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short one, sorry, i'll make up for it

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Gerard’s P.O.V
A whole week of dating Bob, he was amazing, he took me home, sometimes he took me to his. He was the best. I sat in his room admiring the drawings.
“You draw these?” I asked.
“No, my friends did and they gave most of them away,” he said.
“They are amazing,” I said.
“You’re amazing too,” he said. I blushed.
“Does your parents know you’re a bi?” I asked.
“Yeah, they found out a year ago,” he answered.
“How did you know you were bi?” I asked.
“Well I was attracted to girls but to boys as well, I was at a friend’s and he kissed me, I didn’t fancy him but I enjoyed kissing a boy,” he answered.
“When did you find out you were gay?” he asked.
“I didn’t seem attracted to girls, and I also kissed a boy, and I knew then that I was gay,” I said.
He kissed me softly.
“I love you Gee,” he said.
“I love you too,” I said.

A/N: Short I know but I wanted to get onto the next bit which I’m hoping will be a bit more better. Please tell me what you think xoxo
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