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Bob and Claire get invited to a party. Gerard and Anna discuss Marian.

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Lunch was a very quiet affair. Gerard ate little, lost in thought, while Anna barely picked at the salad she’d ordered.

Finally Gerard sat down his fork, “You ready to get the fuck out of here?”

Anna nodded. “Yes.”

Gerard signaled the waiter for the bill. Barely glancing at it he threw down some money then stood. “Come on.” He muttered glancing over and seeing Marian watching them.

As soon as Anna stood he put his arm around her shoulders protectively and they exited the café.

“Okay, what the hell was that all about?” He asked as they started to stroll down the sidewalk.

Anna sighed, “I never thought to warn you that we may be approached now.”

He dropped his arm from her shoulders but took her hand. “Why now?”

“As I told you I have noticed many of my kind since the tour began but it is usually an unspoken agreement that we do not acknowledge each other. It is easier that way.”

“So what the fuck changed? Why did she show up at our table?” He thought a moment then added, “And what the fuck is this pet shit?”

Spotting a small bench ahead under some trees Anna lead him over and they sat down. “Gee what you need to understand is that to those like Marian you are my pet. She is a Pure and because of this she believes she is superior and not just to humans she believes she is superior to me. I have told you I am considered very young and because of that everything I do is scrutinized closely. As soon as she walked into the room she could sense that you and I have a blood bond.”

He was starting to understand, “And because of that since I am human that makes me your pet.”

“To those who believe as Marian, yes that is true.”

Gerard took out a cigarette and lit it while trying to control his anger. He didn’t like to be considered anyone’s pet.

Anna could feel his anger. “I am sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.” He said wanting to make her understand he was not angry with her. “But shit, that woman is a fuckin’ bitch.”

“Gee you can not speak like that.” Anna said hurriedly. “And why I could not answer your questions in the café was because even though she was seated across the room she could still hear us.”

He gave her a shocked look. ‘What? Does she have dog hearing?”

Anna tried not to smile. “I am serious. Those like Marian are not to be toyed with. She holds a great amount of authority.”

“She could cause you trouble, couldn’t she?” He asked looking serious.

“Yes. She has never liked me. I believe it is because at one time she and Jacob were very close. She is jealous of his feelings for me.”

“Yeah, well so am I.” He muttered.

Anna smiled, “You have no reason to be jealous. Just promise me you will be careful.”

“I will be careful only because I don’t want to get you into any trouble.” He told her. “Not because I am scared of someone like her.”

“You should be.” Anna said softly. “Marian despises the human race. If we did not have such strict guidelines in place I am sure she would enjoy harming those she considers simply a source of nourishment.”

A small shudder passed through his body. “Are you serious?”

“As I have explained my kind is made up of good and bad. She is one of the bad.” Anna nervously wrung her hands in her lap, “She is one of the very bad.”

“So she doesn’t think you should have healed me?”

“The idea of healing a human is repulsive to her. Years ago when I healed Claire I overheard her speaking to Jacob. She said that using my superior blood to save the life of a human was shameful.” Anna shook her head in disgust as she remembered the conversation, “Marian believed I should have simply fed on Claire and left her to die.”

Gerard was confused, “But wouldn’t that have turned her?”

“Not unless I had completely drained her. Turning anyone at my age would bring serious consequences for me.”

He looked over and gazed into her eyes, “Why did you save Claire?”

Anna struggled to answer without becoming teary. “When I walked into that deserted house and saw her I knew it was something I had to do. She was such a beautiful child but she had been so brutally attacked.”

Gerard reached out and touched her cheek, “Just like you.”

“I suppose that thought went through my mind.”

“You said you found her, what exactly happened?” He asked.

Settling back to get more comfortable Anna gathered her thoughts a moment before answering. “Jacob and I were both staying in London at the time and I had decided to go out that night.”

Gerard heard something in her voice immediately. “Why did you go out?”

She realized immediately that the bond was making it easier for him to pick up on her feelings. “I went out to feed.”

His eyes revealed the surprise he felt. “Oh”

“Gee the synthetic blood that I use was not always available. Its use has only become more widespread within the last ten years. Before that I did feed on humans.”

“I see.” He said taking out another cigarette. He had to admit to himself hearing this about Anna upset him.

“I know you are repulsed by the thought.”

He lit the cigarette then blew out a stream of smoke, “Not repulsed. It’s just I guess I never really thought about it.”

Anna nodded, “I have never brought harm to anyone I have fed from. Do you believe this?”

Her tone made it clear she wanted him to believe and he did. “I do believe that, Sugar.”

She nodded slightly. “That night I had gone out walking. Jacob and I were staying at a Bed and Breakfast about four miles from where I found Claire. As I walked along mindless of the storm I suddenly could smell the blood.”

“Claire’s?” He guessed.

“Mostly it was her mother’s blood. She had been stabbed numerous times and was dead.”

“Oh fuck.” Gerard whispered.

