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Step Seven-Fear

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The next day had come I have not left Gerard’s side one nurse got angry when she saw I was laying in bed with him she told me I could not lie in bed with him, I did not move. The nurse finally gave up after an hour of fighting with me. I hate people like that thinking loving some has the same sex is wrong, just another heartless person. Today day would be the day when Gerard would finally know what was going to happen when he left the hospital. I feared that the doctor would send Gerard away sending him to a rehab or a hospital for people with eating disorders.

I was laying in Gerard’s hospital bed while he was with the doctor. You would have never known Gerard was in a coma he looks healthy enough to look better, but he was not healthy, as the doctor wanted him to be. I kept thinking about what if the doctor did send him away, what would I do.

If Gerard left me I do not think I could go on with getting better, his the reason why I am giving up lying well the most part. Deep down I always kind of wanted to change but never did anything to help me get better, I thought I was going to stay in the asylum forever so why stop lying.

I knew it would help Gerard out if he was to going to get send away, he needed to get better. I cannot lie and say it would not bother me because it would his the only person who knows when I am lying; I needed him so I will not lie. I also cannot be selfish I cannot just think about myself that is not who I am I have to remember this would help out Gerard so much.

There would not be a moment were I would not worry about him if he was sent away, I would keep fearing if he were to get sent back to the hospital if something bad would have happen, I would never know. Fear of wondering would he ever come back would he be the same person I fell in love with, he would move on meet someone else who is not a liar.

All those thoughts were going through my mind I had to stop thinking like that I did not even know if he was leaving, I could not fear yet. I could not help but wonder if all those thoughts came true I would be broken if he did meet someone else, that person would probably be better for him.

I was driving myself crazy with all of those thoughts I had to think positive I could not let fear of those thoughts take over. This was not about me it was about him getting better, I also have not forgotten about me getting better as well. My doctor kept checking up on me making sure I had not lied or anything like that. I do not know how he knows if I was telling the truth I knew I was, I guess the doctor was starting to believe me a little.

When I go back to the asylum I had to talk to Stephanie to let her know what’s all be going on and how I am doing, it has been four weeks since I lied. Lying has not cross my mind fear has been on my mind mostly fearing that Gerard would not wake up. Going back to the asylum would be hard I would not longer fear lying would soon come back on my mind.

As I was laying on the hospital bed, I heard the door open I saw Gerard walking in, the look on his face was not good. I knew right then he was not coming back with me.

“What did the doctor say, “I ask in fear.

Gerard look at me with tears in his eyes I knew this would not going to be good.

Sooo sorry for the long wait. I've been gone for a week but now I'm back. There's only five more chapters left. Thanks for the reviews
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