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Whistling while Murdering sounds good

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Snow's first day of high school.

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"Excited about Your first day?"

"Aunt Meera, I have had a couple of times before, so I shouldn't be that excited"

"Why not?" She asked as She drove Me passed a few stores on the main road. Good god is that a jam store?

"Because it's always the same- I will piss someone off somehow and I will be forced to defend Myself" I shrugged.

"You have to try at this school- it would mean everything to Your Mother if You did"

"Which is why I am wearing a uniform and sitting patiently in the car" I sighed.

"Okay here We are- Our Lady Dolores co ed high school. Be grateful that it is co ed" Aunt Meera said as She half pushed Me out of Her white Suzuki swift.

"I'll walk home okay?" I added as I leaned in to the car.

"Alright, and try not to get kicked out" Aunt Meera replied and sped off- She was late for a surgery- a poodle, I think.

"How very Vampire Slayer of You" I replied to no one in particular and stared at the school.

Aunt Meera had told Me that one of the buildings used to be a convent for nuns, and that they used to teach the local children the ways of the church.

In about the 1900s the nuns were booted out of the education system, but they got their foothold when it was decided that they could teach religion.

Damn nuns and their feet.

I walked up the front steps and into- a reception right at the front door!?!?!??

"Yes? what can I do for You young lady?" The long haired brunette behind the desk asked.

"My name is Snow Andrews I am a new student here"

"Ah yes Snow! We have been expecting You. The uniform-" She looked Me up and down.

I grinned. I had made the skirt shorter and placed a black thick belt over the top of it.

"That is unacceptable. If You want to wear clothing like that You can do it when You aren't here. I will allow it for today but in future if You come to this school dressed like that You will be sent home" She sniffed.

Well at least I knew what to do if I ever got bored.

"Follow Me"

I walked across the courtyard and saw two nuns speaking softly.

Mum told Me the nuns would be disguised and She was right- while they both wore simple dresses with cardigans the only thing that distinguished them were the big crucifix brooches that they had placed across their 'heart'.

Mum also said that Nuns are sharper than the devil and that they had eyes in the back of their heads.

No sooner had I thought this than the pair of them stared up at Me.


"This is Your PC room or as You say in America, Your homeroom. If You are not here before recess We will assume You have skipped school and will alert the police to be on the lookout for You. Find a locker inside that is empty and use it for all Your books. I will expect the number of the locker on My desk by the end of the day. And finally, from here You will be able to figure out where Your classes are. Enjoy Your day" She said as She walked off.

"Quite a mouthful huh?"

I turned to see a girl walk up to Me.

"I guess" I shrugged.

"My name is Gel"

"Gel?" I asked while smiling.

"Angela Crumby is My actual name but I prefer Gel"

"I'm Snow" I replied and walked in to the homeroom.

"Take the locker next to Mine- no one ever uses it"

"Why not" I asked as I placed My books in it.

"I'm kind of weird" She grinned.


"I like rock music and computers which makes Me a double freak" She said as She got Her books out.

"So?" I asked.

"So at this school being a freak is probably the same as in the States. Oh grab all Your books for the day" She added asI was about to just grab My first class books.


"Homeroom is a classroom- if You forget Your books and have to come back not only do You get in trouble but You are also told off in front of a bunch of seniors- and They love picking on fresh meat"

I nodded.

What an interesting school.
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