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Chapter 7

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Gerard learns about Franks past, and the two become closer :)

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A/N: Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I hope this extra long chapter full of angst and fluffyness makes up for it!! :)


Frank loved Wednesdays almost as much as he loved Fridays.
Wednesdays gave him a feeling of accomplishment; that the week was basically half over and that there were only two more day 'till the weekend. Frank was especially excited for this week end. He was finally sleeping over at Gerard and Mikey's house. No more watch-as-many-movies-as-we-can-until-Frank-has-to-go-home. This time, they could watch as many movies and eat as much junk food as they wanted.

Frank let a smile grace his lips as he put his books in his bag, thinking of his plans. The bell was about to ring for lunch and as usual, he was going to meet Mikey, Ray, Gerard and Bob under their tree. He impatiently tapped his fingers on the worn out desk and waited for the familiar irritating noise to blare throughout the classroom. Once, it did, the boy jumped from his seat and quickly walked to the door, eager to get out.

“Frank.” He stopped once he heard his name. As the other kids spilled into the hallway, Frank made his way to his Science teacher, Ms.Vicktz, who was seated on her desk, her legs swinging off the edge. Ms.Vicktz was a kind, patient woman. Usually, Frank would have been slightly annoyed for being held back, but he knew that Ms.V would only ever do this type of thing for a valid reason. “Because you joined us a bit late in the year,” She started, smiling gently at Frank, “You probably aren't familiar with the format we'll be using for an upcoming project. Is it okay if I explain it now?”

The explanation took about 10 minutes, and by the time Frank walked into the hallway, it was empty, not that he was complaining. Every day between classes, at lunch and at the end of the day, he would have to weave his way through bodies just to get to his locker. The process wasn't as unnerving with an empty hall.

As the teen fumbled with the books in his locker, a group of boys walked by. Frank didn't really pay much attention to them, but he could hear them talking about some sort of sports match. When their voices drew nearer, the boys suddenly became hushed when one said “Hey” to the rest.
“Yo, Fairy.” The 'leader' said. Frank glanced at them over his shoulder, but didn't really acknowledge them fully. He noted that all three of them were jock types. The 'leader' noticed Frank's ripped jeans and scoffed. “What are ya? Some kinda' faggot?” he spat, his friends snickering. Frank was going to murmur something horrendously wimpy along the lines of “Leave me alone”, but was cut off when he heard a “Hey!” coming from the other ed of the hallway.

Frank was relieved to see Gerard walking quickly towards them, visibly angry. “Jake, honestly,” Gerard directed towards the 'leader', who was now 'Jake', “Leave your idiocy to someone who cares.”

“Fuck you, Pansy. You're just as bad as this queen.”

Gerard rolled his eyes. “Thou art a clod of wayward marl.” He knew his Shakespearean insults would come in handy at some point.

And he was right. Jake's (and his friends) response was a look of pure bewilderment followed by, “Yeah.... well..... at least I'm not gay!” The trio of morons ran out of dumb things to say, so Jake just pretended to punch Frank, who flinched, while the other two laughed like it was the most hilarious thing they'd ever seen. They continued laughing as the walked down the hallway, high fiving and shoving each other into lockers, as if it was their victory.

Gerard watched them in amazement as they went to the end of the hall and rounded a corner. When they disappeared, Gerard shook his head and looked at the floor. “Idiots. Jesus, don't take any of their shit to heart, okay, Frank?” When Frank didn't respond, Gerard finally looked at him. His friends eyes were wide and he was shaking. He was petrified.


“I... I thought they were gonna huh-hit me.” Frank whispered as a tear came sliding down his face.

Gerard wasn't sure what to do. He didn't necessarily deal with tears on a daily basis. “C'mon.” he said softly and gingerly took Frank's thin wrist. He led his friend to the bathroom and had him sit on the floor. When Frank hiccuped and began to cry harder, Gerard got some toilet paper and began dabbing at the droplets on the young boy's cheeks.

The two just sat for a bit, Frank crying and Gerard wiping his eyes. When Frank's crying subsided to sniffles, he began trying to hide himself in his gigantic black sweatshirt. This made Gerard visualize a kitten again, until he mentally shook himself and tell his brain to shut up. Kittens are apparently not a thing to think about when your friend is crying.

