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Chapter 8

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Sometimes, it's okay not to let go.

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‘SLEEPOVERSLEEPOVERSLEEPOVERWITHMIKEYANDGERARDANDRAY ANDBOBSLEEPOVERSLEEPFUCKINGOVER’ was all Frank could think of until Saturday. It wasn’t enough to say that the boy was excited. He never went to a sleepover before, so it was (almost) natural for him to be acting like a 6 year old girl at her favourite pop concert.

“Guess what?” Frank said as he slid into the seat next to Gerard. It was homeroom, and Gerard noticed that his friend was more hyper than usual.


“It’s Friday.” Frank grinned.

“Yeeaaaah…. And?” Gerard knew what was coming, but humoring Frank was fun.

“And that means sleepover, Disco Pants!!!” Frank yelled as he jumped out of his seat. His classmates’ heads turned. “And that also means PARTAY!!!” He then started doing ridiculous swiveling motions with his hips and moving his arms.

“Mr.Iero,” Frank turned his head to meet the eyes of Mr.Altburg. He continued to smile brightly. “Is it necessary to be doing such… movements… in front of us all? Must I send you into the hallway to compose yourself?”

“Nope!” Frank said, grinning. “I am perfectly fine where I am, Sir!”

“I can only hope.” The teacher muttered.

Frank turned back to Gerard who was smiling. “What?” asked Frank.

“I dunno. You’re just so happy. Why?”

“Well… this is my first sleepover, so I’m really excited.”

Gerard’s jaw fell to the ground. “You’ve never been to a sleepover before?!”

Frank shook his head in big swings.

“Like, OMG.” Gerard gasped, “We, like, totally need to show you what it’s like. It’s sooooooooooooooo much fun!” Then, he began squealing and jumping up and down in his seat. Pretty, soon Frank joined in and, once again, all eyes were on them.

The bell sounded, and Frank literally jumped out of his seat, pulling Gerard with him. They made their way along the hallway and up a flight of stairs to the first floor. Upon seeing Mikey’s pole-like figure, Frank ran towards him. After a loud “Oomph”, Mikey was on the ground, with Frank on top of him, messing with the mousy boy’s hair and glasses.

“MIKEY!” Frank shouted in friend’s face, the boy’s spectacles on his nose.






Suddenly, Frank was lifted from the poor boy he was sitting on, and was face to face with black hoodie material.

“BOB!” Frank laughed and gave the gentle giant and awkward upside down/backwards hug. “I MISSED YA BUDDY!”


“I DON’T KNOW!” Mikey and Gerard said.

“I KNOW WHY!” Frank said, still speaking into Bob’s back while flailing his arms and legs. “IT’S FRIDAY!”

“Jesus, give the kid something! Just get him to calm down!” Said Mikey, taking his glasses away from Frank

Gerard lifted Franks head so he could see his face. “What will get you to chill out?”


“Out of the question.”

Frank frowned, then lit up. “A SHOULDER BACK RIDE!”

Bob immediately slid Frank onto his shoulders. “Yay! I’m taller than Mikey!”

“Nah.” Ray smiled. “You’re just a midget plus Bob.”

Frank pouted. “You guys smell. I’m giving you all the silent treatment. Except Bob.” He said, caressing the top of Bob’s head.

“Thank God.” They sighed.

“Oh, what’s that?” Frank put his hand to his ear. “I think I hear the wind blowing. C’mon, Bob, let’s get out of this smelly place.”

When they got outside, Mikey let out a scream. “IT”S THE PURPLE DUCKS!!”

The other four boys gasped in horror. “The ones with the rain boots?” Frank asked.

“Yeah! And they’re coming to steal Gerard’s fried chicken!”

“THOSE CANNIBALS!” Gerard hollered.


Mikey jumped on to Rays back, and the five bolted down the road.

“We have to make sure that Frank gets home safe!” Ray announced.

They ran down the street to Cemetery Drive and stop in front Frank’s gingerbread house.

“Hurry!” Mikey flailed. “Get inside before the zombies come!”

The other four boys ran down the street, screaming (except Bob).


Frank entered the house, only to be met with the confused looks of his parents.


Mikey opened the front door, only to be met with the happiest face he had ever seen.

“Frank. Dude. Chill out.”

“Sleepover!” Frank cheered.

Mikey rolled his eyes, “Yes, yes. That’s exactly what we’re doing. Now, get inside before I slam the door on your cute face.”

Frank gasped. “Mikey thinks I’m cute!” He ran inside to find Gerard sprawled on the couch, staring at an invisible spot on the ceiling. “Gerard! Mikey thinks I’m cute!”

