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pay back

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bob planning pay back...

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Bob’s P.O.V.
I called the guys over after I left Gee’s, I left him sleeping softly, I wish I didn’t, I wish I was still with him but I have to make sure he pays. The guys came over to mine. Pete, Daniel, Johnny, Matt, Adam, Ryan, Zacky and Jimmy.
“What’s up dude?” Pete asked.
“Brian,” I answered.
“What’s he done?” Matt asked.
“The bastard hurt Gee,” I said. I knew the guys have excepted me being with Gerard, I knew they liked him now, they thought he was a funny and talented guy.
“What did he do?” Zacky asked.
“He-he raped him, then beat him up,” I answered.
“He’s in deep shit now,” Johnny said.
“What?” I asked.
“Well we like Gee, we know we were bastards before by beating him up but we like him, he is a really nice guy, and we can see he makes you happy, and your our mate and whoever hurts you or Gee will be hurt ten times worse,” Adam said.
“Serious?” I asked.
“Yeah, the bastard took it too far, he shouldn’t have done that to Gee,” Daniel said.
“So what’s then plan?” Jimmy asked.
“Well all I want to do is kill him,” I said.
“Yeah and then Gerard would have to visit you in prison, great idea,” Pete said.
“No we should hurt him another way,” Matt said. Matt was the oldest and the most best at putting together a plan.
“We’ll invite him over,” Matt said.
“Yeah, this weekend to mine,” Pete said.
“And we’ll show him not to touch Gee or you,” Matt said.
“I’m bring my baseball bat!” Jimmy shouted.
“You got two I might need one,” I said.
“Sure,” Jimmy said.
“So you guys come over at six to mine, we’ll tell Brian to come at eight,” Pete said.
We all agreed. I decided to go back over to Gerard’s, he was still asleep so I slipped next to him, I wrapped my arms around him and fell asleep.
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