“Yes her mother had been murdered by her boyfriend. He is the man who attacked Claire and left her for dead.”

“Did you see the bastard?”

She shook her head, “He was already gone. However I found out later from Claire the man’s name. It was not difficult to find him.”

Once again he head something in her voice that frightened him. “What did you do?”

Anna closed her eyes a moment before answering. “I wanted to kill him. He was an animal.”

Gerard searched her face. “What happened?”

“Jacob could feel the anger I felt. He also knew that if I acted on that anger I would always regret my actions.” She sighed, “Once again this points out why I am considered weak.”

“It’s not weak not to want to kill a human who is a monster.”

Anna shook her head. “You can not understand our mindset. The man was not human. He preyed on his own kind. Claire’s mother was not the first he had killed but she was the last.”

“Jacob handled it?” Gerard guessed.

“Yes. He did not share the details but I know that he did.”

“So you healed Claire.” He wanted to hear this story.

“She was very near death.” Anna said softly remembering the trembling child crying alone in the dark. “She had been slashed numerous times and was bleeding out. I had never healed before and was afraid but I could not let her die. Still while I saved her life I could not completely heal her body. To his day she still carries the scars from her wounds.”

“Why?” Gerard asked.

Anna sighed, “All of my healing powers were needed for her internal injuries. I have always regretted I could not do more.”

“Sugar you saved her life.” Gerard said gently. “But if you took her to live with you didn’t anyone miss her?”

Anna shook her head; “With her mother gone she was alone in the world.”

“Shit, now I understand the close relationship you and Claire share.”

A smiled appeared on her face. “Yes, it did confuse you at first.”

He laughed, “Yeah, well when I first met you I wasn’t sure.”

“I do realize it is hard for people to understand. I know Bob has difficulty understanding. He believes Claire is too devoted to me and that I take advantage of that fact.”

Gerard thought a moment. “And it sucks he can never really understand.”


Throwing down his cigarette Gerard stood and put out his hand. “Come on, let’s go.” He was becoming much more in tune to Anna with each passing moment. He had seen the look in her eyes when she had spoken about finding Claire especially when she had spoken about the blood. He knew she needed to feed.

“Hey how about we pick up a pizza on the way home?” Bob asked glancing over at Claire. They were in traffic at the moment on their way back to his place after a full day of Wiffleball and more sightseeing.

“That sounds good.” Claire smiled in return. She sat back and sighed, “I like pizza.”

“Well you may like pizza but your gonna love pizza after you try this place.” He turned into a crowded parking lot. “This place has the best pizza on earth.”

“On earth?” Claire grinned at his enthusiasm.

“Oh hell yeah.”

He found a parking space and soon they were walking hand in hand towards the pizzerias entrance. “So what do you like on your pie?”

Claire thought a moment. “Anything but anchovies.”

Bob thought the face she made with she said anchovies was adorable.

As soon as he pulled open the door the aroma of baking pizza filled the air. Claire inhaled deeply and smiled.

“Yo, Bob.” A male voice called out. A young man with spiked blond hair walked over to them. “What are you doing in town? I thought you were out on tour.”

“Hey Kyle.” Bob greeted him. “We had a few days off.” He explained before nodding to Claire. “Uh Kyle this is Claire, Claire, Kyle.”

“Hello” Claire murmured.

“Nice to met you.” Kyle said giving Claire a smile before turning back to Bob, “Hey Len is having a party at his place tonight. You gotta come by.”

“Uh” Bob hedged, “I’m not sure what’s going on tonight.”

“Lotta people you know are gonna be there.” Kyle said grinning, “I know he’s got at least four kegs.”

Bob glanced over at Claire but saw she was looking up at the menu board. “I don’t know, Man. Might see you there.”

“Cool.” A number was called over the loud speaker. Kyle looked down at the paper in his hand, “That’s me. See ya later.” He moved off to collect his pizza.

“So did you decide what we should order?” Bob asked moving closer to Claire.

“Whatever you decide is fine with me.”

Bob frowned noticing the change in her attitude. He sighed and moved to the counter to place their order while Claire excused herself to use the restroom.

She was gone so long that when she returned Bob was paying for the pizza. Together they walked back across the lot in silence.

Once they were back on the road Bob spoke, “So about the party.”

Claire looked over at him, “If you want to go tonight that is fine. I do not mind.”

Her answer confused him. “Wait. Are you saying it’s okay with you if I go?”

She nodded.

He tried to replay the conversation he’d had with Kyle in his head. “Uh, that invitation was for both of us.”

“I do not know your friends.” Claire said softly.

Bob laughed, “Honey that doesn’t matter. You don’t understand. When Kyle mentioned the party I’m sure he just assumed I’d bring you.”

Claire looked at him but remained silent.

“Duh, why would I go to a party without my girlfriend?”

She still remained silent.

Reaching across the seat he grabbed her hand. “Got a problem being my girlfriend?” He teased.

She shook her head.

