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i will protect you, i promise

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Bob protect Gee...

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It was a dull day, I stood outside the gates waiting for Frank and Mikey to come, they were together, Frank and Mikey were really in love and just kept it hidden for so long.
“You two please stop making out,” I said.
“Can’t do that Gee,” Mikey said.
“Hey Fags!” Matt shouted at us. The group of them came over to us. Except Bob.
“Come on lets make this quick so we can still get to Daniel’s,” Pete said. Matt punch Frank in the jaw.
“Get off him!” Mikey screamed.
“Brian, you take him down,” Matt said. Brian grabbed Mikey and kicked him.
Pete grabbed me and threw me against the gates and punched me in the stomach. I closed my eyes, I knew it was going to be painful but I was use to the pain. Suddenly Pete stop.
“Get the fuck off him!” Bob shouted as he pulled Pete off me.
“Why?” Pete asked.
“Because what have they done to get beaten up?” Bob asked.
“Nothing, why are you protecting them?” Matt asked.
“Because, I’m with Gerard,” he said, I was in shock.
“You what?” Brian asked.
“I’m with Gerard, you beat him up you’ll get it ten times worse,” he said.
“I’m not listening to this gay shit,” Brian said, he walked off.
“You gay or what?” Pete asked.
“Bi,” Bob answered.
“Well ad least I can still ask you if a girl looks hot,” Pete said.
“What? You mean we’re still friends?” Bob asked.
“Yeah, I’m happy you’ve found someone, sorry Gerard for the beat ups,” Pete said.
“Yeah sorry guys,” Matt said.
“Okay we’re going to Dan’s, you guys wanna come?” Pete asked all of us.
“Umm… no I’m going to take Gee home,” Bob said. He wrapped his arm around my waist.
“Yeah I’m going to Frank’s to play the new video game and to do homework,” Mikey said.
“Okay, we’ll talk to the guys about it, I’m sure they’ll be fine,” Pete said as he walked away with Matt.
“Wow,” Mikey said.
“Shit,” Frank said.
We laughed.
Bob took me home, Mikey went to Frank’s.
“Bob, you actually stuck up for me, and you told them, why?” I asked.
“I love you Gee, I told you I was going to protect my boyfriend and if you dare question me again your going to be punished,” Bob said.
“We’re boyfriends?” I asked.
“That’s it,” Bob said. He pushed me up against the wall and grinded his hips against mine. I moaned.
“Don’t question me,” Bob said.
“I won’t,” I said.
“Bob…” I said.
“What?” he asked.
“Can we…do it?” I asked.
“Are you sure, I mean I want to but I are you really sure?” he asked.
I nodded.
I lead him upstairs and into my room. He kissed me passionately, we backed up to the bed where I fell on top of him.
I sucked his lip ring, he moaned.
I unbuttoned his shirt, I rubbed his muscles slowly, they were so defined and beautiful. I sucked his nipples, he groaned loudly. I took his jeans and boxers off. God he was big, I was nervous that it would hurt. He straddled me and took my shirt off, he then took my skinny jeans off, the teased my boxers off.
“Bob, please,” I panted.
He slid them off. He kissed me again.
“Have you ever done this?” he asked.
“No, have you?” I asked.
“No,” he answered.
I nodded. He got some lube out the top draw. He put a good amount on his two fingers, he quickly shoved one in, I sharply inhaled. He pulled it in and out of me, then he stuck his other one in, then started scissoring me.
“You ready babe?” he asked.
“God Bob, fuck me,” I answered.
He put some lube on his dick, he quickly shoved inside me, I screamed out in pain.
“Shit, sorry Gee, I thought I would be easier if I went quicker,” he said
“It’s okay, I just need a minute,” I said. I soon nodded to him to tell him to carry on. He pulled out, I groaned in pain.
“Carry on Bob,” I said.
He thrusted in and out of me, but slowly. I wanted him to fuck me faster and harder.
“Harder. Bob. Faster,” I panted. He did what I asked, suddenly he hit my spot and I screamed out in pleasure.
“What the fuck?” Bob asked.
“You just hit my spot!” I yelled.
“I bet you want me to do it again, right?” he asked.
I nodded.
“Beg me bitch,” he said.
“Fuck Bob please, I want it so bad,” I moaned. He hit it again and I arched and yelled out again.
He kept hitting it and suddenly I came all over us, he came inside me.
“Fuck Gee, that was… amazing,” he panted. I nodded in agreement.
“Let’s have a shower,” I said smiling.
We put some boxers on and went to the bathroom. I turned the shower on, I turned to Bob and yanked his boxers off him then took mine off. We stepped in the shower. I was getting hard for seeing him covered in water and soap. I pulled him against the tiled wall and bit his neck. He moaned loudly. I dropped to my knee and held him in my hands. I sucked the tip, he groaned as he ran his hands threw my hair. I took him all in my mouth and sucked, I bobbed my head up and down. He started moaning loudly. I started pumping myself. He suddenly got on the floor of the bath, I looked at him with questioning eyes.
“I want you to fuck me,” he said.
“I…umm…it will hurt,” I said.
“I love pain,” he said.
“I want to ride you,” he said in my ear as he sucked the lobe. I sat down on the other end of the bath. He straddled me, our erections rubbed together, it was fucking irresistible, I grabbed him to stop still.
“Doesn’t Mr Way like it?” he asked.
“It’s fucking amazing, but I want to be inside you,” I said. He nodded , I prepared him and lined up with my cock. Suddenly he slid down on my cock.
“Fuck,” he moaned. He started bouncing up and down on my cock. I moaned loudly, I dug my nails into his hips. He suddenly screamed out.
“Fuck! Keep on hitting there!” he yelled. I hit it over and over again.
“I’m not going to last much longer,” he moaned. Suddenly he came all over us, then I came inside him, he got off me and lay against the tiled wall, he closed his eyes and breathed heavily.
“That was…amazing…” he panted.
“God I love you,” I said.
“I love you too, now we need to shower,” he said. He kissed me softly then we washed.
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