“I’m not surprised.” Gerard said as he sat up. “It explains a lot, especially the time when I walked in on him trying to wear Mom’s heels.”

“Jesus, Gerard. That was ONE TIME.”

“Yeah, but the sad part is that they suited you.”

“Mikey, you should be a drag queen when you grow up.” Frank said seriously.

“Y’know what? Maybe I will! At least they won’t bother me for putting on heels, GERARD!”

“That’s because it wouldn’t be a shock anymore, MICHAEL!”

“Yay! Capitals!” Cheered Frank.

“Honey, you can be whatever you like.” Donna said to Mikey, walking into the room. “And Gerard, don’t be so hard on your brother. Frank! Oh my goodness! You’re still a skeleton! Let me make you a sandwich!”

Frank smiled. “No, thank you Ms.Way. I’m saving room for the candy.”

Donna gasped and put her hands on her hips. “Gerard! Michael! Is that what you feed our guests?”

Their father, Donald, popped his head into the room. “Gerard and Mikey aren’t feeding the guests?! Shameful, boys.”

As Donald and Donna gave their boys the Italian treatment, Ray appeared from what seemed like no where and planted himself on the couch.

“Hiya, guys. Hi, Donna. Bob said he couldn’t make it because of a last minute family dinner (insert groans), so it’s just us four.”

“Great!” Mikey said, dramatically, flinging his arms up. “Now who’s going to sit there and do….. nothing….. never mind. Let’s just pick the movies.”

After about twenty minutes of arguing, the boys decided on Trainspotting, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the original Batman movie. Just as they were about to play the first movie, Mikey jumped up.

“WAIT! I need to get comfy.” Gerard, Frank and Ray looked weirdly at him as he ran up the stairs. After a couple minutes of rustling and curse words, a giant mound of blankets came down the stairs and sat in front of the TV. From inside, they could make out “Okay, ready!” being said.

“Jesus, Mikey, now I feel cold looking at you!” Gerard whined. “Gimme one!”

Mikey’s face appeared. “No.” A hand was produced by the blankets and it waved in Frank direction. “Use Frank.”

Gerard looked at Frank, who just looked back again. “Frankie, c’mere.”

Frank smiled at his new nickname and walked to Gerard. Gerard scooped him up and planted his friend in his lap. “HA!” He laughed at Mikey. “My Frankie beats your stupid blankets!” He hugged Frank’s middle with a satisfied grin on his face

Ray stared at Gerard and Frank, obviously jealous, before asking, “Can I try?”

“Mine.” Gerard growled and tightened his grip on Frank, making the boy blush.

“Fine! Mikey, move over.” Ray demanded.

“But, it’s my fort.”

“BITCH, I said ‘move over’.”

“Fine…” Ray crawled into the mountain of blankets with Mikey. “Now, can we please just watch the movies? I need to distract myself from the fact that my best friend is sweating next to me in a hot, confined space. It’s pretty weird.”

By the time they finished the movies, (and all the candy) they were all pretty hyper.

“What’re we gonna do now?” Ray asked, bouncing up and down.

“OH! OH! PICK ME!!” Mikey popped his hand out of the fort and waved it around wildly.

Ray rolled his eyes. “Mikey.”

“Let’s play Truth or Dare!” Everyone groaned. “C’mon, it’s fun!”

With nothing else better to do, the boys agreed.

“Okay I’ll ask first.” Mikey said excitedly. “Hmm….. Gerard! Truth or dare?”

“Umm…. Truth.”

“Don’t be a pussy!”

“What’s the point in asking me if I get pressured?”

“Fine! Why hasn’t Frank moved from your lap? Just wondering.”

“Because… well… he’s really warm , okay?!” Gerard said, all flustered.

Mikey “Pffft”ed and then rolled around with his pile of blankets, laughing.

Ray pointed at him. “Look! Gerard’s getting all tomatoe-y!”

“I am not!” Gerard protested.

Frank didn’t know what to do, so he just pat his head and said “It’s okay.”

“Okay, now it’s my turn. REVENGE!” Cackled Gerard. “Mikey! Truth or dare?”

“Dare because I’m not a pussy.”

“Okay, go to Mom and tell her that you have a problem in your pants, that only a beautiful male underwear model with fix.” Gerard smirked as Mikey’s jaw dropped.

Mikey glared at him and stood up. He continued glaring at his older brother all the way up the stairs. After three minutes, Mikey came back down.

“What did she say?” Ray inquired.

Mikey shrugged. “She smiled and said to check the bathroom. I never knew that our bathroom held models. I hope it doesn’t just have male ones.”

Ray cut in, “Okay, then... Frank, truth or dare?”


