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Chapter 3

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The seconds concert

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Chapter 3
Evelyn was in her room hurriedly changing from her work clothes into a pair of black combat trousers and her favourite 100 Suns t-shirt. Once her eye make-up was complete and her red lipstick had been applied she heard a car horn from outside her house.
"Coming," she called although it was obvious the driver wouldn't hear her. Evelyn always managed to be late for everything; but thankfully tonight was the exception to the rule.
"Hey Paige," she said climbing into the passenger side of the car. "You ready for this?"
"I was born ready!" replied Paige, turning the key in the ignition, kicking the engine into life. "O2 here we come!"
Despite the awful ending to the last concert they attended the girls were so fired up about the next gig.
They followed the same routine as last time; taking time to stop at the merch stand, spending most of their money, getting practically to the front of the crowd and waiting patiently for 30 Seconds to Mars to appear.
The concert then began in the same way as normal; the support act playing as more crowds enter, the wait, the black curtain, Mars.
It wasn't until Jared was about to sing 100 Suns that anything out of the ordinary happened.
"Now, I'd like to take the time to dedicate this next song to a very special girl," Jared began as a curious silence fell over the crowd. "As you all know our last concert here came to an early end and through that I met one of you. She was so brave and sweet and grateful I thought it was appropriate to mention her, so Evelyn, I hope you enjoy this. This song's for you: I believe in nothing, not the end and not the start..." Jared sung.
Evelyn met his gaze and kept it through the whole song. She began to felt a lump rise in her throat as Jared sung "I believe in nothing but the beating of our hearts" and by the end of the song she was crying. Jared himself seemed emotional as he nodded to her and left the stage making way for Shannon and L490.
"Oh my God," whispered Paige.
"I can't... he just... that song..." stuttered Evelyn as she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. She pulled it out to see the words '1 new message from: Jared x'.
She read it, despite the fact that it was the middle of a concert.
'Hey Eve, if you don't mind me calling you that. I hope it's ok that I mentioned you. Please come backstage after the show, I need to see you. The guards will let you in. Love Jared x'
Evelyn was on edge for the rest of the show waiting for it to end, although she still sung along with as much enthusiasm as usual.
Then the moment that she would normally be dreading came.
"The first few of you crazy mofos to surf your way up here can help me sing Kings and Queens," Jared announced to an eager crowd.
Then when there were at least a dozen fans behind Jared he began the song.
And then it ended.
"That went so quick I can't believe its over," moaned Paige.
"Wait for me," said Evelyn and, without an explanation headed towards the barrier.
"Hey, I'm Evelyn," she told one of the security guards who proceeded to help her over and point her in the right direction.
"Thanks," Evelyn muttered, heading off in the direction she had been told.
When she entered the corridor she saw Jared pacing a little way down from her.
"So if you're calling me Eve, can I call you J?" she called down the passage towards him.
"Of course you can!" he said running up to meet her and hugging her tightly in his arms.
For some reason Evelyn didn't find his greeting strange.
"I was so worried you wouldn't get my message."
"Well, I did," said Evelyn stating the obvious. "And I don't mind you calling me that or mentioning me!"
"Thank God for that," Jared laughed.
"I love that song so much, I can't believe you did that," said Evelyn, some of the emotion from earlier almost showing in her voice.
"Yeah, I noticed your shirt," smiled Jared. "That and it seemed like the most appropriate song."
It was only then that Eve realised Jared's hands were still on her waist. She looked down at them.
"Do you mind that?" Jared asked.
"No," replied Eve.
"Do you mind this?" he asked again and closed his lips around hers.
It was a dream come true and Evelyn only just managed to kiss back until Jared broke the short kiss.
"No," answered Evelyn. "And I wouldn't mind if you wanted to do it again." Her voice was barely more than a whisper as she spoke.
"Then maybe I will."
With his hands still on her waist, Jared pulled Evelyn closer to him, joining their lips. He was so gentle with her as he slowly brushed his lips across hers. Eve wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing back passionately.
"Evelyn," said Jared, breaking the kiss and resting his forehead against hers. "I think I love you."
"I think I love you too," smiled Evelyn, staring straight into Jared's eyes. He was her world now, and she never wanted to look anywhere else.
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