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Still Whistling

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Snow is still enduring Her first day of school.

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Gel and I looked over Our schedules.

"Great, You have every class with Me, and English is first so let's go"

I casually walked down the hall and up a flew flights of stairs with Gel until We finally Made it to the English room.

As Gel sat down I took Her features in. She had sparkling blue eyes and dark red straight hair. She was very skinny and had pale skin. If it weren't for Her eyes and hair I would swear She was dead.

"So what is Your last name?" Gel asked as We took two seats that had tables connected to each other up the back.

"Andrews, why?"

"I told You mine didn't I? fair is fair"

"True" I nodded.

"So why Australia?"

"When You get kicked out of as many schools as I did another country is the only option" I replied as I watched students pour in to the classroom.

"How many?"

"About five I think- I can't really remember" I replied as a guy came over to Our table.

"Sorry I'm late Gel, My dad decided that today was the day that I should get a lecture on tattoos and why they lead to Your penis falling off" a guy with short bleach blond hair said as He kissed Her cheek and than stood in front of Me.

"Looks like I have lost My seat" He laughed.

"This is Snow from America. Snow this is My boyfriend Wise-Man"

"Wise-Man?" I asked.

"My name is Sam Wise. I hate Lord of the Rings so I made up Wise-Man" He shrugged.

"Does everyone here hate their names?" I asked.

"No, it's just Us that give each other weird names. We like them better than Our original ones"

"What have I missed?"

I looked up to see a guy with brown hair that hung slightly over His face and grey eyes.

"Snow this is West"

"Hi" I said as I continued to stare into His eyes.

"Hey" West smiled.

"Thrilling" Wise-Man laughed as He dragged West towards an empty two seated table.

"Wow- I have never seen West speechless before" Gel giggled.

"I guess. Does no one at this school have weird hair?" I asked, looking around and not seeing any individual hairstyles that weren't a crazy color.

"It's school policy. Originality is strictly forbidden. Natural colors only and of course, guys hair has to be above the ears- West is pushing it with His style, and so are You with the new and improved uniform, even though I wish I had thought of it Myself" Gel sighed.

"You could come over and I could fix it" I replied.

"Great and I will cut Your hair" Gel grinned.


By lunch time it was as if I had been friends with Gel My whole life.

We sat in the courtyard waiting for West and Wise-Man to get Our food.

"I don't understand how anyone gets fed! Do You all just vie for the cafeteria people's attention?"

"Basically it's the loudest wins, see how West and Wise-Man are shouting abuse at the cafeteria lady? it means that they will be served first just so they leave"

"Ah the art of first come first served" I giggled.

"Hey You are Snow Andrews right"

I looked up to see a snooty looking girl with perfect blond hair and brown eyes.

"Good answer- and You are?"

"Michelle Sanders. My Mother says You are a legacy"

"I guess. Only My Aunt and Mother went to this school but if that qualifies for a legacy then yeah"

"Come and sit with the Legacies and forget this piece of dirt"

"Not interested" I replied and turned to start a conversation with Gel.

"Hey I don't offer this to just anybody" She fumed.

I sighed and stood up, noticing that She was a little shorter than Me.

"Look I don't want to be a part of the Legacies because I am one. I would rather hang out with My friend Gel"

"But She's a freak!" Michelle sneered.

"So?" I asked, noticing that West and Wise-Man had walked over- mounds of food in their hands.

"So You should be with Us"

"Not a reason to join a life long contemptible career of looking down My nose at everyone" I smiled and turned to sit back down but caught a glimmer of movement out of My eye.

I grabbed the movement and found it to be Michelle's wrist.

"Now I know You weren't about to do something as stupid as try and pull Me back to look at You, because that would entail Your eye meeting with My fist" I grinned.

"Bitch, You let go of My hand right now or-" She was cut off by My fist to Her nose.

"Run along" I smiled as She was grabbed by two of Her flunkies and walked away, Her nose bleeding all over the ground wherever She walked.

"That's new" Wise-Man uttered with a mouthful of food.

"What's new?" I asked.

"When new girls are legacies They normally turn straight to Michelle and almost become Her instantly"

"Well I'm not Michelle. I am Me and Me is hungry so give Me some damn food" I growled.

"Impressive. Not a lot of girls would stand up to Her"

I looked at West, He was smiling.

I guess I could like Australia after all.
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