile. It was always up to her friends to make her show teeth in anyway possible. Except for when she was with Naomie. When she was with Naomie the jokes never stopped leaving her mouth. The laughter never died.

"What are you smiling at?" Laurie questioned playfully. She winked and went straight to the vanity to clean her face and reapply make-up. She shot gunned the rest of her water bottle before wiping off the remainder of her red lipstick. Naomie left the couch to join her, taking a Noxima acne pad and wiping the sweat and grime off of her face with it. Destin sat in a corner absentmindedly strumming at his bass, while Randy and Daryl began changing into clean clothes. Their used clothes being soaked no doubt. I turned to look at the girls again, this time seeing that the big guy by the door had joined them. He was hugging Naomie from behind. Naomie giggled and grinned as did the man affectionately holding her. I assumed that was her boyfriend.

Laurie headed over to a large duffel bag in the corner Destin sat in. Without even a glance around Laurie began stripping out of her performance clothes. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. She was comfortable enough with changing in front of all these men? And no one was even noticing? I glanced around to see if any of the men were looking. Destin was still into his bass, and the two youngest boys were starting to pack up their instruments. Naomie and her boyfriend were too wrapped up in their own little world to notice anything outside of each other. I couldn't have been the only person noticing this. "Uh…Laurie…?" I started. She turned to look at me. I gulped. Her body was so… it was so sexy. For the first time in my life I felt myself blush. How could she be ok with showing her body like that? In high school she couldn't even wear fitted tees, let alone walk around in only under wear. I scanned the length of her body, trying my hardest not to look like a dog in heat. She was wearing a green push up bra with white polka dots and matching panties. Her body wasn't perfect. Her legs were short, but full and shapely. Her torso held a little bit of fat, but by no means was she obese. She was curvy, thick, and damn was she beautiful.

"Micah, did you need something?" She asked. She narrowed her eyes at me, studying my face thoroughly. A sly smile spread across her face. "You're checking me out, you little creep" My mouth flew open as I tried to defend myself, tripping over my words with frustration. Laurie laughed in amusement and pulled on a pair of denim shorts. "Micah, relax. I'm ok with my body, I don't care if I change in front of guys" I sighed in relief as I noticed the other guys giggling and looking at me.

"Got a new groupie, Laur?" Destin asked laughing. She threw her sweaty t-shirt at him and threw on a tank top.

"Damn, Destin, don't be rude" She scolded. She slipped on a pair of flip flops and crossed over to me, plopping down on my lap. "You don't remember Micah at all?" She smiled at me. I couldn't help but smile back. Everything she did or felt was infectious. "Ready to go?" She asked me.

"Sure" She hopped off of my lap and gathered the rest of her stuff. She gave hugs to everyone in the room and a kiss on the cheek to both Naomie and her boyfriend. Laurie opened the door to the back exit letting me out first.

"Be safe guys, I'll see you all tomorrow" She called into her band. A chorus of "see ya's" and "Byes" were heard as she closed the door. Laurie hoisted her duffle bag onto her shoulder and started walking in the direction of one of the beach house developments. I assumed it was hers. "I'm just gonna stop by my place real quick to drop off my stuff" She explained.

"Ok" I replied and continued to follow her in silence. She was so short compared to me. I guess it would make sense seeing as how I'm 6'4. She had to be at least 5'1 maybe 5'2. Her hair was shiny and her breasts were large. Were they natural or because of the bra she was wearing? I guess I would have to find out later. I trailed back a couple steps to check out her bottom. Round and plump, just like I liked them. Tonight was going to be so much fun. I had to admit to myself feelings of guilt, however. It hadn't been that long since the last time I had sex, so it wasn't like I was acting out of desperation. Laurie was such a nice girl. She was sweet and kind and so easily attached. That is, she was in high school. Had she changed over the years? Maybe with having that Rob jerk for a boyfriend. But I couldn't be too sure. I didn't want to do any damage. We stopped outside of a shore house with a large porch swing and a decaying wooden rail outside. Laurie took out a ring of keys and fiddled around with opening the door. There was a click and the door was pushed open.
"Be quiet, my other roommates are sleeping" She whispered and put her index finger to her mouth. I nodded in agreement and stepped into the average sized living room. There was a mess of magazines and dirty plates on the coffee table. A stack of DVDs stood precariously on the edge of the entertainment system. I hadn't seen where Laurie went. I heard a rustling in another room somewhere down the hall. I walked down to find Laurie in a rather messy room littered with clothes, dishes, and random cosmetics everywhere I could see. She was stuffing clothes into a black sling-back with her band's insignia on it. She threw some make-up in there and crossed to a sectioned off bathroom. She came out carrying a tooth brush in a travel container. She flung the bag on her back and stretched. "Ready to go?" I nodded and headed out of the room, into the living room, and out onto the side walk.

