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It's Been Too Long

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Gerard meets with the lawyer

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Olivia woke up to Jade staring at her. She smiled and lifted the covers for the little girl to climb in. They cuddled up next to each other and talked.

"So where is your dad" Olivia asked. She'd woken up alone again this morning.

"He's on the phone in his office. He told me to come wake you up" Jade smiled and cuddled closer to Olivia's side.

"Jade" Olivia said and tipped the little girls chin up.

"I'm sorry I left without saying goodbye" She hoped Jade could forgive her.

"Its ok. Just don't weave again" Jade smiled and kissed her cheek.

"I won't. I promise" Olivia never wanted to be apart from them again.

Gerard hung up the phone and headed into the kitchen. He poured three bowls of cereal and sat the milk in the middle of the table. "I see you made us breakfast" He heard Olivia say with a laugh.

"Yes I did" He smiled and kissed her then kissed Jade and took a seat.

"So I have an appointment today at one. Do you think you can watch Jade for a bit" He asked Olivia as they ate.

"I have practice. Do you mind coming with me sweet" She asked Jade.

"I wanna see you dance" The little girl smiled. "You sure you don't mind taking her" Gerard wanted to make sure.

"I don't mind. We'll have fun. Wont we" She winked at Jade.

"Yeps" Jade beamed. "Thanks. Why don't we meet up for dinner after. Anywhere you two want to go" Gerard wanted to spend some time with his girls after this meeting.

He hoped that it went well. His lawyer John seemed to think that he had a great shot and getting full custody and Krystal out of the picture. She was a drug addict and a whore. Who would give a child to someone like that?

"I want Chinese" Jade said nearly jumping out of her seat.

"What about you sugar" He asked Olivia.

"Chinese sounds great" She smiled.

He headed out an hour later. He walked in on time but of course still waited thirty minutes to see John. The older man gave him a firm hand shake as he welcomed him into his office.

"So you want full custody of Jade. Why now?" John asked.

"Because before Krystal barely came around and when she did she left after a day or two. Now she wants Jade and is making threats towards my girlfriend. She's going to far now" Gerard was clinching his hand trying to fight the anger he was feeling even talking about it. He could have lost Olivia forever because of Krystal.

"I see. Well I think giving her past we have a good chance at full custody. Now lets start the paper work" Gerard left an hour later feeling strange about the entire situation. He hoped this was the right choice.

Olivia looked out and waved at Jade. The little girl was playing with her dolls and watching Olivia.

"She's a cutie" Ron said walking up next to her.

"She is isn't she? I love her so much" She felt Ron's hands on her shoulders.

"You finally have a child, what you always wanted" He whispered in her ear. She swallowed down the tears.

"She's not completely mine. But I feel like she is" She said turning back towards Ron. "So he's it" He asked.

"Yeah he is, and so is she. You happy for me" She asked hoping his feelings for her were now just friendship.

"Of course I am. You deserve happiness. Now lets stop getting sappy and practice" He smiled and they turned towards the dancers.

She had a big finale planned for the show and she wanted to run it by everyone. She wanted to dedicate it to Gerard. She hoped he knew that is was for him when he saw the show.

After they met for dinner that night they headed home and put Jade to bed. Afterwards Olivia took a shower but wasn't surprised to feel Gerard slip in behind her.

"You know I leave in a few days" He said as he kissed her shoulder.

"I know, I'm gonna miss you" She turned her head and kissed him deeply. She felt his hands come around and cup her breast. She moaned and leaned her head back against him.

"I haven't made love to you in weeks" HE said with a growl.

"It's been to long" She said pressing her ass back against him. He was hard already, it brought a smile to her lips. She felt his tongue and lips on her neck, she braced her hands on the glass and let him have his way with her. He kissed up and down her back then nibbled on her thighs.

"God I've missed you" she sighed letting her body take over. She felt his hands slide up her body and around. One grabbing her breast the other slipping in between her legs.

"Gerard" She moaned as he fingered her. She thrusted her hips to meet his fingers. The tension was building, she could hear his heavy breathing against her neck.

"Fuck, you drive me crazy" he breathed into her ear. He removed his fingers and she whimpered at there absence. He turned her around quickly. HE lifted her up and slammed her back against the shower and thrust deep inside her. She screamed and clawed at his back. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deeper.

Gerard was going crazy. He had missed being inside of her, connecting with her like this. He heard their moans mingling and hoped Jade couldn't hear them. Olivia was being loud tonight. HE smiled as he began thrusting faster. He was on the verge but wanted to come with her. The water was turning cold but he was so hot he barely noticed.

"Harder" He heard her say and felt her thrusting her hips harder. It was to much he couldn't hold back anymore. He same with her name falling from his lips. It must of put her over the edge. He felt her tightening around him and felt her nails digging deeper. When they were spent he felt her slip down the wall and he rested his head against the glass. He looked down at her and saw he smiling up at him. He leaned down and kissed her lightly then helped her up.

"That was the best shower I have ever had" She laughed as he washed her back.

"I agree. Have I told you how happy I am your home" he said seriously.

"Yes but I never get tired of hearing that" She smiled.

"I Love you" He said and pressed his forehead to the back of her neck.

"I love you too" She said hoping that it always felt like this.
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