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If Eyes Could Speak

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Getting that report card on the last day of school saying I failed and had to return next year to repeat my junior year was just the cherry on the top of the sundae of my life. Thinking about my friends, who got to go on to their senior years, getting them out of that hellhole the year after made me furious. The only people I knew that failed as well were the class skater boys and the rebels.

I returned for junior year again after spending the summer with my grandmother(on my mom's side meaning I spent the summer with someone who wasn't a Vampire)because my mom and dad were fighting and they didn't want me to see it. I was walking the dormitory hall, looking for my room, when I saw the group of foreign exchange students. There was one pair, however, that stood out. They were Demons. The guy had black on his bangs and on top of his head and blue on the back with random ponytails(and a feather)throughout the long locks, huge blood red eyes, and startling red fox ears. The younger girl standing beside him had waist-long blond hair, with the exception of her bangs, which were flipped and right below her cheekbone(also with a feather), ruby red eyes, and ears to match the male's. The boy was wearing a button-up shirt, with the top two buttons undone, a pair of worn out sky blue jeans, and a pair of black American Eagle shoes that looked like Chuck Taylors. The chick was wearing an off-the-shoulder, hot pink shirt, denim Daisy Dukes, and some knee-high pink Converse. My eyes met the guy's and he smiled. I rushed off and finally found my room.

"Cass?" someone asked from the door with a sexy English accent.

I turned to see the cutest guy, other than the one in the foreign exchange program, ever!

"Hey, Grant," I sighed as I unpacked my things.

"What are you doing in the junior building?" he asked as he walked over and helped me to put my things away.

"Didn't you hear?" I snapped as I met him between my suitcases and the dresser. "I failed! Stupid algebra."

"Me too," he sighed and wrapped one arm around my shoulders to lead me to the lounge. "I blame the History of Supernaturalism for my having to return to junior year."

"Algebraic Expressions of Olden Times," I said simply.

"Well," he smiled. "I'm glad to have one friend-slash-acquaintance thingy."

Grant was a skater boy. He had medium-length blond hair that was always covered by a black and red beanie and sparkling emerald eyes. That day, he was wearing baggy black jeans with chains, an AC/DC shirt, and skateboard shoes. His full name was Grant Michael Hillsend.

I guess it's about time I introduced myself. My name is Cassidy Sophia Martin. I have shoulder-length black hair that has a pink stripe on the left side, bangs to my cheekbone covering one of my eyes. My eyes are basically orange, being as I am a Vampire. Grant was a Necromancer, so he had normal eyes.

"Did you see the new group of exchange students?" Grant asked me randomly.

"Yeah," I replied. "I think I know who I'm gonna hang with!"

"The Demon dude and his sister?" Grant wondered, rubbing his thumb on my shoulder.

"How do you know they're brother and sister?" my voice broke.

"Oh, yeah!" he exclaimed. "Me and you have been partnered up for a few foreign exchange students. I have all of their back-stories." He patted his back pocket.

I glared at him out of the corner of my eye. Then, my eyes traveled to his neck. I hadn't eaten in almost three months! I was starving. But that was against the Supernatural law. I wasn't allowed to feed off of anyone with a supernatural ability. I could feel my fangs sliding out. Grant apparently saw as I pulled away from him, walking at least five feet away from him. He chuckled a little. Luckily, the lounge had a vending machine for Vampires. I ran directly to that and got a bottle of what looked like a V8. I began drinking it, loving every minute the freshly cooled liquid slid down my throat, causing my fangs to retract.

"Better?" Grant asked after grabbing a latte for himself.

I nodded as I still drank from the bottle. As soon as I pulled it away from my lips, I said, "It's a really good thing I'm a /Half/-Vamp! Otherwise, I'd wanna drink from people all the time! That would seriously suck!"

Grant laughed at the little pun I had made. I bought another one of the bottles of blood from the machine after I finished that one and Grant and I walked back to the front hallway to meet our orientation group. I stepped behind Grant, pulled the papers out of his pocket, sat on the bench that was there, and began reading.

Alberto Delgado-age 14; Shapeshifter; male; Spain

Christa Dusk-age 17; Fallen Angel; female; Old Latin(11th century)

Tasumi Kyoske-age 15; Domestic Werewolf; female; Japan

Ashlyn LeReax-age 15; Demon; female; France

Chace LeReax-age 18; Demon; male; France

Angelo Light-age 16; Demigod; male; Ireland

Helga Schneider-age 13; Fairy; female; Germany

What a group. I was guessing that the boy I had seen earlier was that Chace kid. The best part was that he was the same age as me! My birthday fell after the deadline, so I had to wait a year. It didn't help that my parents held me back in kindergarten either! The problem was that he was most likely a senior.

The group approached us timidly. All of them except for Chace, who seemed ready to meet us. I stood from the bench and joined Grant.

"Can you speak English?" I asked them.

The majority nodded. Chace and his sister did not. They actually looked a little confused.

"I'll take them, since I took French," I whispered to him.

He nodded and took the rest of the group, while I led my two to the lounge where, at this point, I could teach them in silence.

"/Vous ne pouvez pas parler anglais/?" I wondered. (Translation: /You can't speak English?/)

"/Juste un peu/," Chace replied in a deep, sexy, seductive voice. (Translation: /Just a little./)

"He can't really, but I can," Ashlyn sighed in a high-pitched, rather snobby voice.

"Then , why didn't you say anything?" I demanded.

"I was too busy admiring that boy's eyes," she smiled dreamily.

"Grant?" I squeaked.

"'E is a Necromancer, no?" Chace said in that bizarrely alluring voice.

