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Too Busy

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Gerard makes a phone call he never expected to make and Jesse catches up with Olivia.

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"Why are you wearing purple heels" Jade asked Olivia thursday night.

The two were in the kitchen and Jade was making dinner. It had been a few days since the incedent with Krystal and Olivia was still a bit stressed. Gerard had been grumpy and short everytime they spoke since then. She was ready to see him in a few days. She could be there for him in person.

"I like wearing heels from time to time" She smiled at Jade.

"Can I has some heels" The little girl asked with a huge smile.

Olivia laughed "Yeah we can buy you a pair. Want to go today" she asked. She needed a pick me up and shopping seemed like a good idea.

"Yeps pwease" Jade jumped up and down.

"Okay well let me finish dinner then we will go" She leaned down and kissed Jade's head then turned to the stove.

They headed out after they were full. Jade did better with shopping after she had eatin. They headed to Olivia's favorite shoe store, she hadn't been in forever. They greeted her at the door, telling her they had missed her. Wow she really did come here to much.

"I wike these" Jade said pointing to a pair of hot pink spiked heels.

"Those might be a little tall for you. Rachel do you have heels for little girls" She asked the sales women.

"Yes we do. Follow me" Olivia grabbed Jades hand as they followed Rachel. She took them back to a little room with a huge assortment of little girl shoes.

"Here are the heels" She pointed to a table full of little shoes.

"Okay Jade pick one pair ok, then I am gonna pick a pair for me and we can show them off to daddy when we see him" She smiled as she watched Jade look very closely threw the shoes.

She examined each one before thirty minutes later she chose a pair of barbie pink heels. Olivia grabbed a pair of black strappy heels and then they were off. They grabbed ice cream and chatted all the way home then Olivia tucked her in.

"You wove me" Jade asked as Olivia was heading out the door.

"More than you know" She smiled then left the room. She waited up for Gerard to call but he didn't. SHe gave up and fell asleep. SHe would see him soon.

Gerard laid alone in his hotel room thinking about what Jesse had said a few days before. It had messed with his head. Was he doing the right thing? Had Krystal changed? He shook his head. No she couldn't have. He couldn't believe that she had changed especially after the situation with Olivia. He sat up. SHe was still the same old Krystal. He wouldn't believe otherwise. He looked over at the alarm clock and realized that is was 3am and he hadn't called Olivia.

"Dammit" he'd been so lost in thought that he had forgotten to call. Hopefully she wasn't to mad at him. It was to late to call now. He tossed and turned and couldn't fall asleep. He sat up grabbed a cigarett and his phone and dialed a number he hated to dial. He knew she would pick up.

"This is a surprise...Isn't it a little late to be calling" He heard Krystal say. He knew she wouldn't be sleeping.

"I knew you would be up" he said then there was a long pause.

"What do you want Gerard" he heard her finally ask.

"Why do you want to be around Jade all of the sudden. I need to know" HE hoped she would be truthful with him... but that was a slim chance.

"Because, she's my daughter. I wasn't ready for her when she was born. But I am now" She didn't say anything after that.

"Look her birthday is in a few weeks. Olivia and I are planning a party. Your welcome to come but you have to know I will be watching you. And I will not be letting you see her alot. If your serious about being in her life prove it. Stick around for more than a few days. I gotta go" HE hung up and laid back.

Maybe she was serious maybe she wasn't. He'd find out soon enough.

Gerard was so busy the next day he only got to chat with Olivia and Jade for a few seconds and rarely got a text out. They were meeting up with him the next day and he couldn't wait. He spotted Mikey and walked towards him. They had an interview and he knew he was running late.

"Where ya been" Mikey asked as they walked towards the venue.

"Trying to get a quick phone call to the laywer. Sorry" Gerard walked in and joined the interview.

By that night he was so tired mind and body that he forgot to call yet again. He hoped Olivia could forgive him.

Olivia layed back in bed and stared at the clock. He hadn't called. He had promised. She didn't want to be angry but she couldn't help it. He's barely spoken to her in two days and she missed him. Jade had talked to him for a few minutes but the little girl wanted more chat time with her daddy too. The two had drowned their sorrows in a disney movie and a tub of ice cream. Now Jade was fast asleep and she was left up and feeling very alone. She heard her phone and nearly fell off the bed to answer it.

"Hello" She said a little out of breath.

"You okay" She heard the other voice on the line. It wasn't Gerard, it was Jesse.

"Yep, just fine. Your up late" She said wondering how Jesse could call her but her own boyfriend couldn't.

"JUst bored. Can't sleep. Thought I would call and see how you've been. We haven't had a nice chat in a while. Miss me" She could here him smiling threw the phone.

She rolled her eyes. "Oh yes terribly. How have you been" She asked happy to have a conversation.

"I'm good. I love the road, though I do miss muffin" he laughed.

"Who is muffin" She said laying on her back and staring at the ceiling.

"My cat. Found her outside my building a few weeks ago" He laid back against his head board and list a cigarett.

"That's sweet. I think Jade needs an animal of some sort! I was thinking of running it by Gerard. Speaking of... how is he" SHe asked hoping to get some info.

Jesse shook his head and took a drag. "He crashed right after the show. I think he has a lot on his mind".

"About Krystal I suppose. I haven't heard much from him in the last few days" He could here the hurt in her voice.

"Well at least you will be here tomorrow. You get to see him then I guess" He wanted to talk to her and she just wanted to discuss Gerard.

"Well I will let you go. Just wanted to check in on you" He said done with the convo.

"Thanks Jesse, I needed a chat. See you tomorrow" She said then hung up the phone.

Gerard was to busy, but Jesse had time to call her? SHe felt a little annoyed by that. She could talk to him tomorrow about it. For now she needed ot try to get some sleep.

*Sorry it's been a while! I have been super busy lately! Love the reviews as always! You guys are great!
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