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Two of Charlotte's finest have just been transferred to the murder capital of the United States. What seems like a curse, however, turns into a blessing when they wind up guarding two of Detroit's ...

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Tina Jameson was not a happy camper, and that was putting it mildly. She and her roommate Robin Leigh had been best friends since they started at the academy together. Tina had started out as a detective in the special victims unit of their department, while Robin had started out in narcotics as an undercover officer. Within six months, both had requested to move to homicide. Tina had gone because she could no longer take the mental strain of dealing with living victims being further traumatized by their attackers walking away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Robin had moved because she was sick and tired of having to watch her back every second of every day because her cover was about to be blown—not to mention the fact that having a life outside the office, romantically or otherwise, was virtually impossible.

“Honey, we work homicide. This is what we in the law enforcement business like to call “job security”, if you catch my drift. You carry a gun for a living, for fuck’s sake. Besides, it can’t be much worse than Mecklenberg County, now can it? Let’s face facts, Teej. We’re about to be laid off, with no guarantee of coming back, because the county—not to mention the city of Charlotte—cannot afford to keep us. It was the logical choice, and it was the first thing they offered me. I said I’d only take it if my roomie went, too.”

Tina crossed her arms and settled for glowering at her roommate in irritation.

“I don’t know whether to kill you for doing this without asking me first, or to thank you for being the kind of best friend everyone should have,” she stated.

“Well, look at it this way, we’re working to improve the city. Besides, this is the motor city you know, we can get a couple of badass sports cars—oh, and maybe a couple of hot guys to go with them!”

Tina smirked, and slung an arm around the redhead.

“NOW you’re speaking my language! On that note, we should probably start packing up all our junk, and get ready for the move. We have, what, two weeks before we start?”

“Right, and we need to apartment hunt. Looks like we’re goin’ on a road trip!”
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