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The Incident

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Jade walks in on something she shouldn't have!

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Olivia stepped into the airport with Jade and looked around for Gerard. They had, had a horrible flight. Jade was irritable and so was she. She just wanted to lay down and relax.

"I'm hungry" She heard Jade say.

"I know honey so am I" She sighed and looked around one more time to see if Gerard was anywhere to be seen.

"Olivia" She heard her name and turned to see Jesse.

"Hey sorry he sent me. He is detained at the moment" Jade looked like she might cry and Olivia felt disappointed.

"Man you guys know how to make a guy feel welcome" Jesse said with a laugh.

"Sorry it was a rough trip and were both feeling grumpy" She hugged Jesse

"Thanks for coming to get us".

"Thanks" Jade said and hugged his leg.

"That's more like it" HE laughed and walked with them to get their bags.

Thirty minutes later they were heading towards the venue. They were in Texas tonight and it was so hot. Jade refused to fall asleep until she had hugged her daddy so she was sounding whiny at the moment.

They pulled up and there were fans lined up everywhere on the other side of the fence. She heard them shouting for the band. Back on the road she thought with a little smile. As much as she would miss dancing for a few days she was still happy to be back on tour with the guys. They got out of the van and headed towards the bus.

"He's in the venue" Jesse said so she and Jade turned and headed in that direction. When they walked in she immediately spotted him. Smoking a cigarette and doing an interview with a little blond girl who giggled every two seconds. She picked up her pace a bit.

"Daddy" Jade screamed and lunged towards her father. HE heard her and turned to grab her close to him.

"I missed you baby" HE said picking her up and kissing her cheek.

"Missed you more" She said kissing all over his face. Olivia smiled and walked towards the two of them.

"Hey" She said and walked into his arms. He pulled her close and kissed her head. She hugged him and Jade close and felt complete. She couldn't even remember what she was mad about. She could smell him and touch him. She pulled back and locked eyes with him. He looked like he had alot to say to her. She hoped they were good things.

"I have to finish up this interview then I will come back to the bus to see you two before the show" He sat Jade down and pulled Olivia in for a kiss.

"I got a room for the night and Mikey and Alicia are letting Jade stay in theirs. It's just gonna be me and you" HE said and she felt her body responding to his words. He nipped at her bottom lip then let her go. She found herself looking very much forward to the night.

Gerard watched them walk away and he wanted to go with them but he had promised this women an interview so he would finish it up. "Your daughter and girlfriend are quite charming" She said with a huge fake smile. He knew that smile, he'd seen it often in life.

"Thanks" He cut off anymore talk of his personal life and continued to discuss the tour. When he was done he thanked Jesse for picking up his girls and headed to check on them. He walked in and saw Olivia laying on the couch.

"Jade asleep" HE asked.

"Yeah she was so tired. How was the interview" She asked as he laid next to her and cuddled close.

"Good, the girl was a little annoying though. You run in to those from time to time" He buried his face in her neck and breathed her in. She smelt so good. He'd missed her so much. He felt her arms wrap around him. She was trying to get even closer to him. He smiled. He kissed her neck and felt a shiver go threw her body.

"Miss me" He smiled against her neck.

"Very much" she hiked her leg up on his waist and pulled his lips up to meet hers. She tasted so good. He needed this. He had been so stressed lately. She felt her hand grab his ass and he chuckled. HE felt her smile against his lips. He deepened the kiss and grabbed the base of her neck pulling her closer. He heard her moan and pulled back. She looked flushed and her eyes were glazed.

"I want you now" She said pulling his lips to her again. HE rolled her under him and pulled the throw blanket over his back. She had a skirt on which was convenient. HE slid his hand under her skirt and realized she wasn't wearing any panties. He looked down at her with a raised eyebrow and she shrugged with a smile. She was wet already he groaned and crashed his lips against hers again. He felt her stumble with his belt buckle and zipper. They were both frantic. He wanted to be inside her now. He thrusted in and covered her mouth with his to muffle her moan. She lifted her hips to meet his thrusts, faster and faster. He was so close.

"Daddy" He froze and his stomach dropped. He heard Olivia gasp. He looked over and saw Jade standing a few feet away from the couch staring at them. He slipped out of Olivia quickly and fixed his pants.

"Hey honey. Didn't know you were up" He stood up and made sure the covers stayed over Olivia.

"What are you doin daddy" She asked innocently.

"We were just cuddling honey" HE heard Olivia say. Olivia walked over to Jade and picked her up.

"You want something to eat. I am hungry I know you must be" Olivia smiled as she turned and walked towards the little kitchen area. She had handled that situation much better than he would have. He was still just standing there in shock.

Jade had walked in on him and Olivia having sex... he would be permanently scarred for life.

"Thanks Wivy" He heard Jade say. He looked over at Olivia and she bit her lip. He could tell she was trying not to laugh.

He walked over to Olivia and took a bight of Jades apple. Hopefully the little girl would never mention what she walked in on again.

Olivia watched the show from the side of the stage loving every minute of the performance. They hadn't talked alot since the "incident". She could tell how embarrassed he had been about the entire situation.

"Hey I missed you ya know" She heard Alicia say. She turned and hugged her friend.

"I missed you too. Jade still asleep" She asked. Jade had killed over at 7 and had been fast asleep since.

"Yep, snoring. You have a good evening" Alicia smiled and hit her hip to Olivia's.

"Yes... I have to tell you what happened though. But never ever tell Gerard I told you"She smiled.

"My mouth is zipped" Alicia said zipping her mouth and throwing away the key.

"Okay. Jade walked in on me and Gerard..." She heard Alicia laughing hysterically.

"It was so not funny at first... Gerard I could tell was mortified" She found herself laughing to.

"I am sure he was. I mean you guys were risking it getting down and dirty right there on the bus. I mean anyone could have walked in" Alicia was still laughing. Olivia rolled her eyes.

"I know but we were desperate for each other. It could not be stopped... well it was" Olivia smiled.

"I'm just glad we get the room to our self tonight" Both women laughed and watched the show. She couldn't take her eyes off of Gerard. She couldn't wait for tonight.
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