“See, Gerard?” Mikey said. “Even Frank’s not a pussy. And he’s cuter than you.”

“Shattup, Mikey.”

“Both of you Shut up!” Ray interjected. “Frank, I dare you to kiss Mikey.”

“What?!” Frank and Gerard asked in unison. Mikey cheered.

“Kiss Mikey.”

“Frankie, you don’t have to do it.” Gerard reassured him.

“Actually, he does. If he refuses, he has to run outside naked.”

Mikey stuck his tongue out at his brother and teased him. “I get a kiss from Frankie! I get a kiss from Frankie!”

“I think I’ll just kiss Mikey.” Frank said. He went over beside his friend and planted a peck on his cheek.

“No tongue?” Mikey whined.

“Nope.” Frank said with a smile, laying his head on Gerard’s shoulder.

“Well… that was boring.” Ray said in disappointment.

“But it was a kiss. So, no nakie for Frankie.”

“Buh. Truth or dare sucks, Mikey.”

“No it doesn’t!” Mikey frowned. “You’re just angry that Frank didn’t make out with me.”

“Sh-shut up, Mikey.” Ray said as he turned on the television to ‘The Office’.

Mikey raised his eyebrows and grinned. He knew he won.

After The Office, The Simpsons and Family Guy, Mikey was snoring away on the floor, and Ray was close to it as well.

“Okay, guys.” He said as he yawned. “Ima go take Mikey upstairs and hit the sack.”

“’Kay. Sleep well.” Gerard smiled.

Frank played with the sleeves of his hoodie. “What do we do now?”

“Wanna go to my room?”

Gerard led Frank to the basement door. “You live in basement?”

“Oh, yeah. You’ve never been in my room yet, have you? I don’t show it to very many people. But, just a heads up, it’s not a torture chamber or an infinite black hole or whatever, so don’t believe anything Mikey says about it.”

Frank suddenly felt very privileged as he made his way down the steps behind Gerard. There were two doors. Gerard opened the second and stood aside to let Frank in first. Inside, Frank was met by a medium sized room with a desk and a double bed. All the walls were covered in posters, drawings, and papers with words messily scrawled onto them. The tan carpet compressed beneath Frank’s feet as he walked inside, admiring the art around him.

Paintings and sketches of people, monsters, and sceneries were everywhere. Frank smiled at one of a girl under a tree. She was turning around, her oversized eyes peering behind her with the wind whipping at her white dress. He turned to Gerard. “You’re amazing.”

Gerard smiled back bashfully. “No I’m not. Let’s watch Arrested Development.”

As Gerard set up the little television in front of the bed, Frank kept looking at the drawing. “Yes you are.” He insisted.

“I’m not. But, I do have something for you.”

“Ooh! I get a prezzie? You shouldn’t have.”

“Well, it’s not really a present. If it was a present, it’d be a pretty sad one.” He laughed as he pulled a giant package of Sour Watermelon Slices out of his desk drawer.

Frank beamed. “You remembered.”

“Of course.” He grinned back and handed Frank the package.

Frank ripped it open and bit into one. “I’m happy.”

Gerard ruffled his hair. “And I am too, because that was the point.” He replied and stole a slice.

“I can’t steal your bed.” Frank stated.

“But I won’t allow you to sleep on the floor. That’s rude.” Gerard countered.

“But it’s your bed!”

“And you’re the guest!”

Similar excuses were thrown back and forth for about ten minutes. The two stopped and stared at each other down.

“I’m not sleeping on the bed.” Frank crossed his arms.

“But you’re not sleeping on the floor.” Gerard mirrored his actions.

They each made their eyes into slits. When they got tired of glaring at each other, Gerard scratched his head awkwardly.

“Well, it’s, y’know, a pretty big bed…”

“Yeah, it is…”

“We can share if you want…”

“Uh, sure.”

The two climbed in from each side, laying down, and staying as far to the edges as they could.

“G’night, Gerard.”

“Sleep well.”

The room went dark and dead silent. With Gerard sleeping right beside him and in the same bed Frank wondered if he would survive the night without going completely bonkers.

Gerard groaned as he woke. His room was still dark, so he assumed that he didn’t sleep very long. He craned his neck to the side and read the red block letters on his clock. 2:00 am. Yeah, not even an hour. But how could he sleep? Frank was right beside him! Especially after the whole him sitting on his lap thing. He shouldn’t have done that.

