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Hell, Earth and everything in between

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Luke gets a mysterious item from his dying friend. That item changes Lukes life and fate. The world is in his hands. Will he save it or will he send it to it's demise? Comments about improving woul...

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Chapter 1 : The beginning of a war .

At the beginning of time , god made good and evil . He also made the devil to handle the evil . The devil made his own place to rule , which became known as hell . It was many years later that the devil started to get greedy and jealous of god . So he tried to assassinate the god . The gods angel guardians stopped him .
God found out about what devil tried to do , so he made an army to protect the peace and good and to try to get rid of devil . Unfortunately the devil was two steps ahead of god . Not only the devil made an grand army but he also began to take over galaxy after galaxy trying to grow his territory .
The gods messengers and spies told god what was happening , but it was too late . Millennial years of battles and wars between god and devil still is in a standstill. But now , devil has a new base on earth . This will be the most dangerous and biggest battle for the both sides .

Hi , my name is Luke Ooma . I'm fifteen years old . My family moved to Florida when i was really young . They died when i was ten i a house fire . Because of that i turned out to be a gothic . At school i only have a few friends . Most of the kids in my classes think i'm weird cause i barely talk . I mostly wear black and listen to some hard rock . I'm a easy going kid and i love to laugh . Sometimes i have a feeling that there is going to be some thing huge going on . I'm also six feet tall with blonde hair and my eye color is mostly all the blue colors there are ( they change when my mood changes ). I also play duel monsters ( which is called yugioh ) . I also am a geek . I made me some butlers and guards that guard my home when I'm gone or sleeping . I also made a underground base where i and my butlers built soldiers just in-case i get under attack or something . Anyways , my legend begins here .

It is the year 2010 . Luke is sitting in his soft couch in his beautifully decorated living room : The walls are blue and lukes pictures of his family are hung up , and there is few flowers hung up as well . His room smells like a mix of strawberries and lemon . Luke picks up his remote control and turns on his wide - flat screen that has a surround system installed into it . The phone rings in the kitchen and it startles Luke .
Luke stands up lazily and looks at the time . It's 10 : 30 in the morning . "Sir, it's your friend Michael . " lukes butler said . "Thanks Aaron ! " Luke replies .
"Yo Luke ! " Michael says happily . "Yo , what's up dude ?" Luke asked . "I got me some new duel monster cards ! I was hoping that you would duel me ! " Michael asked . "Yeah sure ! I'll come over right away ! " Luke said . "Great ! I'll just tell my mom that you're coming . " Michael said.
Luke hangs up the phone . "Aaron are you busy ?" Luke asked his butler . "No sir , why ? " Aaron said . "Well , i was hoping if you can give me a lift to michaels place . " Luke asked . " Well sure sir ? What car do you want me to drive ? The limo , the normal car or the flying car ? " Aaron asked . "We'll take the normal car ! I don't want to make an entrance and make people look poor ! " Luke replied .
Luke walks into his room : The walls are white . There is a laptop in a corner . There is a TV next to the laptop . There are posters of girls in bikinis . There is a drawer next to lukes bed which is a queen size . Luke opens an drawer that is on the wall . The drawer is full of duel monster cards . Luke makes a deck of forty cards ( which it took him a half an hour to choose which monsters , magic and traps to take ) . One hour later , Luke is ready to go .

Thirty minutes later : Luke gets dropped of at a rundown house . "Hmm , i don' t remember michaels house being rundown like this . " Luke said in his mind . He walks up to the door . He knocks on the door and the door falls off the hinges . "Hello ? " Luke asked . He enters the house . The house looks like there was a slaughter : Body parts and blood everywhere . The place is dark . There is a yell in the room to the left . "That's michaels voice !" Luke shouts by accident .
A sickening silence slices the air . Luke slowly creeps up to the room to the left . He stops in front of the burned and bloodied door.
He puts his ear to the door to listen . " You called somebody to help you , didn't you ! " a dark , croaky and creepy voice said . "N-no i didn't ! It was j-j-just the wind ! " Michael shuddered . "The wind huh ? " The croaked - dark - creepy voice said . Luke hears the other person in the room take out a sword .
Luke barges in . "Leave him alone ! " Luke shouts . It was too late . The swords was deep in michaels heart . The figure that stood in front of Luke was red colored , had 2 horns sticking out of his head , his teeth were yellows , his eyes were blue , his feet had horseshoes , he was about five-ten , and he had a cloak on .
"Who are you ?" Luke asked . The demon smiles and his bloody red tongue rolls down to the floor . " I am the devil ! " It said . With one swoosh of the devil cloak he was gone . Luke runs up to his half-dead friend . " L-l-Luke ...h-h-here ...t-t-take this "Michael shuddered . He rips a millennium chain off his neck and gives it to Luke . Luke grabs the chain and grips it tightly . A few tears drip from lukes face onto the chain . "T-t-t-take care " Michael said . His body becomes lifeless . Luke closes michaels eyes and stands up . The item begins to glow . A flash of light and Luke is in heaven .
Luke stands up and looks around . " So your back Michael ?" a voice asked behind Luke . Luke turns around to see Jesus himself . " Um mm , I'm sorry Jesus but I'm not Michael ." Luke said sadly . Jesus stares at him blankly then he looks down . " So , he passed away ! What a brave man he was ! " he said . "He gave me this ! " Luke said . He shows Jesus the chain .
Jesus grabs it and looks at it . "Follow me ! " he said . They walk across a white bridge that goes over the whole universe and heavens below . They stop at a huge white wooden door. Jesus opens it and he walks in . Luke follows him . Inside is rows stacked high filled with books that covered the entire walls and ceiling. In the middle was a huge white desk with someone sitting in it . He was 10 feet tall and he was 10 times bigger that a normal man . He had a white mustache that reached the floor . "God , Michael has passed away , but before he did he gave this chain tot his young man right here ! " Jesus said .
Jesus puts the chain on the desk in front of god . Luke stares at god with his mouth open . God stares at the chain then looks at Luke . Then he laughs at Luke . "Those stares that i get when people see me ! " god said . Luke gives a light smile . "So what do we do god ? " Jesus asked . "Jesus say hello to the one of the people to bring devil down ! " god said . Jesus looks at Luke with eyes wide open . Luke waves at Jesus . "Hi ! " Luke said to Jesus . God laughs and so does Luke .
"Here kid ! " god said as he throws the chain at Luke . Luke catches it carefully . "I believe that you made an army of robots ? " god asked . "Yes sir i did ! " Luke said . He explains to god how he built them . "Well that's wonderful ! " god says when Luke finished . "Is it possible to see Michael again god ? " Luke asked . "I'm afraid not right now kid , he still wasn't purified and he still didn't go through judgment . "God explained . "O OK ! " Luke said .
"Now off you go back to earth Luke ! " Jesus said . With just one clap of hands Luke was back in earth . He ended up in the front of michaels house . "Take care my friend ! " Luke mumbles and smiles . Then he takes out his cell phone and dial his butler . "Aaron , I'm ready to go home now ! " Luke said .
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