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Gerard is having trouble keeping his emotions under control. Bob enjoys sharing part of his life with Claire.

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Anna was showering when she sensed Gerard enter the bathroom. A moment later the shower door slid open.

“Morning, Sugar.” He greeted her as he stepped into the stall. He immediately moved to press his body against hers.

“Good morning to you. How are you feeling?” She asked knowing that for the next few weeks he would suffer mood swings.

He laughed as he none-to-gently pushed her against the tile wall. “I feel fuckin’ amazing.” His hands ran up the sides of her body to settle on her breasts. “You feel fuckin’ amazing too.” Mindless of the hot water hitting his face he dipped his head and caught her right nipple between his lips. As he began to suck greedily Anna tried to enjoy the attention but instead of pleasure his actions were causing pain. She tried to move away slightly but the action caused anger to course through Gerard.

“Hold still.” He commanded. His hand fell between them and he shoved her legs apart.

“Gerard, stop.” Anna said pushing against his shoulder.

He ignored her. Taking his dick in hand he positioned it between her legs. One quick thrust and he was inside her. “Oh yeah.” He moaned against her nipple.

Anna knew the lust he was feeling was overpowering. She tried to ignore the pain but soon it was impossible. She pushed against him harder, “Please stop.”

He let go of her right nipple,” Come on Sugar.” He coaxed as he moved his mouth to her left breast while continuing to thrust into her. It wasn’t enough he wanted more. He bit down hard on her nipple causing Anna to cry out. Suddenly small beads of her blood hit his tongue and he went wild. His hands dropped to her buttock and he began to thrust into her with heightened strength while continuing to suck her bleeding nipple.

“Enough.” Anna yelled pushing him away with such force he stumbled back and hit the shower door. Slowly he slid down hitting the tile floor with a loud thud.

For several moments neither of them spoke. Anna regained her composure first and without a word pushed past him leaving him alone in the shower.

Minutes passed as Gerard continued to sit on the floor of the shower. The back of his head ached where it had hit the door. At first he’d been blinded with anger at her actions but that was slowly fading as he realized he’d hurt her.

When he finally emerged from the bathroom he found her sitting wrapped in a towel on the bed. Slowly he crossed the room, still nude and dripping wet. “Oh fuck, I’m sorry.” He said as he fell to his knees in front of her.

“I am sorry I was forced to hurt you.” Anna said reaching out to brush the wet hair from his eyes. “But the blood…” Her voice trailed off.

“The blood drove me mad.” He said his voice shaking. “It hit my tongue and oh shit, I don’t know how to explain it.”

“It fed your lust and your anger.” Anna said softly.

“Yeah.” He nodded. “It was fuckin’ intense.” He slowly stood and sat down beside her. His fingers gently pushed the towel down so he could look at her breast. There was no sign he’d brutalized her nipple.

“I heal quickly.” Anna whispered.

He shook his head slowly, “Your body may heal quickly but I still know what I did.”

Anna reached out and put her finger under his chin, “Gee look at me.” She waited until his eyes met hers. “Do not worry. I am fine. I knew this would happen.”

“But for how long?”

“A few weeks, maybe more, maybe less.” She told him honestly. “We will get through this.”

Guilt made him look away, “At least I can’t physically hurt you. I mean you can stop me, you’re much stronger.”

She smiled sadly, “Yes I am stronger. You do not need to worry there is no way unless I am weakened that you can overpower me.”

“Weakened?” As he asked the truth hit him, “Fuck, if I took too much blood from you like the night you healed me, that’s what you mean, isn’t it?”

She nodded, “Yes but I will not let that happen so you do not need to worry.”

Suddenly he felt overwhelmed, “Promise me you’ll never let that happen. Shit, Anna when those feeling come over me I can’t control them.”

Anna put her arms around him and hugged him tightly, “In time it will all be all right.” She murmured.

Claire rolled over still half asleep expecting to find Bob’s warm body. Instead her body found cold sheets. She opened her eyes to see she was alone. Then the smell of something wonderful invaded her senses.

“Bacon.” She whispered as a smile covered her face. She got out of bed quickly and donned her robe. When she arrived in the kitchen she saw Bob wearing nothing but an apron standing at the stove. The sight caused her to break into giggles.

Bob turned and pretended to scowl. “Are you laughing at me woman?”

Claire took a sat at the breakfast bar and nodded, “Yes. You look adorable.”

“Adorable?” He repeated setting down the spatula in his hand. “I look adorable?”

Trying so very hard not to laugh she nodded. “Yes.” She couldn’t do it she broke into laughter again.

Bob narrowed his eyes. “For your information I was planning on frying up this bacon, adding a few eggs then I was gonna bring you breakfast in bed.”

Claire stopped laughing as she slid off the stool. She turned to leave the kitchen.

“Claire?” He was afraid he’s hurt her feeling by acting angry.

When she turned back to him she was smiling. “I am just going back to bed to await breakfast.”

Bob was happy to see her so carefree. “Be there in a few minutes.”

She was almost to the doorway when she added, “Just make sure you lose the apron.”

Several hours later Gerard and Anna walked into a small café. They had spent the morning walking through art galleries simply enjoying each other’s company while viewing the artworks.

The waiter showed them to a small table and took their orders. Gerard found that since being healed he had an incredible appetite. Something he mentioned to Anna as the waiter walked away.

“Your body, now that it is healed, is requiring more food because of the heightened strength.” Anna explained.

“I have heightened strength?”

