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Not Worth It

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Olivia went to Zacks after practice to pack up her things. She hugged Zack and thanked him for letting her stay and headed back home. She walked up the steps and took a deep breath. She'd missed Jade so much. She missed sleeping next to Gerard. She was afraid he would treat her differently after finding out the truth. She wouldn't let her fear hold her back this time though. She opened the door and heard a squeal.

"Livy" She saw Jade running towards her and she opened her arms for the little girl.

"Jade" She said hugging the girl close. She'd missed her smell and squeal.

"I thought you were never comin" Jade said pulling back and kissing Olivia's cheek.

"I missed you"She told Jade touching the little girls hair.

"I misted you too. So did daddy. HE was sad" Jade said and Olivia looked up and saw Gerard standing there. Hands in his pockets looking intently at her.

"I missed him to. I was so sad without you both" She smiled and walked over to Gerard. He touched her face and brought her lips to his.

"Welcome home" He whispered as he lightly kissed her.

"Yuck" Jade giggled. "Come here I'm gonna give you kisses to" Gerard growled and ran after Jade. Olivia smiled listening to them play.

She headed into the kitchen and started fixing dinner. She fell right back into the pattern they had almost perfected before she left. Later that night after the put Jade to bed she and Gerard sat in the living room holding each other.

"God I'm glad your home" he said running his hand threw her hair. She laid her head against his chest and smiled.

"I'm glad I'm back to. Krystal will call you soon you know" She said looking up at him.

"I am gonna call her first and tell her to stay the hell out of my life" He said feeling angry.

"She is an evil person. I can't believe that sweet little Jade came from that bitch" She spat and sat up. She looked down at him and grabbed his hand.

"She will try to come between us again" She said sadly. She felt like Krystal would do whatever she could to separate them.

"She won't get her way so easily again. You should have came to me you know" He sat up a little and stared at her.

"I was scared. I have been running from that night and that life for so long... I didn't want to taint our relationship with it" She said laying back down on him again. "I know sugar but you can trust me. You can tell me anything. I love you. Nothing is gonna change that" He tipped her chin up so he could look into her eyes.

"I know. And I am gonna be an open book from now on. I want us to work. I have never had a family before" She said with tears in her eyes.

"Well you do now. Don't cry sugar" He kissed her eyes then her lips. Then laid her back down against his chest.

Olivia woke up and immediately knew Gerard wasn't next to her. She stretched and looked at the clock. It was ten and no one had woken her up yet. She walked down stairs and heard Gerard's voice. She followed it to his office. He was pacing back and forth on the phone. She could hear that he was trying not to raise his voice but it was hard for him.

"No, never ever call me or Olivia again" She heard him shout. It was Krystal.

"I know everything you conniving bitch" He slammed the phone down and cursed under his breath. She opened the door and looked at him. He was shaking.

"Hey" She said walking over to him and hugging him.

"She's not worth it" She whispered and kissed his shoulder.

"She has to stop making threats. I am not giving her Jade, or letting her see her again" She could hear the hate in his voice.

"That's understandable. But I doubt she will just give up" She said sadly. She didn't see Krystal ever disappearing.

"She sure as hell better give up" He said angrily. She backed away from him seeing he needed some space.

"This women has been trying to control my life since day one. I do not want Jade to always be dealing with this. I have to find a way to get her out of our lives" He sat down and sighed. She could see how much this was stressing him out. She wanted to be there for him, carry the load for him a bit.

"I never went to court because she just left. She didn't want custody" He ran his hands threw his hair.

"But now... now I think I am gonna have to take her to court. Get full custody of Jade. What do you think" She sat on the edge of the desk and looked at him. He was asking her opinion on this huge decision. She wanted to give him the right advise.

"I don't know. Does she really want to be back in Jades life? What are her reasons? She just woke up one day and decided to be a mother? I would take her to court and try to get custody. But keep in mind that mothers are favored in custody battles" She said hoping this didn't make him mad.

"I know mothers are favored, but if they just looked into her life... God I don't see why they would ever give her custody. I think I am gonna at least talk to my lawyer" He said standing up and grabbing his phone.

"I think talking to him is a good idea" She smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips. He kissed her back the turned to dial his lawyer.

She turned and looked at him as he started talking. She hoped all of this ended well. She hoped Krystal never got her hands on Jade.

Gerard set up a meeting with his lawyer the next day. He hoped he was doing the right thing. What Olivia said scared him. He hoped this didn't back fire on him and the state give his child over to Krystal.

He walked out of the office and saw Jade chatting with Olivia. Olivia looked up and smiled. There was so much more he felt like he needed to know about her but God, he wanted to marry this women. The thought threw him off guard. What the heck he loved her. The three of them were like family already. The only thing was he didn't know if he could trust her not to leave again. She ran for it at the first time of trouble, he had to know she wouldn't do it again. Jade had been so upset when she was gone, he was to. But he could understand why she left, Jade couldn't. He didn't want to see Jade hurt like that again.

He and Olivia hadn't talked much about her past or why she left but they needed to and soon.
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