Gerard broke the silence. “Frank,” He started, not getting acknowledgement from Frank. “Frank, look at me.” When Frank finally made eye contact, Gerard continued.

“Y'know, never in a million years would I even let them touch you.”

“I know...” He looked away, unable to keep eye contact.

“Are you gonna tell me why you started crying, then?”

Frank looked back at Gerard, into his beautiful eyes. Gerard didn't look angry. He looked like he was worried and actually cared.Frank felt safe to tell this boy anything.

He let out a big breath. “I've never really told anyone before, but y'know what? I trust you.” He exhaled again. “It might take a bit though.”

Gerard suddenly felt like the most important person on Earth. “It doesn't matter. We have all the time in the world.”

“Okay.” Frank sniffed, exhaled a third time and began. “At my old school, since around grade seven, I didn't really have any friends. I was what you would call a 'loner'. Everyday, I'd go to school by myself, take classes by myself, eat lunch by myself and basically spend the rest of the day with myself. I kinda got used to it, I guess, so after a while I liked it......” He paused to rub his aching eyes. “I don't even remember how we met or how we started talking but this guy, George, came into my life. He would sit with me at lunch sometimes and we would talk. We had nothing in common, but surprisingly, we got along. George was one of the more popular kids, actually. If any of his other friends, who were also popular, saw him with me, they'd give us looks. But, every time he caught them doing it, he'd wave his hand and say the same thing every single time, “Let them look.” I guess I considered him to be my best friend because I trusted him and I could tell him anything, which is what I did. Anything that happened to me, I'd tell him. Whether it was bad habits or embarrassing things that happened, I'd tell him. George never even poked fun at me for any of it.” Exhale #4.

“Even this one time, when I thought I lost my ducky, I looked really sad so he asked me what was wrong and I told him about my ducky. And I never tell anyone. Y'see I've had this rubber duck since I was 3 and it's not even worn out or anything. I find comfort in bathing with it, and I still do. But when I told him, he just nodded as if he understood like he had a ducky right at home too.” Frank was surprised that Gerard didn't laugh at his ducky story either. But he felt as if he had to be sure.

“Just don't laugh, okay?”

“I'm not laughing.” Gerard was almost offended that Frank would even ask such a thing. “I know exactly what you mean, because I have Chewy at home. He's my rabbit and I've had him since I was 2. I used to chew on his left ear, but that stopped when I became about 8. Even now, though, I can't go to sleep without knowing that he's in good hands or in my bed with me. Anyways please go on.”

“Chewy....” Frank repeated, then looked straight at Gerard and with a completely serious face added, “That's cute.”

Gerard started blushing, but covered it up by hiding behind his bangs, scratching his forehead and mumbling, “Please, continue.”

“So, yeah. George just seemed to understand. At least that's what I thought. A couple days later, I was walking from my locker to go home. George and his friends were on the school steps outside the exit and they saw me. I was about to wave at George, when one girls bursts out laughing. The rest of them are smiling like idiots and start shhing her to get her to stop. The others obviously can't contain themselves anymore so they start making quacking noises. When I look at George, he's just sitting there smirking.” Gerard suddenly felt a flood of anger overcome him. “So, I ran. I ran all the way home and stayed in my room for the rest of the night, faking sick to my parents. The next day, I wanted to stay home, but I had this huge History test and it always sucks when you have to do it later, so I went. Anyways, when I get there, George and his friends start picking on me about stuff and it's clear that George has been telling them everything. It's especially clear when the girl from before, the one that was laughing really hard, blurts out exactly that; “George told us everything.”

Tears began filling Franks eyes again, and he tried to hide inside his sweater again. “A-after that, they started puh-picking on sniff me. They even b-beat sniff me up sometimes. I couldn't trust anyone and I wouldn't hiccup even t-talk to my puh-parents. Since then, I became sniff even m-more alone than buh-before.”

As Gerard began to see more of the sweatshirt than Frank, he realized how fragile his friend was. Frank needed someone he could trust, even if he didn't trust the rest of the world, and someone he could feel comfortable with. Right then, Gerard knew that he, along with, Bob, Mikey and Ray, they were going to fix Frank.

