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The Look

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Gerard's Jealous

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Olivia Sat on the bench outside the venue waiting for Gerard to come out. Everyone had left and went their separate ways but them. He was taking forever! She looked up and saw Jesse coming towards her. Really? He's even done and Gerard isn't?

"Hey he said he will be out in a few minutes. Like the show" He asked sitting next to her.

"I always do" She smiled.

"You need a good women Jesse, I should set you up with one of my friends" She said nudging him with her shoulder.

HE laughed "Do I look like I need a women". She looked over at him and smiled.

"Every man needs a women to take care of him" She laughed when he rolled his eyes.

"I do just fine on my own" He said looking at her.

"Hmmm" She said and turned her head.

"I am waiting for the right girl. Not so much into dating" He saw the shock on her face when she turned to face him.

"I haven't heard many men say that. The right girl huh? So what would she be like" She asked playfully. She watched his face turn serious. What she saw his eyes shocked her.

"Hey you ready" She heard Gerard say. She looked up and smiled at him.

"Yep. See you later" She said to Jesse and tried to make herself walk slowly towards Gerard.

Gerard wrapped his arm around Olivia's shoulder and pulled her close. When he walked out to see her talking to Jesse he had been relieved to see she wasn't alone. But then he saw the look on his friends face and the shocked look on Olivia's and relief turned to concern. What had Jesse been thinking.

"You okay" He heard Olivia asked once they settled into their rental.

"Yeah I'm fine. A little tired" HE said as he grabbed her hand.

"Ready to finish what we started" He said kissing her fingers.

"Yep, without an audience" She laughed when his face lost color.

"I never want to talk about that. Ever" He said shaking his head.

She couldn't stop herself from laughing. They arrived at a super nice hotel. She was so happy to be able to share a huge bed with him and take a bath!

"You like it" He asked as they walked in to the enormous suit.

"It's amazing!" She ran and dove on to the huge bed. He followed behind her and dove next to her.

"Love you" he said turning to look at her.

"Love you too" She smiled and began giving him little kissed all over his face.

"Now before we get this romantic evening started I am gonna run you a bubble bath! How does that sounds" He asked sitting up.

"That's sounds to die for" She stretched and smiled knowing his eyes were on her.

"Don't worry I am all your tonight" she said in a tone that made his mouth water. He reluctantly walked away and started her bath water.

He ordered some fruit and cider from room service to have when she was out. He leaned back on the bed and turned on the tv. He didn't know how long she would be. Not to long he hoped. He let his mind wander to Jesse and Olivia earlier. He didn't like the look he saw in his friends eyes when he was looking at her. Did he care for her? Did she have feelings for him? He was letting his thoughts go wild. He'd worked himself so much that when Olivia came out from her bath he wasn't in the mood.

Olivia smiled at Gerard when she stepped out of the bathroom. She'd relaxed but thought about nothing but him the entire time.

"Hey" She smiled and walked over to him with her towel wrapped snugly around her.

"Hey" He said sounding not very enthused. What had happened since she left twenty minutes ago?

"You okay" She asked as she dried off her hair with her towel.

"Yeah. Just tired" He was lying she could tell.

"You seem annoyed. What could have annoyed you in that short of time" she asked shaking her head and heading towards him.

"What were you and Jesse talking about earlier" he asked and she stopped walking towards the bed.

"Why" She asked not understanding why he wanted to know.

"Just wandering" He shrugged then looked at the tv. Was he serious right now? She's been looking forward to this night with him all day and now he's not in the mood.

"Are you gonna watch the tv or me Gerard" She asked with a bite to her words. She saw him look down then back up at her. He looked concerned. What was his problem?

"We were talking about him needing a women to take care of him. I was thinking of setting him up with a friend. Is that all you needed to know" She said angrily and turned to head to the bathroom.

"I don't know why it matters" She said as she walked in and started brushing her hair. She heard him walked to the door.

"You didn't see the look on his face. I walked out and was happy to see you weren't alone but then I saw how he was looking at you...." He trailed off and she sat down her brush and looked in the mirror.

She had seen the look to but wanted to just brush it off. Jesse was both of their friends and she wanted it to stay that way.

"I don't know what you are talking about but I do not like this jealous side of you. You just ruined our entire evening because of a 'look' you thought Jesse gave me" She turned to shut the door.

"I'm gonna dry my hair. I know your tired so just go a head and sleep" She shut the door in his face and started drying her hair.

She felt like crying. She so wanted to have a good evening with him and he ruined it over nothing.
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