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Thank You For The Venom

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"Well, I must be doing something right, you couldn't smile 30 minutes ago!"

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A/N: hello! Guess who found a Internet connection! Not even being in the middle of nowhere can stop me! So I wrote this chapter on my iPod on the way to the log cabin, which is in a really creepy woods by the way, there are noises like in The Blair Witch Project every night, and it's in a woods near a lake... It's freaky! So anyway, you may get a new chapter soon, if it continues pissing it down with rain and I come back to this coffee shop, thanks for the Reviews on the last chapters! I want lots of reviews and everyone to rate this one too! See ya!

"Mikey?" the sound of Lyra's voice made Mikey's bloodshot, puffy eyes look up from his now cooling cup of coffee for the first time since he had sat down on the beige leather loveseat with her. Her face had changed, it had become, smooth, motherly like. And her eyes, oh her eyes, the had become violet, sending him into a trance, looking into their endless pits, into her soul. Her blonde hair sparkled in the pale light from the tv, which she had switched onto some random Japanese cartoon to brighten the mood. Mikey seemed transfixed on her pure beauty and mystery, who was she? Why was she with Lucy? How come Lucy hadn't died the night she jumped off Brooklyn bridge? Why had it taken Lucy so long to surface and find Gerard? This angered him, before Lucy had ever entered Gerard's life, he had been a different man, a better man, when she jumped it completely ruined Gerard, it had ended in Gerard's suicide.  He could feel it. Every particle in Mikey Way's body hated, no, despised Lucy. She had corrupted his brother, his best friend, his role model. She had killed Gerard Way. 

And he wanted to do the same to her. 

He stood up, shaking with anger, every inch of his waiting, wanting to smash her skull in, to reduce her to nothing, like she had to his brother mentally, breaking his heart beyond the slightest part of repair, he wanted to do that to her body. 

"Mikey?" Lyra spoke again, bursting Mikey's hate bubble, her voice like velvet, he looked at her again, and was drawn back to her eyes, that glistened in the light. She placed her hand on the seat next to her and tapped it lightly, Mikey quickly obeyed, his body and mind bending over backwards for her, for her beauty, for the aching urge in his heart, and pants, for her.  

As soon as he sat down, she moved closer. The scent of her, lavender and peaches, entered his nostrils, sending his urges wild. Their faces were so close to each other, is either of them leaned in by an inch, their lips would collide. 
"Mikey," she took Mikey's head in her hands, the touch sending him revelling in ecstasy. That's when he noticed her eyes, the pupils had gone, leaving only a violet circle in the centre of the white. He tried to recoil but he couldn't, he was transfixed, like a doe in the headlights. His mind began to involuntarily loose the thoughts of tonight, he was forgetting  everything, his memory seemed to only remember eating tea with Gerard and remembering Gee acting strange, talking shit about death and where grandma was, then sitting here with Lyra. There was nothing in the middle, but it didn't seem unjustifiable... It seemed- natural, normal. "You met Lucy and myself in a sushi bar, Gerard is fine, Gerard is better for Lucy being back, they are together, I am her cousin from Seattle. You have invited us to stay with you for the rest of the tour.  Lucy survived the jump and came to stay with me when she found out how she was effecting Gerard and yours relationship. It did not work out, she and Gerard conversed over the phone and decided to meet up again." 


Lyra sighed, she thought she said everything Lucy told her to, if not she would have to redo it, and get her arse kicked by Lucy. She closed her eyes and fixed a smile on her face as Mikey's eyes flashed back to the present, he smiled at Lyra and picked up their mugs to get another coffee. She sighed and stared after him. 
"So what's Seattle like?" Mikey smiled as he walked back to her, his hands balancing two cups of coffee and a packet of some Japanese brand of biscuits.
"Lovely, although it is busy this time of yeah, tourists flock there."
"I guessed, I've always wanted to go there, not on tour, just as a sightseer. Hello Kitty marshmallow cookie?" he pointed to  the plate of cat shaped biscuits on the coffee table, Lyra wished Lucy could see them, she loved Hello Kitty, she wondered how she was getting on.
"Thank you" 
"They're Gerard's favourite. I think it's a bit poofy." he giggled as he picked up one for himself and settled down into the couch to watch the cartoon on the tv. "Do you think we should check on Gee and Lucy?"
Damn she knew there was something she had forgotten to say, she quickly thought of the well rehearsed plan and added the final piece.
"Actually, I think they're getting reacquainted with each other, they'd be very annoyed if we disturbed them" she added a blush for a convincing effect. 
"Oh, right. That's sounds like Gee alright, fuck someones brains out when the relatives are in the other room!" Mikey shook his head, obviously disappointed with his brothers view on women, Lucy had warned her about this, she wanted no conflicts with her work. Lyra changed the subject. 
"Hey, have you ever microwaved one of these?" Lyra picked up a small squishy cat. "It might be like when you microwave an Peep!" She giggled and jumped up over to the small kitchen of the hotel suite, placing one in the microwave. 
"Epiiiic- I WANNA PRESS THE START BUTTON!" Mikey screamed and ran over to her, giggling like a small child. 


Lucy laughed and shook her head at the sounds coming from the suite, her hand still tightly pressed on the crescent shaped wounds on Gerard's chest, where they had been for over thirty minutes now, while she worked hard trying to bring Gerard back to life.
"Oh Gee, why did you have to use poisons? Drowning or bleeding out is so much easier to fix, or so I'm told, I've never done this before. You're my first, there's a hell of a lot to tell you, you won't believe half of it, you'll think I'm mad. I'd think I'm mad if I didn't know the truth, here's me talking to a corpse who blinks trying to bring it back to life... Mad eh?" she giggled, a smile forming on Gerard's when she did. "Well, I must be doing something right, you couldn't smile 30 minutes ago!" she said cheerily, humming 'Thank You for the Venom' as she did.

'So give me all your poison
And give me all your pills
And give me all your hopeless hearts
And make me ill'
Thank You For The Venom ~ MCR
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