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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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I opened my eyes to find Grant talking to the nurse. I breathed deeply causing Grant to look over at me and sigh in relief. He nodded once to the nurse and hurried over to me.

"What happened?" I asked him almost sleepily.

"Laura used a major spell on you, which effected her as well," Grant replied as he ran his fingertips along the bottom of my eye. "Leaving you with a broken rib and some pretty bad bruises."

"How can anything bruise me or break my bones?" I squeaked, realizing that it must have been strong considering I'm a Vampire.

"That spell was a Vampire repellant, basically," Grant sniffed as he sat on the bed and wrapped his arms around me. "I thought that I was going to lose you when I woke up. I saw that even you were down, along with Laura, and I knew that she used that spell. She's been talking about using it on you for a while now apparently."

I wrapped my arms around him as he did and lied my head on his shoulder. Then was when I got to really thinking about it. If we liked each other that much then and we got married after we graduated, considering I was going to stop aging at the age of twenty-five, what was to happen when I was brokenhearted after he was gone within the next fifty or so years?

Someone suddenly knocked on the door and said, "Is eet okay if I come to see Madam Cassidy?" that bizarrely alluring voice with the French accent, that I recognized as Chace LeReax, asked.

The nurse nodded as Grant turned and glared at the Demon. Chace was in something a little less school-like. He was in a black t-shirt with a large skull printed across the front, a pair of almost completely demolished jeans, and his Chuck Taylor-look-alikes. He had a bouquet of daisies.

"Why did he bring you flowers?" Grant demanded.

"Hell if I know!" I replied.

"Luckily daisies aren't your favorite," he sighed as he went and sat on the chair beside my bed. "Daisies aren't your latest and most random favorite, right?"

"Right," I chuckled.

Chace handed me the flowers and got down on his knees beside the bed. I have to admit that the flowers were beautiful, but my favorites were black or white roses.

"Are you okay?" he asked me softly and I nodded.

"You know, she has a boyfriend," Grant snapped.

It was like England versus France.

"That's not what I 'ave 'eard," Chace smiled. "So, if she 'as a boyfriend, I tink eet should be moi."

I gasped and Grant jumped up, rushing over to sit on the side of my bed, but he retreated and sat back down. "Whatever. I think it should be up to her on who she dates."

"That's right," Chace said.

"I..." I said. "I..."

"I'll see you later, Cass," Grant sighed as he was walking toward the door.

"I have a boyfriend," I stated.

Grant stopped in the doorway and looked back at me.

"Okay," Chace said. "But, when 'e breaks up with you, I am always 'ere for you."

He got up to leave stopped in the doorway and turned when I said, "Oh. And Chace?"

"Yeah?" he wondered.

"Stop using the fake accent," I smiled. "Ash doesn't have it. Neither do you. Stop trying to be cool."

"Alright," he laughed and walked out after having a glare-off with Grant.

That cute English Necromancer walked back over to sit on the edge of my bed again. "What made you send him off? I thought you liked him."

"That was before you were all mine," I replied.

He smiled at me and I pulled him to me, pressing my lips against his and lying him out on top of me, being careful of my ribs. I really did like him.

It was a week before the dance and we had decided that we were going to have a masquerade. We were also to wear fake clip-on ears to disguise the entire five Demons at our school. Grant and I had been dating ever since and we were to the point in which we were going to go public.

I was helping set up the ballroom when someone came up behind me, placing their hands on my waist and kissing my neck. "Guess who?" that English voice asked.

I giggled and turned my head allowing him to force his lips to mine longingly. "Where've you been?" I asked him, turning around completely and pressing myself to him.

"I was getting my tux, my ears, and my mask," he replied.

I smiled and kissed him again. He let me go and, just by chance, Chace showed up. He walked over to me and smirked. Grant growled and walked away to where he was just in earshot.

"So, I hear you don't have a date to the dance or a boyfriend," he said, leaning against the table that the punch was going to be on.

"We've had this discussion already," I sighed, returning to my work. "I have a boyfriend."

"Then why haven't I met him?" Chace demanded, shutting the binder that I was looking through, walking around the back of me, and wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Because we're still on the DL," I snapped, trying to push him off.

"That's not a reason," he whispered seductively into my ear.

"Okay," I raised my voice a little, turning around causing him to just happen to push against me a little harder. I looked over at Grant, who was walking away, still within earshot. "My boyfriend is Grant Michael Hillsend and I'm in love with him!"

Grant turned abruptly and stared at me in disbelief. I pushed the shocked Chace off of me and ran to the English Necromancer. He caught me in his arms, lifted me off the ground, and spun me around. Finally he set me down and I had tears coming to my eyes.

"I love you, Grant," I sniffled.

"I love you too, Cass," he smiled, wiping the tears off of my face.

I pressed my mouth to his and he held me there. I really did love him. He was the first I saw when I awoke after having my rib broken. He was my first friend. He was Grant. And he was mine. I could hear Chace storm off as Grant let me go a little.

"I'm gonna go see if I can find someone to take me to the dress shop down the road a little," I told him.

"I'll take you," he offered.

"Someone needs to stay and work on the dance," I said to him truthfully. "Besides, I don't want you to see my dress just yet."

"Fine," he sighed, trying to look annoyed but instead, he smiled. He kissed me tenderly and added, "Just don't do anything that'll keep you from coming back or going to the dance."

