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What does it all mean? My take. An introspective piece and my tribute to the GL mythos.

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I clenched my right hand and felt the ring. I muttered a short prayer.

It wasn't a magic ring, I knew. It was just a plain piece of ordinary green jade place atop a steel band that was painted to imitate white gold. It wouldn't create giant robots or dragons to do my bidding. It wouldn't lift me up in the air or keep me invisible. It wouldn't help me against my enemies.

It was no Green Lantern ring... no matter how much I wished it was.

Yet, holding it... wearing it... just plain keeping it in my hand helps me to focus. And think. And decide...

What would a Green Lantern do in this situation?

A Green Lantern is honest and fearless.

A Green Lantern is a proud member of the Green Lantern Corps.

A Green Lantern sheds his light over the dark things.

In brightest day, in darkest night, no evil would escape his sight. Let those who worship evil's might... beware his power.

The Green Lantern's light.

But, I wished that it were real.

I wished it were my sight... my power... my light.

A Green Lantern wouldn't be cowering behind a locker, hoping the bully would not notice him and just walk away.

A Green Lantern wouldn't be hiding after seeing a high schooler abusing a younger kid in the hallway.

A Green Lantern wouldn't let the evil go on...

A Green Lantern wouldn't...

A Green Lantern...

And I decided to shed my light over dark evil that day. It earned me a bruise on my left cheek and a nasty cut on my right leg where the high schooler's switchblade cut me. But he hadn't been able to get away with it. He also ended up with an ugly mark on his cheek... a mark caused by an ordinary piece of jade set on imitation gold-painted steel.
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