“Frank,” Gerard said gently. The younger boy looked at him with big sad eyes. “You are never going to be alone again. And they will never touch you again.”

Frank smiled softly and Gerard scooted over to him. Wrapping his arms around his friend's small frame he added, “ And I'll never let them hurt you. I promise.”

“Thank you.” Frank said into the older boy's shirt.

When they parted, Gerard pushed Frank's fringe away. “How would you feel about getting out of here?”


Frank and Gerard easily faked sick and got out of school without much question. After a couple of years of being at Belleville High, Gerard has discovered the trick to faking sick with a friend is telling the office at different times. Frank signed out during lunch, and Gerard a bit into the next period. Either the staff were oblivious, or they just didn't care.

The two boys walked down Cemetery Drive. The entire journey to that point had been spent in silence, only to be broken when Frank pointed at his house and said “That's mine” to which Gerard only said “Oh.” Gerard hadn't really told Frank exactly where they were headed. All he said was that it was his favourite place. Reaching the end of the road, there was really only one place it could be.

“The cemetery.” Gerard said, looking back at Frank. It'd always been a place close to Gerard's heart. He found it peaceful and relaxing while others found it uncomfortable and creepy. Gerard thought of it not as a place of endings, but of beginnings. Whenever he needed to think, relax, or even just do homework, he would usually go and sit on the hill that was covered in daisies.

The boys opened the ancient gothic gate which earned a low squeal from it's rusty hinges. Stepping inside, Frank understood why Gerard loved this place so much. Despite the fact that in reality, they were only a couple feet from the rest of civilization, the air was suddenly cleaner. He finally felt as if if he could really breathe, and it felt great.

The entire area looked untouched. Without feet and the weight of broken hearts, the lush grass and flowers remained uncrushed. Although there were tomb stones, most of the cemetery was unoccupied. Small and large hills covered the earth and patches of flowers gave change to the green scenery. It resembled a park more than a place of sorrow.

Gerard and Frank continued to walk in silence. When Gerard laid eyes on the familiar bump, blanketed with daisies, a smile of pure joy took over his face. He started to run, while Frank kept his normal pace, and dived onto a bare spot. Frank smiled at the thought that maybe nature had grown around his friend and left the spot flowerless just for him. Gerard lay down, spreading his arms and legs out like a star, and breathed in deeply. He closed his eyes and let himself believe that at that moment, there was nothing wrong with the world and that his friend wasn't quietly hurting. For a couple of minutes, he let himself become nothing, just listening to the wind and feeling the grass tickle at his skin. Gerard was only half there, and didn't notice Frank sit down beside him until his friend said, “I love cemeteries.” Gerard kept his eyes closed and smiled. “Yeah.”

“What do you think happens when we die?” Frank suddenly asked as he lay down. “Do you just see black, or is there really an afterlife? What if you just lie in the cemetery forever?”

Gerard finally opened his eyes and watched the clouds float by. “I guess that's the beauty in life. You wait for a long time, always wondering, talking about it, but when you do pass on, you can't go back and tell anybody. It's like going to the end of the rainbow and finding the gold, but the leprechaun is like a murderer or some crap like that.”

“Kind of a shit deal.” Frank muttered.

“Most things in life are shit deals. But then again, life is a shit deal all together. You get placed on this awesome earth, you live there and get used to it, but you get sick and could be in pain for a long time. Then you die. Unless you hate it here and end it early, then it was an even shittier deal for you. That, or you're a pussy who can't take any sort of stress or commitment or whatever. I guess thats why people hang on to things in life that aren't total crap. Bad things happen to good people, but we get over it, move on, and then the good things start to happen.”

Frank followed a bird with eyes. “I hope you're right.” Thinking about what Gerard said, he suddenly felt as if he was overreacting about the whole thing, that he was taking it all to heart when really, it wasn't all that bad. Other people in the world had it way worse than he did, and they survived. Why couldn't he?

“If you don't want to tell me, that's totally fine, I understand,” Gerard started, “But I was just wondering, that is, if it doesn't bother you-”

“Gerard. Spit it out.”

