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Wish we were with you

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Gerard heads out on tour

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Gerard looked back at the suitcase on the bed and sighed. He wasn't ready to leave the girls. But he was excited to get back on with the tour. He wouldn't see them until the weekend. They were flying out to meet him. He had that to look forward to all week. He heard Jade laughing down stairs and a mans voice.

Olivia walked in just then "Jesse is here". She walked over to him and hugged him.

"Wish we were going with you" She said sadly and walked over to his suitcase.

"You pack everything you need" She said looking threw his things.

He laughed. "Yes I did, don't worry I will buy whatever I forgot" She shook her head and walked into the bathroom. He watched her grab his tooth brush and put it in the suitcase.

"Thanks" He laughed and grabbed her waist.

"I don't want to sleep alone" She whined.

"Me either" He said nibling her ear.

"I will call you everyday. And At night. Maybe you can be in bed naked" He kissed her neck and she laughed.

"Maybe I will be. If you get a picture message don't open it around anyone" She sent him a naughty look then zipped his suitcase.

"I will make sure I don't. Same goes for you" He grabbed his suitcase and they walked down together. Jade had placed her disney princess crown on Jesse head and gave him a wand.

"You look pretty" She giggled and he shook his head.

"Your daughters trying to make me a princess" He laughed and stood up.

"At least she didn't try to put ou in heels" He said and leaned down to hug Jade.

"Be good for Livy. I am gonna miss you" He said hugging her tight.

"I miss you too. Loves you" She said and kissed him straight on the mouth.

"See you Saturday" He said then walked over to Olivia.

He gave her a long kiss and then turned to leave. HE watched them standing at the door waving. He smiled and waved back. He looked over at Jesse and saw a dark look on his face.

"You okay bro" He asked.

"Yep, perfect" Jesse said as they walked to the car.

Gerard looked back at the house then at Jesse. What was his problem?

Olivia Dropped Jade off at Daycare then headed to practice. This was the first time she'd be taking care of Jade for this long without Gerard. She smiled, it would be fun. They'd have tons of girl time. She really was such a sweet girl. She was shy like Gerard but when she is comfortable with you she was so wild and outgoing. She wondered what traits she inherited from her mother. She saw nothing of the conniving bitch in Jade. She seemed to precious to belong to such a mean women. In the back of Olivia's mind she still worried about the fact that Krystal knew about her past, or so she said. Would she expose her to everyone? Would she use it against Gerard in the custody battle? What if people found out. She felt her heart began to beat faster. She hadn't thought about it like that. She could ruin everything for him. She shook her head against the thought. She couldn't be afraid. She would face that if it ever came up. Krystal might not know as much as she said she did. She hoped so at least.

She walked in to the theatre and smiled. She hadn't danced in so long and it made her so happy. She might not be able to do as much as she used to but it was enough. She smiled at Ron and walked over to him. She was glad they could stay friends after their relationship. He was great for giving her this chance to dance again.

"Hey beautiful. How did the good bye's go" He asked kissing her cheek.

"Okay, I'm gonna miss him but were flying out for a few days this weekend" SHe said as she began to stretch.

She spotted Sara the little fairy like brunette that had joined the group. She was staring at Ron's back the entire time he stretched. Hm, interesting. Maybe there was something going on with them. She would be so happy for him. Sara was a nice girl and a great dancer. She sent Ron a look and he shook his head and laughed. Practice went well. She headed out to get Jade from daycare.

The pre school asked if she could speak with her which immediatly made her nervous.

"Was she okay today? Did she do something wrong" Olivia asked as she took a seat.

"No she was fine. She had a great day. It's just that Mr. Way, before he left told us her mother wasn't allowed to see her or take her" Miss Hamilton paused.

"Her mother showed up today" Olivia shook her head and looked at the ceiling. Why couldn't Krystal just leave Jade alone.

"What happened" Olivia asked.

"She demanded to see her daughter. We of course wouldn't let her. Jade heard her though and I think it upset her. I just wanted to let you know" The teacher said sadly.

"Thank you. I will tell Gerard" She left with Jade feeling so angry.

She got threw the evening with Jade. Then called Gerard after the little girl fell asleep. He didn't answer, she forgot he was on stage. She left him a voicemail telling him to call her as soon as he could. She took a long bath then laid on the couch and watched some tv. At one in the morning her phone rang. She grabbed it and answered.

"Hey sugar you okay" She heard him ask.

"Krystal came to Jade's pre school today" She heard him curse then set the phone down. She knew he would be furious. A few seconds later he was back on the line.

"Is Jade okay" He asked angrily.

"SHe didn't see her just heard her. I asked her if she was okay and she said yes. Why wont she leave it alone? She never wanted her before" Olivia said not understanding Krystals motives.

"I know" she could almost see him pacing.

"The teacher will not let Krystal see her. I just wanted to let you know though" She said knowing he would worry all week now.

"I trust you with her. I know you will keep Krystal away from her. I love you. I am gonna let you go though" She heard him say then the phone was silent.

He had hung up. She didn't take offence. She knew he wasn't trying to be a jerk to her.

Gerard opened the door to the mini fridge at his hotel and by passed the alcohol for a Coke, though he could have used a drink. God Krystal was gonna drive him mad. He lit a cigarett and sat back against his head board. He wished Olvia was with him. She could calm him just as fast as Jade could. He heard a knock at his door but really didn't feel like company. He sighed and answered the door. It was Jesse.

"Hey whats up" He asked Jesse as he let him in.

"Nothing, just bored. I'm too hyped up from the show to sleep" Jesse took a seat and grabbed a cigarett from Gerards pack.

"Help yourself" Gerard said shutting the door.

"You seem stressed. Trouble in paradise" Jesse asked making himself at home.

"No everything with Olivia is fine. It's fucking Krystal" Gerard took a seat on the bed. Maybe talking to someone about would help.

"She wont leave Jade alone. I am trying to get full custody" Gerard hadn't told anyone yet but Jesse was here.

"That's a big step. I mean she's never around anyway right" Jesse asked.

"Until recently she only dropped by a few times a year" Gerard laid back on the bed. He just wanted to be happy and was besides this issue.

"How does Olivia feel about it" Jesse asked.

"She wants Krystal to stay away just as much as I do" He wondered why Jesse wanted to know what Olivia thought. He sat up.

"Do you think she doesn't agree with me" He asked.

"Well women understand women better than we do. You know maybe Krystal really is wanting to change and be a mother" Gerard raised an eyebrow. Jesse obviously didn't know Krystal.

"Believe me, Krystal just doesn't want me to be happy. It has nothing to do with wanting to be a mother" Gerard shook his head not wanting to discuss this anymore.

"Just saying dude you changed for Jade, maybe she's ready to now too" Jesse got up and slapped Gerard on the back.

"Night" He said and shut the door leaving Gerard just staring at the wall.

Was Jesse right?
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