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Girls (With A Hint Of Boys) Night

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Snow has an interesting night.

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I stood up suddenly and extended a hand so that West could get up.

As He laced His fingers through mine I shivered slightly at His warm touch.

"So what are We going to do?" Wise asked, breaking the silence.

"A movie I guess" I shrugged. I had no ideas on what to do next considering Gel and I had already covered pretty much everything You do on a girl's night.

Talk about boys, check. Fix hair, check. fix brand new friends clothes, check and check.

The only thing left was movies. And eating- who could forget that?

"You had Gel cut Your hair" West said as He brushed a strand away from My eyes.

"Yeah" I blushed.

"It suits You. Did You have a movie in mind?"

"I don't even have any movies. We might actually have to watch some of My Aunt's" I replied, scrunching My nose at the thought.

"I'm sure She has an alright collection" Wise reassured Me as We all entered the house to see Aunt Meera with Her arms crossed.

"I suppose I have to feed You boys" She said through pursed lips.

"I'm sorry if We are intruding Miss Meera, but We really wanted to spend time with Our new best friend. And anyways I thought You liked Me?" West replied.

"I do. No one cleans My house like You- but I know that You are after-" She started, but I glared at Her.

She sighed.

"I know You are after food and that changes things" She finished.

"I won't eat too much?" West offered.

Aunt Meera walked back into the kitchen.

"Why does She always walk away when Her answer is yes but stays still when Her answer is no?" West asked.

"Because when She stays still it is a challenge. If She walks away it means She approves" I grinned as We walked into the lounge room.

After looking at the movie collection (all horror I might add) We picked Nightmare On Elm Street.

Gel and Wise took the couch, and I noticed that Aunt Meera had placed a blanket on the floor.

I sighed, placed the DVD in the player and sat back against Gel's legs, situating Myself an inch away from West.

"If I here smooching sounds I am going to get up and make You wish You hadn't" I said playfully as I tapped Gel on Her knees with the back of My head.

"Hey I'll be scarred if You start making out with West" Wise replied as He grasped West's shoulder for a second.

I rolled My eyes. West wouldn't be so bold as to kiss Me in front of friends would He?


Half an hour into the movie and West still hadn't budged.

I sighed- Mum and Dad fell in love almost instantly, so why can't it happen to Me?

"I'm going to go get a drink" I said as I stood up and walked into the kitchen.

"Has West made a move yet?" Aunt Meera asked as She chopped vegetables for a salad.

I shook My head no.

"He will. I peeked in a couple of times and saw Him looking at You" She smiled.

I smiled weakly and walked back into the lounge, sitting back down next to West.

"When the movie is over, can We talk?" West whispered into My ear as He brushed My shoulder with His hand.

I shivered slightly at His warm touch and nodded.

"Dinner's ready" Aunt Meera called.

Gel and Wise got up immediately and walked into the kitchen, but West hadn't budged so I didn't want to move either.

"The reason I wanted to talk to You was..." West stopped as He looked into My eyes.

I blinked and waited.

"I kind of like You" He whispered and turned away from Me.

I was angry.

"You kind of like Me? Well make up Your mind and let Me know. Oh and another thing, look Me in the eye" I growled, got up and walked into the kitchen, leaving West with His thoughts.
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