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Bob’s P.O.V
We sat around waiting for Brian to come. Everything was set up, even Jimmy brought along that baseball bat he promised me. I sat it on my shoulder went the door bell rang.
“Hey guys,” Brian said.
We all just looked at him.
“What’s up?” He asked. He looked at me, I knew what he was thinking, he was thinking that I didn’t know what he did to my angel, he thought he had got away with it. Or if I did know that I left him.
“Hey Bob you not with Gee?” He asked, my hand was clenched into a fist.
Suddenly Matt and Daniel grabbed him and tied him down to a chair.
“What the fuck?” he asked.
“This is for what you did to Gerard, you bastard,” I said.
I punched him in the jaw.
“Please no, I’m sorry I won’t do it again,” he begged.
Everyone had a punch at him, he was bruise and bleeding but all I wanted was to see him there dead on the chair.
“Why?” I asked.
“Why what? Did I rape him and beat him up? Because he’s a little fag that’s turned my friend into one too,” he said. I punched him in the eye.
“You won’t be touching him now, I know you won’t, you’ll just think of him as used, you’ll think of me fucking him,” Brian said.
I grabbed the baseball bat and smashed it over his head. He started bleeding more.
“If you touch him ever again I will kill you,” I said.
Everyone else had other round at him, using him as the punching bag.
“Brian,” Matt said.
“What?” Brian groaned.
“Promise us you won’t touch him again,” Matt said.
“I won’t please, just let me go,” he said.
“And if you do try, we will be helping Bob kill you,” Matt said.
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