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Gerard goes to find Olivia

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Gerard didn't sleep after he read the article about the Mitchell family. He wanted answers from Olivia and he wanted them now. Mikey had taken Jade with him seeing that he needed some time alone. He went up to the attic and drew for a few hours. It gave him time to think. He needed to talk to her and tell her he knew her secret, or at least he knew some of it. He went and bought a pack of cigarettes then some coffee and headed back to Zack's.

"So you took the lead I gave you" Zack said as he opened the door and found Gerard standing there.

"Where is she" He asked.

"She's at practice" HE said and let the other man in.

"Oh she mentioned that she was dancing again" Gerard said as he sipped his coffee.

"Yeah, Ron her ex, offered her a lead role and as much creativity as she wanted. It's whats been keeping her going" Zack offered for Gerard to sit but he declined.

"Where is the place" HE asked hoping the other man would tell him the directions.

Zack gave him the directions and he headed out.

HE walked in to the old theatre and spotted her immediately. She was on stage with a bunch of other people stretching. She had on black tights, a purple leotard, and a short flowy black skirt. Her blond hair was pulled up into a messy bun on top of her head. She looked like an angel. It took his breath away and stopped him in his tracks. He didn't let his presents be known, he wanted to watch for a while.

He watched her and a taller blond man giving orders to the group. HE assumed the guy was Ron. HE couldn't help the wave of jealousy that over came him. He wanted to throttle the man, especially after he kissed Olivia on the head. She looked like a natural when she began to show some dance moves to the others. He didn't know how long he watched but he could have stayed for hours watching her dance. He was seeing a different side to he that he had never seen before.

Then the Ron turned and locked eyes with him. He'd been caught. Ron nudged Olivia then pointed in his direction. She turned and their eyes met. She said something to the group then turned and headed his way.

Olivia walked towards Gerard. Her heart had stopped when Ron had told her someone was there to see her. She knew it was him. He was standing there with his hands tucked into his pockets, looking like he didn't get a good nights sleep. She felt guilty about that.

"I told you to stay away" She said sadly. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to him.

"We need to talk" He said hoping she'd agree.

"There isn't anything to talk about" She said and tried to turn away.

"I know" He said and stopped her in her tracks.

"What" She turned.

"I said I know your secret. Now come and talk to me" He said and turned to leave. He hoped she followed. He heard her footsteps behind him. She felt like she couldn't breath.

"How" She choked out. He walked out the front doors and turned.

"I googled the people who adopted you. The Mitchell's" He said and saw all the blood drain out of her face. She stopped in her tracks.

"I told you to stop looking" She said trying to hold back tears.

"I couldn't. I love you Olivia. I couldn't just let you go" He said passionately. She paused and looked up at him.

"You love me" She said and walked towards him.

"Yes and if you love me to you will talk to me" He pulled her close and she savored being in his arms.

"Tell me love, I promise it wont change anything" HE said against her ear. She shook her head and buried her head into his chest.

"I know that their house burnt down and the couple died in the fire. I need you to tell me what happened" He said looking down at her.

She knew it was time. She had to tell him. He loved her and she loved him and Jade... If she wanted a future with him he would have to know the truth. She sat down on the theatre steps and began.

"I was fifteen when I was adopted by the Mitchell's. I wondered what a young couple would want with a teenager but they seemed nice enough" He propped a foot on the step and listened to her.

"Everything went well for the first month then it changed. I was down stairs watching a movie. Jodie was at a party and Josh had came home early from the hospital... He sat down with me" She paused and looked away from Gerard.

"He chatted with me about my day and moment by moment he moved closer. Before I knew it he had his arm around me" She closed her eyes.

"He told me I was very beautiful and kissed my cheek. I told him to stop that he was creeping me out... He didn't stop. He told me he had wanted me since they bought me" Gerard saw the tears in her eyes.

"He worked out regularly. He was a buff guy. I didn't have a chance against him but I fought him tooth and nail. He raped me" She said looking up at Gerard.

"I was a virgin. He was excited to find that out. After wards he told me to go clean up then go to bed. I needed to be up for school in the morning" She felt Gerard's arm around her.

