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Chapter 2

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Evelyn is out of hospital

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Chapter 2
When Evelyn had been given the all clear by the nurses, Paige took her home.
"How are your ribs? Does it still hurt?" asked Paige.
"I have Jared Leto's number! Do you really think I care about how much my side hurts?"
"Fair enough," smiled Paige. "I still can't believe how lovely he was! I mean, I knew he was a nice guy, but actually cancelling the show and then coming to the hospital with us too..."
"I know, I almost didn't believe everything you said to me until the guys walked in. Plus, the fact that he wants to makes sure I'm gonna be able to get to the next show is so sweet."
"Are you going to text him?" inquired Paige.
"No, I want to show him that he can trust me with his number; that I'm not going to be stupid with it," decided Evelyn. "He gave it to me for a reason and that's the only thing I'm going to use it for."
"Do you think you'll stay in contact with him after all this?"
"I can always hope!" grinned Evelyn.


"Helloo?" said Jared cheerfully answering his phone.
"Hey," said Evelyn in a shaky voice. "It's Evelyn, from the concert."
"Yeah, I remember who you are! I'm impressed you left it this long before using the number, I expected a call long before this."
"Well, you gave me your number so I could tell you when I was 100% better, so that's what I'm using it for," explained Evelyn.
"Does that mean you're ready for another 30 Seconds To Mars gig?"
"It does! And I can't wait!" replied Evelyn, excitement creeping into her voice.
"Because you just phoned me, I now have your number. Would you object to me saving it?" asked Jared, suddenly.
"No, of course not. If you actually want it feel free," Evelyn told him, shocked that he seemed to want her number.
"Great. I'll let you know of the date as soon as it's settled then."
"Brilliant. Thanks."
"You're welcome. See you soon," replied Jared.
"Yeah, see ya," said Evelyn, then the phone went dead. "OMG!" she said turning to Paige who was round Evelyn's house for lunch. "Jared Leto has my number! He wanted to save it on his phone!"
"No way," argued Paige.
"Yeah, he asked if I would mind him saving my number, and of course I told him to go for it! Now we just need to wait for a call telling us the date."
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