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Chapter 1

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Three weeks had passed since the transfer order had gone through; Tina and Robin had moved into their new apartment, and had settled into their new routine nicely. Friday night had finally arrived, which meant that unless something drastic happened within the next few hours, they were free until Monday.

“Let’s hope Murder City gives it a rest until then, huh?” Tina grinned.

The two had opted to check out the night life that Detroit had to offer, and had found a cozy little night club near their new apartment.

“Yeah, really. All work and no play makes Robin a dull girl. And, I need to find me a nice piece of Detroit hottie to call my own,” the redhead smirked, flashing her ID to the bouncer.

“You’re a cop?”

The apprehension on the man’s face caused Robin to roll her eyes.

“Relax big man, I work homicide, not vice. I’m not hear to catch you letting in minors,” she stated.

“I work with her. We’re just here to cut loose for a little while,” Tina added.

“Ah, then tonight is your lucky night, The High Crusade are playing—and as it turns out, you two are the last I can let in, for right now anyway,” the bouncer replied, quickly pulling aside the velvet rope, and allowing the two women passage.

“Did you bring a camera?”

Robin sent her companion a bemused look.

“There’s one on my phone.”

“I meant besides that one, silly,” the brunette retorted.

Robin raised an eyebrow, as if challenging her to give a better explanation.

Tina grinned, rolling her eyes, and nodded towards the stage, where the band was setting up.

“See the guy at the mic? He’s cute, and I’d like a picture of him that’s not all grainy looking,” she explained.

“Honey, this bag here? This expensive piece of female necessity? It’s a carry all. I got you covered. Oh, I need to get a picture of the one with the bass,” the redhead agreed.

The blonde onstage tuning his bass heard this comment, and looked up, catching Robin’s eye. He shot her a cocky smile, winking, before turning back to what he had been doing.

“Damn, now why couldn’t his friend have heard me?” Tina giggled.

This time, he did hear.

“Sorry hon, didn’t catch the first comment. My music distracts from everything, including beautiful women,” he replied.

The two locked eyes for a moment, before the shorter woman startled them from their reverie.

“Come on, Teej, let’s leave the boys to fool with their toys. I’m thirsty, and I need to find out if this place is classy enough to be a Pepsi establishment,” Robin stated, tugging Tina away.

Once they were far enough away, the brunette sighed in relief, leaning on her friend’s shoulder momentarily.

“Thank you for saving my ass back there. Had I stood there any longer, I’d have inevitably said something stupid and/or creepy,” she stated.

“Nah, you wouldn’t, but you’re welcome. Besides, homeboy looks like he likes appreciates the rear view, if you catch my drift,” Robin replied, stifling a giggle.

Tina turned, glancing out of the corner of her eye as she pretended to rummage through her own handbag for something; sure enough, his eyes were fixed on her, every time he looked up from the mic stand.

Meanwhile, Robin had secured herself a Pepsi—as the establishment was indeed classy enough to serve them—and had just downed a sip of her coveted beverage, when a thought occurred to her.

“Tina, how long has it been since we shut down a bar?”

“Robin, that’s nothing to joke about, and we told the bouncer we—”

“Not that kind of shut down, I mean stay until closing time shut down.”

“Oooh…couple of years, actually, why?”

There was an evil glint in the shorter woman’s green eyes, when she finally replied.

“That’s all the more reason to do it tonight. I thought we might wait up for your not-so-secret admirer,” she grinned.

Tina pondered the suggestion for a moment, before shooting a smile at her friend.

“Okay, I’m game if you are,” she replied.

“Excellent! Also, I hope those shoes of yours are comfy, because we’re going to give everyone a show,” the redhead continued, an evil smile plastering itself on her face.

“Robin, no, they’ll think we’re drunk!”

“Pfft, please, I’m not worried about what they think! Besides, we’re going to start a mosh pit, not dance on the tables,” she retorted.

“Thank God for that, you had me scared for a second,” Tina giggled.

“Why? Did you actually think I was going to suggest—YOU DID, DIDN’T YOU?!”

“Well, when the words “we’re gonna give everyone a show” come out of your mouth, I never know what to expect!”

Robin pondered this for a moment, before breaking out in a fit of giggles.

“Okay, okay, that’s true, I admit it,” she laughed.

“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! And especially the ladies! We are The High Crusade, and we are here to ROCK! Are you ready to rock?!”

Tina glanced up at the stage, where the guy she’d spoken to earlier was talking to the crowd, and then back at her roommate.

“I think that’s our cue, hon.”

True to their word, the two women stayed until closing time at the bar, hanging around just long enough to pay for their sodas after the band left the stage, before heading out. They’d gotten just past the parking lot when the unmistakable sound of gunshots rang out into the night.

Without a second thought, both women took off towards the direction that the shots had come from. They found both the bassist and the lead singer from the band attempting to run from two assailants who were once again taking aim at them. Having extracted her weapon on the way to the parking lot, Robin fell into the stance she was all too familiar with.


She barked the order as she got a bead on one of the gunmen.


Tina was right behind her, following the same procedure on the other gunman.


The gunmen, apparently realizing they were outnumbered, decided to cut their losses while they still had the chance. They took off as quickly as they’d appeared, leaving Robin and Tina to check on the two men who were now hiding behind a car.

“You guys have no idea how lucky you are to have survived that,” Tina commented, pulling the singer to his feet.

“What the fuck was that over, anyway?!” Robin exclaimed, doing the same with the bassist.

“Hell if we know, they just ambushed us on our way out,” the singer replied.

“Yeah, it was like they were waiting specifically for us,” the bassist added.

“Well, I think this calls for an introduction, don’t you? I’m Robin Leigh, Detroit PD, homicide division,” the redhead stated, quickly shaking the hand that she was still grasping.

“And I am Tina Jameson, Detroit PD, also homicide division. Robs here is my roommate,” she explained, a light blush gracing her cheeks, as she shook the singer’s hand.

“I’m Patrick Martin, better known as Alex Shelley of TNA Wrestling fame, I’m the lead singer of the High Crusade, and you are really cute when you blush,” the singer grinned.

“Josh Harter, also known as Chris Sabin, also of TNA Wrestling fame. I’m Pat’s roommate, best friend, tag team partner, and heterosexual life-mate. I play bass for the High Crusade, and I’m single,” the blonde smirked.

Tina and Robin exchanged an eye roll.

“Well, assuming you two can handle yourselves from here on out, we’ve had a rather long day at the precinct, and we’re heading home. Y’all have a nice night,” Robin replied.
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