"He did it alot over the next month. He would find me when Jodie was gone... I wanted to run away but where would I go? I had no friends. Zack was at the home. I didn't think anyone would believe me. One night he was raping me in the kitchen. I heard the front door open but he didn't. I thought finally he would get caught. Jodie screamed and he tried to make excuses. He said I wanted him and had been seducing him since I got there" She laid her head on Gerard's shoulder and felt him pulling her close. She needed his warmth.

"She believed him. She started hitting me calling me a bitch and a whore. She locked me in the basement for days. Then one night Josh came to visit. I had had enough. I was gonna die before I let him touch me again. I fought him harder than I had before. I grabbed a bat and smashed his head" She paused.

"I watched him fall then watched as the blood started to flow from his head. I freaked out. I leaned down and tried to wake him up but... He was dead" She was sobbing now.

"I ran up the steps and in to Jodie. She asked me how I got out then grabbed a kitchen knife and came at me. I ran and hit the table in the hall which had a candle burning on it. Next thing I knew the house was in flames and she was still chasing me. It spread fast. I was locked in my room with her screaming at me. I didn't know what to do. I looked at my window and decided to jump. I hit the ground so hard I broke my wrist. I just ran and ran. I didn't know where to go. I didn't want to get anyone involved so I ran" She stood up. She couldn't sit anymore.

"I lived on the streets until I was seventeen and found Zack again. He spotted me walking down the road and took me in. I told him that I was mistreated by the family. He took care of me. He had heard about the fire. He told me they both had died. No one knew that I had killed Josh. Not even Zack" She crossed her arms over her stomach and looked at Gerard.

"How did you survive on the streets" He thought he knew the answer but he had to know.

"How do you think" She was so embarrassed. He didn't speak for a long time. She looked up and saw tears in his eyes.

"I wish I would have known. How could anyone hurt you like that. I would kill him if he wasn't already dead" He said with such rage in his voice that she believed him. He stood up and paced. He looked like a caged lion. She didn't speak she just watched him.

"Now you know why I didn't want to tell you" She cried and turned to walk away. He grabbed her and turned her around. She felt his lips crash down on to hers. She immediately re acted and flung her arms around his and pulled him closer to her. She opened her mouth to him an deepened the kiss. She'd missed his touch, his kisses. A few seconds later they broke the kiss, both breathing heavily.

"Don't think it was a mistake to tell me. Nothing has changed. I love you, even more now for what you have been threw. Let me take care of you" He said and kissed her fore head then her cheek.

"Be mine, stay with me" He whispered against her ear.

"Jaded and I miss you so much" He pulled back and cupped her cheek.

"I have something else to tell you" She said touching his face.

"What" he said touching her lips.

"I need to tell you what made me leave" She said pulling away from him.

"Okay" He said missing her in his arms.

"I got a call from Krystal. She did her research on me and figured out what happened or at least the gist of it. She threatened to tell you. She said if I left she wouldn't say anything. So I left" She said with a shrug. She saw the anger pop into his eyes again.

"How dare she fuck with my life like that" She spat.

"I don't know but come here" She said and opened her arms to him. He hugged her close and breathed her in.

"Were here together now" She said and brushed her hands down his back.

"Don't leave me again" he said and kissed her neck.

"I won't" She said and pulled back.

"I love you to. Thanks for fighting for me" She smiled.

"Look, I want our situation to change. No more Nanny. Your mine and Jade's. You can still dance. I don't want to take you away from it. You look so beautiful when you dance" He said kissing her fingers.

"Thanks" She blushed.

"I still can't do ballet but I can dance" She grinned. This day was looking up for her.

"I will dance but as long as when your on the road I can come visit for a few days and Jade can stay with me some while your gone" She hoped he said yes. She didn't want to stay in the house alone all the time. She'd miss them to much.

"It's a deal. You and Jade are my family okay" He said seriously.

"Your mine too. The first real family I have ever had. I thought I'd die when I lost you" She said sadly.

"But you haven't lost us. Now go back and dance and be home in time for dinner" He smiled and patted her butt when she turned to leave.

HE watched her walk away and frowned as soon as she was gone. His heart hurt for her. He couldn't believe all she'd been threw. How could she think he wouldn't love her after he found out. She did what she could to survive. He couldn't hold that against her. But his heart broke for the young girl who lost everything at such a young age.

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