"That's right," I nodded.

Chace's ears twitched slightly.

"What's your name?" Ashlyn asked me.

"Cassidy Martin, but you can call me Cass," I replied.

"Call me Ash," she smiled, showing that she had to vampire-like teeth on top.

I stood and led them back to Grant's group. Grant was telling them about the dance that we planned to have on the night of the Lunar Eclipse. We were still working out what kind it would be, however. It was a really good thing that the Eclipse was in about a month, because we still had to plan it and put it together in the ball room.

"The chick speaks English," I sighed quietly to Grant.

He rolled his eyes and continued talking to the group. I followed them as Grant led them to the ball room. I was watching Chace the entire time. His ears were twitching madly. I walked up behind him and lied my hand on his shoulder. He jumped a little. I hadn't realized how much taller he was than me! At least half a foot taller!

"/Ce que l'enfer/?" he squeaked. (Translation: /What the hell?/)

"I've been watching you from back there," I replied, moving up to walk beside him. "Why do you seem so agitated?"

"You would not understand, Madam Martin," he sighed in that voice that made my heart race.

"I think that I can understand anything by this point," I stated plainly. "I've been around the world. I've been to the past and future. I can figure anything out at the rate I'm going."

"'Ow 'ave you been to ze past and future?" he wondered.

"My mom is a Timeturner," I responded. "Meaning that I'm part Timeturner. I'm also a Vampire, on my dad's side. I'm full-out Super."

He had a look of impression glistening in his blood red eyes. I noticed, then and there that, unlike other Demons, he had large, dog-like pupils instead of slits. That made me wonder a little.

"I am a Demon and a Shapeshifter," Chace sighed. "I am, as you say, a full-out Super."

I giggled and he smiled warmly.

The day was finally over and I was lying in my bed in my room. My roommate had not shown up. We were a rather strict school too. Though, the dorm rooms were co-ed, the boys were not to come to the girls' sides of the room unless they shared a room with us. Us Vampires had PE at night around nine-thirty. Everyone else finished up at the end of the day, around four-ish. That must have been why my roommate had not shown up yet. Man, my little brother was so lucky that he was too young to come!

"Um, excuse me?" someone said from the corridors.

"Yes?" another person said back.

"Where is room 220?" the first person asked.

"Right there," the second person replied, apparently pointing to my room, since I had room 220.

I got up to meet whoever it was. The person had orange eyes that were almost exactly like mine. He had platinum blond hair the same length as Grant's and was wearing simple navy blue jeans with a KISS shirt and dark green Chucks.

I stuck out my hand to the young boy in front of me and said, "My name is Cassidy Martin, but you can call me Cass."

He shook it and replied, "I'm Robin Knight. Call me Rob or Robbie."

"What's your ability?" I asked as I helped him put up his stuff.

"I'm a Vampire," he sighed.

"Me too!" I exclaimed and he looked at me.

"Aren't you a senior?" he wondered.

"I failed algebra," I growled.

"Where can I get something to drink around here?" he suddenly asked of me, so I led him to the lounge.

Grant was there, so I told Robbie to get whichever blood type he wanted from the machine and I left him to talk to the skater boy. It turned out that the jocks that were standing around him were picking on him, pouring their drinks on his head, et cetera. I jumped in front of him and growled loudly, scaring them off. I turned back to Grant, who was apparently crying. I took his arm and led him to the unisex bathroom. I locked the door and sat him down on the toilet seat. He wrapped his arms around himself and began rocking back and forth.

"Don't pay attention to those jerks," I said comfortingly as I got down on my knees in front of him and dried him off with a towel that I had grabbed off of the shelf. "Just know that I'm here for you."

"That's not what made m-me cry," he sniffled.

"What was it?" I asked him as I dried him.

"There was a g-guy with them that had a m-melted face," he cried.

"No there wasn't," I said, just sitting back and looking at him. I lifted his chin up to look into his eyes. He looked behind me and his eyes became huge as he began sobbing and tried to push the wall behind him down. I looked behind me and asked, "What is it?"

"It's the guy!" he squealed.

I stood and grabbed the wet skater, holding him in my arms. I threw the towel in the sink and dragged Grant to the dean's office.

"Dean Marshall?" I called, holding Grant still.

"Come in," the dean called back.

I opened the door and pulled Grant in before I said, "His Necromancy has started."

The dean nodded, stood, and waited for me to hand Grant to him. I had him look into my eyes.

"I'm gonna leave you here with the dean," I whispered.

He shook his head. He was acting like my little brother! "Don't leave me! You're the only one that knows about the guy!"

"The dean is going to give you something to keep the guy away," I said. "I'll stay here with you."

Grant nodded and turned to the dean.

"You want to come in with him?" Dean Marshall asked me.

I nodded. It was there that I saw the first Necromancy jewel that any Vampire had ever seen. No other Vampires in the world were able to stand being around Necromancers, so I had created history! It was put on a chain to put around his neck. It was absolutely beautiful! The cut was that of a star and it was the same emerald color of his eyes. After the dean told him that it would keep him from summoning the dead, as in bringing them back to life and seeing the ghosts, I took Grant back to my room. He seemed a little embarrassed. He sat down in my computer chair as I closed the door.

"I'm sorry that I was acting like a baby," he said.

"It's okay," I smiled. "I know you had to be scared! Even I would be."

"Thanks for scaring Harvey and his crew off and for taking me to the dean's office."

"You don't have to thank me," I giggled, sitting on my bed and patting the comforter right beside me for him to join me.

We talked for a little while as we were lying back on the comfortable bed. Before I knew it, I was asleep.
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