Anna took a sip of water then nodded, “Yes. You are much stronger than before.”

He sat back in thought, “I don’t feel stronger. I mean I feel great but not stronger.”

“You are.” Anna told him. “Before I could easily have pushed you away with no more than a slight touch.”

He knew she was talking about the incident in the shower this morning. “I really am sorry about that.” He said softly reaching across for her hand.

“I only brought that up to explain.” Anna said squeezing his hand. “You need to understand that you are much stronger than before. You need to understand this so will be aware you must be careful. When you are angry you could easily hurt someone.”

He gave her a shocked look. “I’ve never really been much of a fighter.”

“You have changed.” Anna said softly. “Your anger will be intense.”

He took a sip of water while thinking. “Okay now I’m sorta scared. You’re making it sound like I’m the Incredible Hulk or some shit.”

At first Anna was confused by the reference but then she remembered the movie she had seen with Claire. “Oh, The Hulk.” She smiled, “I promise you will not turn green.”

While he appreciated her humor, as he understood she was trying to put his mind at ease he was still worried. “What if I hurt someone?”

“I will make sure that does not happen.” Anna said looking directly into his eyes. “I understood from the start that would be something I would need to handle.”

Gerard was about to speak when a tall, older woman appeared at their table.

“Annabelle so good to see you.” Her voice held just a hint of an accent.

Gerard noticed immediately that Anna tensed.

“It is lovely to see you, Marian.” Anna answered.

The woman did not even acknowledge Gerard’s presence as she continued to speak to Anna. “I did not realize you were in California.”

Anna inwardly sighed. Running into Marian at this time wasn’t good. She understood she was being questioned about her presence. “I am simply visiting.” She said forcing herself to smile. “Tomorrow we are leaving.”

Marian glanced over at Gerard with a look of disdain then turned back to Anna. “Last week I spoke with Marcus.” She smiled when she saw Anna nervously lick her lip. “Your actions were one of the things we discussed.”

“I have spoken to Jacob.” Anna said sitting up a bit straighter while hoping her words made Marian understand she was aware her actions were under scrutiny.

“Yes, well.” Marian sighed, “I am sure Jacob was very lenient with you. He always has shown you much more understanding than normal. However the fact remains you are being closely monitored.”

Gerard wasn’t sure what was going on but he could sense Anna was upset. He felt his anger rising. “Uh, I’m Gerard. Pleased to met you.” He said letting go of Anna’s hand and extending it to Marian.

She looked down at his hand with disgust written all over her face. “Yes.” She said slowly never making a move to take the hand he extended. “I am aware of Annabelle’s new pet.”

Gerard’s pulled back his hand. “Pet?” He repeated in shock.

Anna knew she had to take control of the situation before it got out of hand. She stood and looked directly into Marian’s eyes. “It was nice to see you. Please give Jonas my regards. I will do the same for you when I speak to Jacob tomorrow.”

Marian’s eyes narrowed. She understood Anna was calling upon her connection with Jacob for protection. She smiled insincerely, “Yes, you do that, Annabelle. Tell him I look forward to speaking to him soon.” With that she pivoted and walked across the café to take a seat near the door.

“What the fuck was that all about?” Gerard asked.

Anna sighed, “I will explain later.”

“Explain now.” He demanded.

“Not now.” Anna said looking directly into his eyes. She knew that Marian’s heightened sense of hearing made it possible for her to overhear their conversation.

Gerard drummed his fingers on the tabletop but remained silent. He knew by Anna’s tone she was serious. Still he could not let it go. Reaching into this pocket he pulled out a pen and grabbed his napkin. He quickly scrawled something on it then pushed it across the table to Anna.

She looked down and saw the word he’d written – Pet. Reaching across the table Anna grabbed his hand and held it tightly. “Yes.” She whispered.

After breakfast in bed and lovemaking that Bob called “dessert” the couple headed out. Bob enjoyed showing Claire some more sights but this time they were things that had special meaning to him. They were soon driving around the area with Bob pointing out local points of interest; Four Lakes Ski Resort where he snowboarded, the junior high he attended, South High.

They ate lunch at the hamburger joint Bob went to when he skipped school. He was doing his best to share his past with Claire. It was the first time in his life he really wanted to share his world with someone.

"I've saved the best for last.” He said excitedly. ”You are gonna love it.”

They drove north to Lombard where they soon pulled up to the Whirlyball. They parked and Bob practically dragged Claire inside. As they approached the counter, Claire pulled Bob aside and asked worriedly, "What are we doing?"

"Whirlyball. You'll love it."

"That did not answer my question," she said to Bob's back. He was busy signing up for a court.

"Hey, we're in luck. They have some openings. Let's go"

Claire found herself being fitted into a helmet, seated into a bumper car, and handed a jai alai type scoop. Thankfully, the game was really easy. It consisted of 2 teams of 5, moving a whiffle ball down a court by passing it with the scoops while careening about in bumper cars. You scored points by hitting targets at each end of the court. Within a few minutes Claire relaxed and found she was having fun. Doing something like this was so new to her but as long as Bob was with her she felt there was noting she couldn’t do.

As they left the building Claire suddenly stopped and threw her arms around Bob’s neck. “Thank you.” She whispered.

He returned the hug but asked, “What for?”

“For making me feel like for the first time in my life I am not afraid to try new things.” She kissed his cheek and added softly then added, “And for making me feel loved.”

Bob whispered into her ear, “You are loved.”
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