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New Scene, New Style

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Snow and the others get a chance to know each other a little better.

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"So what are We doing tonight?" West asked.

"I don't know about you two- but Snow and I are having a girls evening" Gel grinned.

"Oh.Okay- West and I will do something else. Where do You live Snow?"

"Number 4 Breakneck Road" I shrugged.

"NO WAY! West lives on the same road at number 9! Oh this is great, We can all spend the night getting to know each other" Wise-Man grinned.

Gel sighed. It didn't look like She was going to get a night without the guys after all, and something told Me that She needed it.

"My Aunt should be okay with it, but I would really appreciate it if You guys went to West's house and after I see if it is alright with My Aunt I will come over and get You okay?"

"Sure, We have something that needs taking care of. Come on Wise-Man- if We rush to My house now We can have it finished before Snow comes to get Us" West suggested- but as soon as Wise-Man had heard the word 'rush' He was already halfway down the street.

West ran after Him and waved at Us as He did.

I smiled and waved back.

"He's single You know" Gel teased.

"So? I just got here" I blushed.

"Wise-Man asked Me out at lunch on the first day that I went to that school. If West doesn't ask You out by the end of the night than I am Death on a pogo stick"


"Aunt Meera?" I called as Gel and I entered My house.

"Yes? what is it?" She asked as She came into the hallway.

"Aunt Meera, this is Gel, My new friend"

"Nice to meet You- ever been in detention before?"

"Uh no" Gel replied, looking at Me with a 'why on earth would She ask that' look.

"Oh well follow Snow's cue in detentions and You will be just fine- I always say that You should write a book about how to deal with teachers and parents"

"It'd be band from every public library and only sold to over 18's" I grumbled.

"So Gel, what brings You over this fine afternoon?" Aunt Meera asked.

"We WERE going to hand out but My boyfriend and His best friend have decided to crash since His best friend only lives at number 9 on this street"

"Who West? is He sweet on Snow?" Aunt Meera teased.

"It's hard to tell, but I know Snow likes Him" Gel giggled.

"Anyway," I I half yelled trying to cut their giggling in half, "I was wondering if You could maybe pretend that this is putting You out a little bit"

"Why? I have more than enough food to cope with a couple of boys"

"We kind of wanted tonight to Ourselves- so basically I need You to pretend to have an argument with Me for oh, say, the next hour. Then I will go and get the guys and come back here"

"And what will You be doing in that hour?"

"Girlie things" I smiled.

Aunt Meera sighed and walked off.

"Is that a yes?" Gel asked.

I nodded, grabbed Her hand and dragged Her up the stairs and into My room.

"So why do I have to cut My hair?" I asked as She closed the door behind Her and pulled out a pair of scissors from Her bag.

"Because You have a few split ends- and some of it looks like someone has grabbed a chunk of it and pulled"

"Ah Lucy" I grinned.

"Lucy?" She asked as She started to cut.

"Lucy from America- Her favorite thing to do when bullying girls was to grab a part of their hair and then shove her knee into their face. She tried to do the same to Me but it didn't end so well for Her" I giggled.

Gel giggled as She snipped away.

After She was finished (nothing had changed, it just looked smoother round the edges) I began work on Her uniform...which means I gave away some of My accessories to Her.

"Has it been an hour already?" I asked no one in particular as I looked at the clock.

"Snow? there are some boys on My front lawn lying down- could You bury them in the backyard for Me?" Aunt Meera yelled.

Gel suppressed her giggles as We walked down the stairs and out the front door to see West and Wise-Man on the lawn.

"It's official Wise-Man. My Aunt Meera called You a boy so from this day forward You are just Wise" I grinned as I towered over Him, My hands on My hips.

"Fair enough" Wise said as Gel helped Him up.

West stretched His hand out in front of Me and I grabbed it, fully intending on lifting Him up, but instead He pulled Me to Him.

I landed softly on top of Him and couldn't help but stare into His eyes.

Maybe He would ask Me out.
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