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I'll Just Pretend You Didn't Say That

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Brendon's POV

I sighed as I woke in an unfamiliar room, the smell of aftershave filling the room. I kept my eyes firmly shut, listening to hte sounds surrounding me. I could hear a guitar being played quietly and a melodic voice singing. I knew it was Patrick.
'Patrick' I mumbled sleepily, trying to open my eyes. Patrick stopped playing and I could hear him set his guitar down and walk over to me. I felt him sit on the edge of my bed.
'Brendon, everyone else has been awake for ages' Patrick sighed. I opened my eyes. His eyes were puffy and his cheeks were tear stained.
'You've been crying. Why?' I whispered, concerned.
'He didn't make it, Brendon. I'm so sorry' Patrick sighed bursting into tears. I stared at him. He was crazy. He was lying. Ryan was fine. He had to be. The cuts weren't that bad. They couldn't be that bad. They didn't even look bad. He was fine. Yes, he was fine and Patrick was lying. Ryan had to be fine. He HAD to be fine. It was only then I realized I hadn't spoken, that I'd just stared at him silently.
'Liar' I hissed as he continued to cry.
'I know it's going to be hard for you to accept but he didn't make it. He passed away a few hours ago' Gabe said. Wait... How did Gabe get in? And how does he know I liked Ryan?
'I'm sorry for your loss' Pete sighed.
'But you love him too! Why is Patrick the only one crying! Show some fucking emotion!' I screamed. I stared at the blank faces. People kept appearing. I wasn't sure where they had come from but I was sure as hell they hadn't been there before.
I closed my eyes, wishing they'd leave me alone. I was crying. He was really gone.
'Shh, Brendon, Brendon it's okay. You were having a nightmare, honey. It's okay' Pete whispered. I was sure it was Pete. I recognised his voice. My eyes snapped open to see Pete sitting on the edge of my bed, looking very concerned.
'I-is he okay?' I asked.
'He can come ome today or tomorrow' Pete smiled.
'I had a nightmare. He died' I whispered, wanting to cry.
'Well, he's definitely not dead. So, how about you get up and get something to eat, eh?' Pete smiled.
'Okay. Only if you're sure that he's okay' I sighed.
'He's fine' Pete smiled. I climbed out of bed and got dressed.

I was scared now.

I knew I'd have ro help him.

And I was willing to help him.

I couldn't believe how much had happened in my first day.
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