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July 21, 1979

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Joe talks about his marriage with Elissa.

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July 21, 1979
Boston, MA
8:57 PM

I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to think marrying Elissa was a huge mistake. You're probably saying "Why would you say such a thing?!" but I'm being honest. Isn't that what every girl looks in a guy: honesty? Whatever though, that's not the point. My point is, maybe proposing and marrying Elissa is a huge mistake. Yeah, she's beautiful, but she is such a bitch! Back in '74, she attacked me and bit my chin! I don't want to go into detail on what happened that day. Why am I talking about my marriage? It's because I got into a really bad fight with Elissa. We were yelling and she slapped me, twice. Yesterday, she came back home. I asked her about her trip because before she left, she could not stop talking about it. She was very excited to go. Her answer? "Why is the house so clean? Who was here?" Well, I'm sorry! It's not my fault I'm a clean freak. I like keeping the place clean! Besides, I thought she would like the place clean. Maybe I would get a compliment or two. I guess having a clean place means that I invited a few girls over. Okay, that didn't make sense. Whatever. Maybe I did have one girl over. That was a long time ago and she needed to talk. And we ended up doing more than talking. We all know who that is! I have to go. Elissa is calling me...     

Yeah I know this chapter is short. Whatever. Be happy I updated.
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