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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

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I opened my eyes to find Grant lying beside me, his eyes closed. Had we really fallen asleep together? That's not good. Not good at all... We never really hung out much because we were in different cliques. If my friends found out... Wait a second... My friends moved on to twelfth grade. It didn't matter to me so much anymore because, even though he was kind of a druggy and got smashed at every party we went to, he was sweet, sensitive, and cute. Those are all the qualities girls looked for in a man! I smiled as he opened his eyes to meet mine. They were glowing. His eyes were glowing in the dark!

"You know," I began quietly. "You have really pretty eyes."

"You too," he laughed a tiny laugh before sitting up.

I sat up as well and said, "That was probably the best nap I've ever had."

"Me too," he smiled. "I know you told me not to, but I'm gonna say it..."

"Say what?" I wondered.

"Thank you so much for putting up with me to day," he sighed, his English accent making the entire apologetic-filled sentence seem so cute.

"It's okay, really," I scoffed. "I freaked out worse than that when I found out that I was a Half-Vamp and a Timeturner!"

"But seeing a guy like that..." his voice shook.

"It really doesn't-" I began, but he cut me off with one hand signal. We sat in silence for a few minutes before I said with a smile, "Hey. I could cut PE to hang with you tonight."

"Really?" he asked, turning to face me on the bed by putting one leg up on it.

"Yeah," I shrugged. "I'll just say that I had a really bad stomachache."

He nodded and we lied back down on the bed. I was guessing that Robbie had gone to find the gym or else he probably would have intervened. I had my hand lying in front of my chest flat on the bed. Grant slid his hand up and connected his fingers with mine. Suddenly, a flash of light appeared. It was coming from our joined hands. What did that signify? We let go of one another's hands to look at them. There was a sign on the back of my hand. It was citrine-colored and it looked like a stencil sun that was dripping blood. I sat up immediately, as did Grant. We grabbed one another's hands to look at the design on the back. His was jade green and looked like a stencil crescent moon that was shrouded in clouds. I directly stood and went to my dresser to grab a black shirt and a shirt that I never wore anymore and ripped them apart.

"What color?" I asked him after I sat back on the bed.

"Black," he replied.

I wrapped his hand gently because the new marks actually hurt quite a bit. I handed him my wrap and he wrapped my hand, surprisingly more gently than I wrapped his. He just held my hand in his and stared into my eyes.

"You know," he began. "I've always liked you. Though you obviously didn't know I existed. All of my friends thought I was so weird and screwed up because I liked you. They actually shunned me for about a week after I told them about it."

I smiled and pulled him in for a hug. "Well, I know you exist now. And I'm glad that I do."

"Why would you be glad to know me?" he scoffed when I let him go.

"You're sweet, sensitive, and cute," I replied with a cute smile. "Plus you have that English accent that all of the girls go gaga for!"

He chuckled at that and hugged me again. After we pulled away from one another, he stared into my eyes for a moment before moving in and pressing his soft lips to mine. He forced my mouth open as he moved his hands from the bed to my lower back and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He lied me back, his hands keeping him up. He lifted his mouth from mine.

"What would happen if our parents knew of this?" he asked me seriously.

"Well, they don't, do they?" I smiled. "All I'm worrying about is the whole, I'm a Vampire, thing."

"Yeah," he sighed. "Screw it!"

He pushed his mouth back to mine. I managed to roll him over and be holding myself over him. I took my mouth from his and ran my lips along his cheek and neck. It smelled so good and I was thirsting for human blood. From what I had heard, Necromancers had the best blood around. I licked the vain in his neck.

"Cass," he sighed. "I know what you're thinking. Don't do it."

I was actually listening to him and moved my mouth back to his. How did he keep a Vampire from feeding. Maybe he was my soul mate or something. He rolled me back over and stuck his tongue inside my mouth.

"Do you know where I can find Cassidy Martin," a girl asked from outside my door.

Grant jumped up and hurried over to grab one of my text books and turned on my lamp. I grabbed some paper that I randomly scribbled on about the topic of the book.

"Right in there," a guy replied.

"Thanks," the girl said.

I looked to the doorway to find my ex-best friend, Laura Potts.

"Cass!" she exclaimed almost happily.

She was a total prep! She carried around the small sequined pink purse, she had the short pink frilly skirt, the pink strapless tube top, and the high-heeled pink sandals.

"Who is that?" Grant asked me, moving over to the bed to sit beside me, kicking his shoes off and pulling his knees up to his chest.

"I'm Laura Potts," she replied as she sat in the futon chair beside my nightstand.

I untied my black Chucks, threw them on the floor, and crossed my legs, leaning back against my headboard.