“Okay.... Were you always alone?” Gerard inwardly winced, hoping that Frank wouldn't cry again, but was surprised when his friend answered immediately.

“Nope. I had friends in grade school. Well, I guess you could call them friends. Remember those times when you liked and played with all of the kids? When you picked who your playmates were depending on who liked tag and transformers, like you did? Yeah, well, I liked those times better.You only disliked the kid who stole your cookies or pushed you too hard down the slide.” Frank paused and looked at the rows of houses spread out in front of them, then at Gerard. “Those days I had friends. When I had enough energy to run around constantly and didn't care about anything or anybody and what they said. Then middle school came, and the kids I used to play with out grew me. They all changed and I pretty much stayed the same. Or maybe I was the one that changed... I'm not sure. All I know is that for some reason everything was suddenly different, and what people said did matter. When everyone started caring, I was left behind, maybe because I couldn't care enough. Then, I started to enjoy being alone.”

When silence overcame them again, once more, Gerard broke it. “Frank.” Frank looked at his friend, almost nervous about what he was going to say next. “I know for a fact that someone, if not me and the guys, are going to make sure that you are never alone again. Because you deserve all the love and rubber duckies the world can ever give you and more.”

For the first time in a while, or even just in that day, Frank let himself smile with sincerity, that only utter happiness could ever cause. Still lying down, he reached over and wrapped his arms around Gerard, giving him a tight squeeze.

“Thank you” he said into his friends shoulder, earning a squeeze back. “And y'know what? I don't feel so lonely anymore.”

“I'll never allow it.” Gerard said as they let go.

Silence came for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. This time, things were already looking better, and the hopeful words were uplifting.

“Y'know,” Gerard started, looking over at Frank, “All this talk about tag reminds me...”

Frank wrinkled his brow, but smiled. “What?”

“You're it!” Gerard poked Frank in the arm and quickly scrambled up the hill.

Frank just sat for a second and wondered if Gerard was for real. Pushing away all thoughts of maturity, he ran up the hill after his friend yelling, “GODDAMMIT GERARD!! I NEVER SAID I WAS GOOD AT TAG!!!”

Gerard looked back and saw Frank running behind him. He had quite some distance from his friend, so when he reached the top of the largest hill, he let himself rest. Stretched out all around him was their town. He could see over the tops of most buildings and could make out their school being let out for the day. Gerard felt like a king. He stretched out his arms and the wind messed up his hair. Closing his eyes, he shouted, “The world is mine” letting it echo off the roof tops and alleys, not noticing Frank sneaking up behind him. Gerard felt a jab to his arm and heard, “You're it!” before seeing Frank rolling down the hill in front of him. “NEVER!” He shouted, then followed Frank, laughing.

When Gerard reached the bottom and got up, he noticed Frank walking backwards in front of him, just far enough so that Gerard couldn't tag him back. Gerard, started walking, pulling Frank into a staring contest. When tried to hold back a smile, Gerard instantly smiled back. Suddenly, he cracked up, bending over in hysterics, because, honestly? Everything was hilarious. The trees. The hills. The fucking sky. The way Frank's hair had grass poking out of it from rolling around. Everything was hilarious.

“What?” Frank giggled, but Gerard, didn't respond, just kept laughing. “Gerard. What!?” Gerard just laughed harder, tears coming to his eyes, his chest stinging. Frank went up to him and started poking him in the cheek, saying “What” every time. Gerard finally reduced himself to just short giggles and looked at Frank. His hair was sticking up awkwardly from the wind and the sunlight shined off his silver piercings. Gerard rubbed his eyes so that he wouldn't go blind, but for some reason, he couldn't even close them.

“You wanna know what?” Gerard whispered.

“Yeah.” Frank whispered back.

Gerard stepped forward and put his face close to Franks. The younger boy's heart started racing, and he was glad his friend couldn't notice. Gerard put his hand on Frank's shoulder, and put his mouth beside his ear. “You're it.” He then bolted away, back the way they came from, a practically permanent grin etched on his face. Laughing and smiling, running through the cemetery, the two boys confirmed what 'alone' was not. And suddenly, the world wasn't so ugly.

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