"What would I do?" I asked him. "I might feed a little on someone, but it'll be someone who knows me and doesn't mind. Like my mom who owns the dress shop."

"I'll have to meet her," Grant smiled. "Tell you what. I'll drop you off, go in and meet your mom, leave, and go back and pick you up. Have your mom bring you the dress the day of the dance and we'll treat it how brides and grooms do on their wedding day and just wait until that night to see one another."

I nodded and began walking out when Grant came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I placed my hands on his forearms and allowed him to run his lips up and down my neck. I lifted one hand and placed it on his cheek.

"I have something I think I should ask you," Grant whispered in my ear.

"Okay," I said quietly, closing my eyes and sighing in pleasure as he continued to kiss my neck.

"If we last as long as we hope and we're going to get married," he began and I knew where it was leading. "Or I get in some fatal accident, you have to promise-"

"I won't turn you, Grant," I stated plainly. "Trust me, you'd rather die than watch everyone around you that you love die as you live eternally."

"But I love you and you love me," Grant said. "You'll watch me die. And you'll continue to live. What will you do then?"

"I'll kill myself," I replied truthfully.

He was still running his lips along the still-beating vein in my neck, though it would only be beating for about six more years. Suddenly, that mark on our hands began hurting. I looked at mine and he looked at his. They were glowing through the bandages. We really didn't care though, until one of our teachers walked in. I had gotten off lucky that the nurse didn't sneak a peek at it, so we both shoved our hands in our pockets and ran to his Volvo that was right outside the force field of the school. I climbed in the passenger seat and buckled myself in after Grant shut the door for me. As soon as he did the same for himself, he put the car in drive and sped off toward my mom's dress shop.

"That was freaking weird," he breathed.

"I know," I agreed. "Why would it do that? What does it mean?"

"Maybe it has something to do with you being the first Vamp to stay around a Necromancer?" Grant asked me, looking over at me briefly.

"I'll ask my mom," I shrugged. "She should know."

Grant nodded and turned his attention back to the road. It was oddly quiet the rest of the trip. Finally, we reached the store, so Grant hurried up and got out to open my door for me. I waited for him and held my hand out for him to take. He did and it happened to be our hands that had the signs on them. There was a flash of white light and we both hit the ground and Grant moved over as if to protect me. I was flat on my back with my eyes closed. As I opened my eyes, I saw Grant on his hands and knees right over me. His beanie had come off and his hair was moving with the fierce wind that was blowing. He crouched lower over me. What the hell was happening? The next thing we knew, we were in a dark chasm. Grant lifted himself a little and stared at me, asking, "Are you okay?" with his emerald eyes. I nodded and he got up, helping me up after. In front of us was the almighty Supernatural god, Porthos Numerous. He was the only Supernatural to have a mix of everything ever. Grant stood between me and the extremely attractive man. He had a battle scar from his cheekbone to right below his jaw, shoulder-length, curly black hair, and glistening citrine eyes.

"Welcome," he said with boredom.

"Why are we here?" Grant demanded.

"You two are the first Necromancer and Vampire to befriend one another," Porthos explained. "You are the only two who can make peace between them. The Necromancers and Vampires are on the verge of war and you two are old enough to be sent out. You need to hide as much as you can before making peace."

"Why us?" I asked. "We're only eighteen."

Porthos shrugged and we were suddenly back in front of the shop.

"That was so weird," Grant breathed.

I nodded, took his hand in mine once again, only a little more carefully, and led him into my mom's dress shop. Luckily, Mom was working the front desk. I ran over to her and wrapped my arms around her when she saw me.

"Hey, Mama," I whispered.

"Hi, baby girl," Mom replied.

I let her go just as Grant reached us. "Mom. This is Grant Hillsend. He was English exchange student from about four years ago that I told you about."

"The Necromancer?" she asked with a smile.

I nodded and said, "He's my boyfriend now. We're in love too."

"Your first love," my mom smiled with a twinkle in her eye.

"Yeah," Grant said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. "We just told each other not but about ten minutes ago. We're currently working on our masquerade dance. I'd better get going to set up some more. I'll come back to pick her up later. She doesn't want me to see her dress until next week."

Mom nodded before Grant kissed me lightly on the lips and left. I smiled at Mom and she smiled back a creepy smile that was a mix of a motherly one and a sly one.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing," Mom replied with that smile. "Just make sure you have a condom handy the night of the dance."

"Mom!" I squeaked.

Mom shrugged and wiped the grin from her face.

I had found the perfect dress and it was the night before the dance. My dress was silver, the skirt was flowing and past my ankles, the bodice was tight and silky with lacy sleeves, and the skirt also had a lace layer over it. My shoes were sandal heels that were the same silvery color as that of the dress. I planned on putting my medium-length black hair into a clip and turning my bangs into curly tendrils. Sure I had the pink strip in my hair. It made me look hot yet dangerous yet willing to try anything once. I don't care what anyone thinks, I like it! Anyway, Grant and I had set up the entire dance with the help of Harvey and Laura because we got in trouble for our fight. It really made no difference for me because I was already on the committee.

I was lying on my bed reading a magazine when Grant walked into mine and Robbie's room, took my magazine, threw it on the ground, climbed on top of me, and pressed his mouth to mine.

Once he let up, I greeted him. "Hi."

"Hey," he smiled.

"Can I help you?" I asked playfully.

"Nope," he replied and kissed me again.

I ran my fingers through his long hair as he held himself just over me. The real question was, though, how long would our love last?
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