"And, that still does not help me," Grant snapped in that accent of his. "What is your ability and why are you in the junior building if you're a senior?"

"I'm a full-blood Witch," she smiled creepily.

I leaned over to Grant and whispered, "Yeah. With a capital 'B'."

He looked at me strangely before turning to Laura and saying, "Could you excuse us for a moment please? We're studying for a pop quiz next week that one of my Psychic friends told me about that will most likely be the hardest to figure out." Laura nodded and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her and Grant continued, "What did she do to piss you off so much?"

"She dated my best guy friend and dumped him and he knew that she was my best girl friend, so he stopped talking to me and gradually came to stop even looking at me," I sighed, on the verge of tears.

"Who was this guy?" Grant asked me quietly and gently as if he had asked any other way, I would break.

"Harvey Hexx," I replied, sniffling and looking into what I thought would be a disappointed face, but it was shocked.

"As in the one who you saved me from earlier today?" he demanded.

I nodded and began crying thinking of him. Harvey now has a letterman's jacket, short blond hair, and tanned skin to go with the hazel eyes of a full Timeturner. He used to be pale, had black hair with blue stripes in it, and wore all black, red, blue, and violet. Grant took me into his arms and dried my tears with the sleeve of his shirt. After that he pressed his lips to mine, reminding me of our new relationship. I never thought I could fall so hard for someone that I started hanging out with in the same day, but I did. As if we were, like, meant for each other. Grant pulled away from me and looked deeply into my eyes with a smile, his hands on my jaws.

"Can I come back in now?" Laura asked through the door.

"Yeah," Grant called as he moved away from me.

She entered and sighed. "Cass... I miss being your friend."

"That's nice to know," I snapped. "But you took one of my best friends from me, so I don't think so."

Laura shrugged and pranced out of the room. I got up and shut the door before returning to the bed and sitting beside Grant once again. He placed his hands on my waist and kissed me. He lied me back again after I wrung my arms around his neck. Suddenly, someone barged into the room, so Grant jumped so high that he fell from the bed, taking me with him. We just laughed at it and got up to see Grant's best friend, Wesley Kirk, standing, bug-eyed in the doorway.

"What were you thinking coming in Cass's room without knocking?" Grant demanded, storming over to him.

"This is my room too!" he exclaimed, apparently traumatized by what he had just witnessed.

Grant growled and slipped his shoes back on to drag Wesley out and talk to him. He kissed me lightly and swiftly and whispered, "See you later, babe."

I nodded and he dragged Wesley out of the room. I got up and figured that if I wasn't going to hang out with Grant, I was going to gym with the rest of the Vamps. I had about an hour before it was time, so I was going to hang in the lounge. I got another blood bottle and sat on the sofa in front of the TV. I was apparently watching the Supernaturals' news channel, so I got bored freakishly quick. When I looked over, I saw Harvey sitting next to me. I jumped at his sudden appearance.

"Am I in your spot?" I asked. "Let me move, your highness."

I stood and began walking away, but he caught my arm and pulled me back down. "We need to talk," he said to me suddenly.

"Do we have to do it here?" I squeaked.

He rolled his eyes, stood, grabbed my arm, and dragged me to the hallway.

"Ow!" I exclaimed when he squeezed my arm a little too hard.

I jerked my arm away from him and glared at him.

"We need to talk about the whole Laura catastrophe," he stated forcefully. "Why did we stop being friends after she left me?"

"You tell me!" I squealed. "You stopped talking to me! Then, you gradually-" He then cut me off by forcing his lips to mine. I pushed him away and squeaked, "I have someone!"

"I'm sorry," he breathed. "I don't know why I did that!"

I growled and turned to storm away from him to find Grant and tell him, but he grabbed my elbow.

"Let me go!" I exclaimed, tears evading my eyes.

"Listen," he sighed, pulling me into him to keep me still, though I continued to squirm to get away. "I don't want us to hate each other anymore!"

"Then go back to being yourself and let me go!" I cried.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone coming toward us. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" that English voice demanded, taking me from Harvey. He pressed the side of his mouth to my ear and asked, "Are you okay, Cass? Did he hurt you?"

"He hurt me when he brought me out here," I sniffled. "Thank you, Grant."

Grant pushed me behind him and started fighting with Harvey. It took a sharp turn from a verbal fight to a physical one. As soon as I heard Grant hit the floor and release a breath indicating he was unconscious, I stood and faced Harvey myself. I pulled my hand back and punched him in the jaw. At that time, Laura showed up and punched me when Harvey hit the floor. When I got back up, we got into a real fight. Before I knew it, both me and Laura were unconscious on the floor.
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