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July 13, 1979

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What's new with Joe?

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July 13, 1979
12:55 AM
Boston, MA

Well, yesterday was officially the worst day ever. I found out the girl I've been seeing, Cyrinda, is moving. Steven wants to move so he dragging her with him. That just pisses me off! Who will I stay with when Elissa kicks me out of the apartment? Who will I call and talk on the phone with when I'm having a bad day? No one, that's who! She stopped by yesterday and told me that she was moving. We decided to spend our last hours together by having sex. Then she stayed for a while. I cooked her dinner and before she left, then she gave me a kiss. I was upset at her leaving. Actually, I still am upset at her leaving. She told me Steven does not want her talking to me but she told me she'll try calling me. That's if she gets the chance to. I hope she calls me. I would like to hear her voice everyonce in a while. I know some of you are probably wanting to ask me "Do you know what time Cyrinda is leaving?" And the answer is yes. After we kissed, she sadly told me she was going to the house Steven wants to move in. I wonder how living together is going to turn out for the both of them since their personalities are different. Extremely different. 

Other than leaving Aerosmith and Cyrinda moving,  Nothing new has been going on. Elissa is still gone and I'm still alone. I want to go out and do something fun but it's one in the morning. I guess I can just stay here, get high. Or maybe I should go to sleep. Hmm. To my surprise, I'd rather go to sleep than get high. I snorted all my coke, I don't have any heroin on me and I smoked all my dope. I don't have any E on me, either. Hmm. Sleep it is! Goodnight!
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