“Good.” He squeezed her hand. “Cause that’s what you are. Now let me explain something. We aren’t going to the party cause it’s gonna be a drunken brawl. I’ve been to Len’s parties and that’s what they always are. If it was anyone else’s party we’d go because I’d like nothing better than to show you off.”

“Show me off?” She whispered.

“Yeah, I’d love to show you off but I really just wanna spend tonight alone with you since we gotta get back on tour tomorrow.”

Claire smiled, “That does sound better.”

Traffic was getting more congested and he couldn’t take his attention away from the road, “Now lean over here and kiss me woman.”

She was more than happy to oblige.

Gerard unlocked the door then stood back to allow Anna to enter first. When she passed by him a wave of desire hit him full force yet he forced it back. He would not let the animalistic lust take over. He immediately went over a picked up her small black bag.

Anna gave him a surprised look.

“Sugar you need this.” He said as his fingers worked at the zipper. “I can tell.”

He was right she was feeling the hunger. “How do you know?” She asked walking towards him.

“I can tell.” He pulled out the small vial to prepare the injection. “Where do you get this stuff?”

“Claire always handles it for me.” Anna said sitting down on the sofa.

Once the injection was readied he sat down next to her. “What happens if someone finds it? I mean like if you’re on a flight and they check your bags.”

“As you can see it is labeled as a normal prescription so there is no questioning it.”

He knew as soon as he slid the needle under her skin her eyes would flash causing the desire he felt to flare so he paused. “So like you said there is a network in place by your kind who handle shit like this?”

“Yes.” She licked her lips trying to wait patiently but the hunger was growing stronger by the minute.

“And if for some reason you didn’t have this?” He knew the answer but he wanted to hear her say the words.

“I would be forced to feed on a human.” Her answer held a bit of anger. “You know that. Why make me say it?”

“I’m sorry.” He said taking her arm with his other hand then pushing up her sleeve. “I guess I’m just wondering about the last time you fed off someone who was not me.”

Anna pulled her arm from his fingers. “I understand your curiosity. The last time was Claire.”

Gerard was shocked, “Claire? Why?”

“The night before the concert when I gave you some of my blood..” She paused then continued, “I gave you more than was wise. It weakened me. Claire understood. I wanted her to inject me but because she and I have shared blood she knew her blood would make me stronger much quicker.” She looked directly into his eyes. “What else do you wish to ask?”

He broke eye contact. “I’m sorry I guess I’m just fuckin’ jealous at the thought of your lips on anyone else.”

The hunger was building in Anna as was the anger she often felt when that happened. The knowledge that it ruled her life often filled her with fury. “The time before that I fed on a young man.” She saw Gerard look up. “It was the night my plane was delayed when I was traveling to meet Jacob. I had taken a vial with me but as I held it in my hand I was blinded by pain.” She paused, “It was at that moment you came off the stage and passed out. I dropped the bottle and it shattered.”

Gerard said nothing.

“You are wondering why I couldn’t just wait until I got to Jacobs.” Anna said knowingly. “Perhaps I could have. However I was being escorted by one of Jacob’s employees who also happens to be close with several council members. He knew I needed to feed and had I not…it would have been taken as a sign of weakness on my part. A sign that I hate what I am.” She felt it necessary for him to understand some of the brutal truths of her life. “So I lured the man outside to his van.”

Gerard didn’t want to hear this.

“ I fed from him then left him in his van. When he awoke all he would remember it that he had a good time. That is the memory I implanted in his brain.”

“Just a memory you implanted?”

“Gee you are the only man I chose to be with.” Anna said softly, “However I want you to understand that there are times I must do things that I would rather not do. I only fed from him, nothing else.”

The desire he was feeling was once again building. He slid off the sofa to kneel in front of Anna. Quickly he pushed her legs apart and reached under her skirt with his free hand. “Good cause I don’t want your lips on anyone else.” He said as he pulled at her panties.

Anna could feel the hunger about to take over. “Gee.” She pleaded. “I need..”

“I know.” He answered looking into her eyes. “But I know when were together the hunger is laced with lust.” He lifted the needle and placed it on her bare arm. “Don’t close your eyes. I wanna fuckin’ see.” As he slid the needle under her skin he inserted a finger inside her. Anna went wild.

Gerard saw her eyes turn topaz as he depressed the plunger. He continued to thrust his finger in and out her wet hole. She moaned but kept her eyes open.

“That’s so fuckin’ hot.” His voice shook. “Open your mouth.”

Anna bared her fangs.

“Oh fuck.” He pulled out the needle and threw it to the ground. Slipping out his fingers he fumbled with his zipper and lowered his pants just enough to free his throbbing dick. Getting to his knees he pulled Anna to the edge of the sofa then sank into her. She locked her legs behind his back giving him even better leverage to thrust into her. It only took a few more thrusts and he exploded. “Oh fuck.” He cried out before falling to the floor. Anna slid off the sofa to join him.

“That was incredible.” He whispered trying to catch his breath.

Anna gently kissed his cheek in silent agreement.
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