The walk to my shore house was a quiet, but fulfilling one. Laurie and I shared some mild conversation about our goals for the summer, how college was going, what we were studying for. We kept going back to the past though. Questions of old friends would constantly pop up. "So Angel really did move to California?" "How's Greg after the accident?" "Did you hear that Ashley and Ryan got married?" There was no denying that I missed the old days. Things were so simple back then. It's amazing how you can both hate and love a structured environment as a teenager. Poor Laurie seemed to almost pine for those days. She wasn't the most popular, but she was so well liked and so loved. Did all of that end after high school? I sighed and led her to the door of my house. The lights were on inside and the door was unlocked. "Great" I moaned "My roommates are home" Laurie gave me a small smile letting me know that it was ok. I rolled my eyes, shrugged my shoulders, and entered my cozy, two room condo with Laurie trailing behind. To my surprise Garret and Cole weren't in the house. I saw the back porch light on and heard giggling and talking. The faint smell of a charcoal grill was wafting around the house. "They're outside" I confirmed.

"Good" Laurie smirked. "Let's use this time wisely" I grinned and wrapped my arms around her bringing her close to me. We shared a kiss, then taking her hand I led her to my bedroom.

My room wasn't as much of a mess as Laurie's, but it could've used some tidying up. Like hers there was a sectioned off bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink. I cleared a space on my unkempt bed and invited her to sit down. She set her sling back down and stretched, bending so that I could almost see down her top. She grinned and twisted around so that she faced me. "Is it cool if I take a shower?" She asked.

"It's all your's" I said gesturing to the bathroom. She stole a robe from my closet and made her way into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Running water could be heard and soon all I could focus on was the sound of water against linoleum tile and the image of Laurie's naked body wet and glistening. I lied back on the bed and groaned. I needed to keep control. I didn't want to look like a panting dog when Laurie came out of the bathroom.

Damn she was so sexy. That shower was taking too long. I looked at the clock. It was roughly 12:45 when she had gotten in. It was now 12:50. No way it had only been five minutes. The clock was tricking me. At least an hour had to have passed by. I suppressed a growl. Wasn't she already clean enough? She was driving me crazy without even being in the same room with me. My guitar. I would play some guitar to pass the time. I grabbed the case sitting on the floor to the left of my bed. I took out the Les Paul acoustic and strummed it to see if it was tuned. It was perfect. I strummed the opening to a Pink Floyd song I had always liked. I never liked anyone hearing my singing voice, but the guys were outside and Laurie was in the shower. I figured I would be safe. I took a deep breath and let the music possess me.

"So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell
Blue skies from pain
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steal rain?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?"

I was so wrapped up in the song I hadn't noticed the sound of running water had stopped. I didn't notice the smell of my Old Spice body wash or my eucalyptus shampoo. It wasn't until I heard a sweet voice behind me that I stopped singing and whipped my head around to see Laurie standing there looking slightly surprised. "When did you get out?" I asked trying to hide my embarrassment. Laurie sat down next to me and put her hand on my arm.

"A few minutes ago" She answered. Her eyes were lit up in a way I recognized all too well. "Why did you stop?" She asked almost breathlessly. "You play so well, and your singing…" She trailed off as she looked at me with awe. I smiled and backed away from her a bit. I had never been complimented on my singing before. I never thought I was that good.

"Do you want me to continue?" I asked. She nodded her head furiously, obviously eager to continue our duet. I strummed the guitar picking up where we left off.

"Did they get you to trade?
Your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
And cold comfort for change"

Our voices blended together in a way that it was near perfection. I could see the light in her eyes as she belted out every word. She didn't only live for singing. To Laurie, singing was life. It was every part of her. Every molecule of her being was music.

"How, How I wish you were here
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl
Year after year
Running over the same old ground
What have we found
The same old fears
Wish you were here"

Our voices died as I played the last chords of the song. I felt invigorated. Is this what freedom felt like? I wanted to feel like this every day. And I had just noticed that there was a beautiful girl in my bed, dressed in only a flimsy robe. And she wanted me as much as I did her. I could see it in her eyes. No words needed to be said. I could see everything she wanted to say to me on her face.

Kiss me, Micah. Kiss me. Touch me. Make love to me…

I leaned in and kissed her hungrily. She wrapped her arms around me neck, tangling her fingers in my hair. Her lips traveled from my mouth to the nape of my neck. I gasped as she nibbled and bit the sensitive skin sending shivers down my spine. I grabbed her hair and gently pulled bringing her away from my neck. She moaned and looked at me with hungry eyes. I let her go. She stood up to her full height, removing the towel wrapped around her hair. Her wet tendrils fell around her face. Her lips were pouted and full and her eyes smoldering. I stood up, towering over her, and staring at her with what I was sure was lust in my eyes. But I felt a bit more than lust. It was something deeper that I didn't know. I did know, however, that I wanted to sleep with this girl. I wanted to turn her world around and see what she was capable of.

She and I were so close. Our bodies were nearly pressed together, yet stayed far enough apart so that her hands could roam my torso. My hands found their way exploring every curve of her body. They stopped when they found the tie to the robe. A very loose knot was tempting my fingers. As I she was reading my mind, I heard Laurie breath "It's ok". I tied one string loose, causing the whole knot to unravel, and making the opening of the robe reveal a little skin. With shaking hands I slid the robe off revealing Laurie's beautiful, naked body. I ran my thumb over an erect nipple. Laurie sucked in a breath of air and moved so that she was inches away from the bed. She sat and scooted so that she was lying on top of the ransacked sheets. I didn't need an invitation. I knew she wanted me there to feel her, touch her. I crawled on top so that I straddled her shapely hips. We shared another passionate kiss, and our night of hungry, wild desire begin.
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