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Bloody Microphones 2: Snow's Chronicles

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Snow is Sent to Australia by Winter and Gerard at the age of 15.

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"Are You already settled?"

I grumbled. I had already packed everything away but I was still mad at Mum and Dad.

"Why did They make Me move?" I asked Aunt Meera who came to check in on Me.

"Because She wanted You to be acquainted with the country that She and and Her Sister were born in. That and the fact that You kept getting in trouble at Your other schools"

"It's not My fault! I was only defending Myself" I whined.

"Defending Yourself by putting teachers and students alike in hospital? You are Your Mother's Daughter" She grinned madly.

Only in this family can violence be accepted as normal.

"Now here is Your time table for tomorrow, and Your uniform-"

"A uniform!?!?!? are You out of Your freaking mind!?!?!" I half yelled in shock.

"Your mother wore this uniform, and She is an old alumni of the school You will be going to" Aunt Meera replied to My outburst.

I sighed and took the uniform off of Her and placed in on the bed.

"Now get some rest. I will be driving You in to town bright and early for Your first day of Australian high school" Aunt Meera grinned and left the room.

I looked down at the uniform.

A green tartan skirt and white short sleeved shirt with a green blazer. It didn't look entirely hopeless.

I looked even more closely at the edge of the skirt and noticed a blood patch.

Knowing My Mother it wasn't Her blood but one of the victims.

I smiled, knowing that I had a good luck charm to wear in tomorrow.

I heard a bird calling from outside My window and turned around to look at it.

While the bird wasn't there an awesome view of many different trees that I hadn't ever seen before was.

I gave My room another once over.

All My posters were up, all My clothes put away, bathroom was set up and so was My vanity.

Guess there was nothing else to do but go to bed and wait for tomorrow.
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