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Step Eight-People Don't Change

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Gerard look at me with tears in his hazel eyes my heart stop I knew the news was not good. At this moment in time I wanted to run away I did not won’t to know what was going to happen, but I just froze I could not move. Gerard look at me before saying,

“The doctor is sending me to rehab for a month, “He whisper trying to stay strong.

Just like that my world stop my mind froze it was as if someone was taking my breath away, I could feel the tears build up but was too shock to cry. I tried to search for words but everything came up blank, I was lost for words. I just look at him before hugging him that is all I could do.

“I told the doctor I did not won’t to go that I would try to get better again, but the doctor didn't believe me. He said this would be for the best, the doctor is wrong. Sending me to rehab will not help, “He said through his tears.

“You can’t leave me I cannot do this without you. I need you here with me, I promise I would help you get better and I failed. This is my fault if I was not so warp up in me getting better this would have no happen, “I replied.

“This is not your fault Frank. If I had not met, you this would have happen eventually do not blame your self. This is my entire fault for not giving it my all I was the one who has not eaten in days, you are not at fault, “He said while looking at me.

I did not say anything part of me still believe this was my fault I promise him I would help him through this that I would be here helping him every step of the way, instead I get to warp up in me forgetting what I promise him.

“What happen after you go rehab, “I ask

“If I get better I can go back to the asylum to finish up getting better. If I do not get better within a month, the doctor is sending me to California to a rehab center where I would be staying until I got better, “He replied.

This worried I if he did not get better then I would never see him again. I would never be able to have someone to help me through this I would be alone.

“Please get better Gerard I need you to get through this, you cannot leave me forever, “I pleaded.

“I promise you I will get better I cannot imagine doing this without you, I promise within a month I will be back, “He said.

Deep down I believe he was telling the truth I had to believe him, I could tell by the look in his hazel eyes that he was telling the truth.

“I believe you, “I replied.

*Next Day*

Today was the day Gerard would be leaving along with me I was going back to the asylum alone. I already said goodbye to Gerard it was hard but I had to be strong and know that he was coming back. I was in the van heading towards the asylum I thought when I finally left the hospital Gerard would be here with me. I look out of the window thinking about how I was going to do this without him, when he came back would he be the same.

A month can change any body I feared deep down that if he did change so would his love for me, but I could not think like that. People say no one ever changes they may change their habits but never change their self’s. I believe people can change for the most part but will always remain the same, just like me I could change my lying but never who I am.

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