Gerard finally admitted to himself after a week ago that, yes, he liked Frankie. He really really really liked Frankie. Admit wasn’t necessarily the word to use. ‘Forced himself to spit it out’ was more like it. After a while, he realized that he would become very happy and fluttery for a reason each morning when Frank would smile and say “Hi”. But, it was frustrating to admit and come to terms with because he didn’t think he was gay… or bi… whatever. What he found even more frustrating was that he didn’t know something about himself that was huge; like his sexuality. What he did know was that he loved the way Frank smiled and the way he talked and the way he giggled and the way he breathed and the way he was so ADD with everything around him and how he just loved life, even though life wasn’t so good to him. All he knew was that no matter what Frankie did, he loved it.

He also knew that he wanted to tell him that he loved everything about him, but he just couldn’t. What if Frank was a homophobe? No, wait, his pants are too tight for him to be a homophobe. That wouldn’t make any sense… What if he wouldn’t be his friend anymore? Gerard couldn’t take any risks. He decided that until Frank gave any major hints about his sexuality or his feelings towards Gerard, he wouldn’t say anything.

Why does this have to be so hard?........ And when did I suddenly grow a vagina?...... God, I really am gay.

Gerard turned to his left. Bad idea. Frank was facing him and by George… he was adorable. The moonlight from the only window in his entire room filtered it’s way through the glass and onto Frank, making him glow. His pink lips were in a pout, as if he was deep in thought, and every once in a while he would rub his cheek against the pillow. The word “kitten” found it’s way back into Gerard’s head, making him tell his brain to shut up again.

Frank had kicked the blanket to his feet, and Gerard (being the good boy that he is) worried that he would get cold. Reaching over, Gerard began to tug the fabric back over Frank’s body. Frank, sensing his friend’s body heat, instinctively moved closer. Gerard froze and his heart began to race as Frank took his t-shirt into his hands and snuggled his face into the older boy’s neck. He stayed still for what seemed like forever, until his brain finally started to function. ShitWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdo?!

He waited two more minutes to see if Frank would let go. He didn’t. Gerard relaxed but kept his hands out awkwardly. After a few more minutes of deciding what to do again, he settled for softly hugging the boy. Frank obviously approved as he nuzzled into Gerard’s neck more. Gerard hesitantly rested his head on Frank’s. His soft, feathery hair tickled the older boy’s nose, smelling of strawberries. Gerard realized that he might never be this close to Frank again. So, he just held on, never letting go, as he slowly drifted back to sleep, with the smell of strawberries calming him, and the small body wrapped in his arms keeping him warm.

“Mikey, Ray!” Donna called from her place at the stove. “Can you get Frank and Gerard up here? The pancakes are almost done. If they’re up, please get them to join us.”

Ray and Mikey finished setting the table. As they made their way down the stairs, Mikey stopped and turned to Ray, wiggling his eyebrows. “How much you wanna bet that they got cozy last night?”

“I’m not betting anything! I'm on your side.” Ray laughed.

They tip toed to Gerard’s door in exaggerated movements, Mikey quietly singing ‘The Pink Panther’ theme song. As they opened the door, they each stuck their heads in. The two were met with Gerard and Frank’s sleeping forms, pressed together and legs tangled with the bed sheets.

Ray and Mikey smiled at each other. “Knew it.”

“I think we can give them a bit more time.” Mikey whispered.

Ray nodded. “Yeah… but after that, let’s jump on them.”

The two exited the room and ran upstairs to make an excuse to Donna.

Ten minutes later, Frank opened his eyes. First, when he realized the position they were in, he inwardly began to panic, then relaxed. He released he grip on Gerard’s shirt and began making imaginary designs on his chest.

“Frank?” He froze. Looking up, he saw Gerard’s green eyes staring into his.

“I’m sorry... I don’t know… I just woke up and it was like this and I didn’t mean to.” He started sputtering and turned bright red, but didn’t pull away.

“It’s okay. It’s fine. It’s… nice… warm…”

“Yeah.” Frank smiled. “It is… So is this okay?”

“Yeah.” Gerard said, pulling his arms snugly around Frank again. “It’s fine.”

Frank put his head back against Gerard’s neck, continuing his task of creating shapes on the fabric of his shirt. The two lay in silence and Frank was trying to place what Gerard smelled like. Coffee… sugar… art supplies… laundry… home…


“Hmmm?” Gerard’s voice vibrated against Frank’s forehead.

“Daisies.” Frank repeated. “You smell like coffee, sugar, art supplies, laundry and home, but mostly daisies.” He traced the flower on the blue of the fabric.

Gerard smiled. “And you smell like honey, grass, happiness, sunshine and candy, but mostly strawberries.”

Frank giggled. Oh, how Gerard loved that giggle. He buried his face into Frank’s silky hair and murmured “I like this.”

Frank smiled again and twisted a lock of Gerard’s black mop around his finger. “I like this a lot.”

They stayed like that for the next hour, never letting go.

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