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Chapter 2

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Mai knew something was wrong as soon as she saw the front door of her house.The door was slightly ajar and the entrance mat had been moved, which ment someone knew about the key.
Whoever broke in during the eclipse is going to regret it.
A knife slid into her hand as she burst threw the door. Mai glanced around. She checked every room in the house before proceiding to her bedroom.
Nothings been touched I can relax.
Mai opened her bedroom door and scanned her room.
Nothing seems to be amiss.
That's when she sawthe scroll lying on her bed. Mai sat on her bed opened the scroll and began to read.

Dear Mai, (It read)
I'm sorry that you have to find out about it this way but I'm leaving to join the Avatar.
I wish it didn't have to be this way but we're done.
Forever yours, Zuko.

For the first time since Zuko was bannished she cried. Tears pored down her face and dripped onto the letter. Mai's fist closed around the scroll, she crushed it into a ball and pushed it up her sleave.She brushed her tears away.
How could he do this to ME?!
Mai went to her wardrobe and started pulling all the clothesout and tossing them around her room.
She momentarily hesitated as she held Zuko's cloak.
It stills smells like him.
A tear slipped down her cheek but she brushed it away and threw the cloak on the ground like everything else.
When her wardrobe was empty Mai moved onto her desk. Soon her whole room was destroyed.
Mai survied the demolition zone, burst into tears and collapsed on her bed.
How could he do this to me? Why did he do this to me? Did I do something wrong? Is t because I'm not good at expressing myself? Why? Why!?
Mai shouted into her pillow.


Ty Lee found Mai crying on her bed cluching Zuko's cloak and letter. Ty Lee clambored over Mai's wreakage of a room before reaching Mai. Ty Lee imeadiatly pulled her into a tight hug which made Mai only cry harder.
"What happened? What's wrong?"
Ty Lee asked concern evident in her voice.
Mai's response was to shake her head and cry.
"Mai, tell me!"
"H..he l..le..left!"
Mai buried her head in her hands.
"What!? Who left?"
Ty Lee asked.
Mai shoved the letter into Ty Lee's hands.
Ty Lee read the letter.
Her mouth parted in a perfect o shape.
"Oh Mai......"
Ty Lee seemed lost for words as she pulled Mai into another hug.
"I'm staying here tonight. Okay?"
Mai whispered.
"Yes, I'm worried about you Mai."
Ty Lee confessed.
"Now you stay here I am just going to get my things I'll be right back."
Ty Lee cartwheeled out of the room.


Azula arrived about ten minutes after Ty Lee left.
What does she want?
Mai didn't even look up as Azula entered.
"I warned you this woould happen you know. When we were at the beach I told you he would break your heart."
Azula whispered in a sad voice.
" Well I didn't listen! Are you HAPPY?! Is this what YOU wanted to hear!?"
Mai shouted as she jumped off her bed.
" I hope I never fall in love. Look what it has done to you."
Azula turned.
"By the way there is a meeting to decide what to do about the avatar and Zuko tomorrow. I expect both you and Ty Lee to be there."
Azula left.
Mai groaned into her pillow.
"What's wrong!?"
Ty Lee screached as she rushed it into Mai's room.
Mai stuttered.
"Something happened tell me now!"
Ty Lee demanded.
"Azula came and told me that I have to attend a meeting about the avatar and.....and Zuko. You have to go aswell."
Mai said in a rush.
Ty Lee pulled her into another hug.
"Do you want some cake? I brought some with me."
Ty Lee asked tentavly.
"Yes please."
Mai whispered.
Ty Lee flipped out of Mai's room and cartwheeled down the stairs. She returned a few minutes later with a chocolate cake roughly fashioned in the in the shape of Zuko face.
Mai looked a little suprised.
"I read in a magazine that the first stage of a breakup is anger. So I figured........."
Ty Lee trailed off.
Mai's response was to break a big peice of his left cheek off and eat it.
Ty Lee smiled.


Mai woke up te next morning to find herself alone.
Where's Ty Lee?
Mai glanced around her room. She could see Ty Lee's sleeping bag. But no Ty Lee. Mai clambored out of bed and staggered to the bathroom. She studied herself in the mirror.
Mai grouned.
Her eyeliner was smeared across her face, her eyes were puffy and here hair was a mess. Mai soon fixed herself up and procieded to get changed.

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