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Chapter 2 : The funeral

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Luke attends Michaels funeral

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Chapter 2 : Friends funeral and a destiny begins

It's been a week since my friend died . Ever since then i have been on a mission : To get rid of devil . So far nothing happened , but i sense that there is going to be a very huge battle coming .
Today is michaels funeral . I was invited to be at the his grave . So here i am in my bedroom dressed in a dark suite with my hair dyed black , and my eye contacts are also black .
Aaron walks in . "Sir, the car is ready to go . " he said . Luke stands up from his bed and wipes of the dust from the suite . He walks out of the house with his head hung low , staring into the ground . Aaron opens the door for him . Luke sits in the car and Aaron shuts the door behind him and walks to the drivers side .
Luke stares out at the cars going by him . "You know sir , he was a good person and a good friend . Now he will live in your heart forever . " Aaron said . Luke sighs . "Yeah . " he said .

In hell : Devil walks in and takes off his cloak . He walks to his dark - colored desk and sits down . " Marik , you may know now that there is another person with that chain now ! " devil announces . A shadow comes out from the floor and turns into a man : his hair is spiky and is white . He is wearing a black cloak with a black shirt and brown pants . His eyes are also brown and has a mean look on his face . "Oh really ? " he asked .
Another shadow comes out of the floor and also turns into a man : He has green hair , yellow eyes , his skin is a mix of white and tan . He is wearing a green tank-top with white pants and white shoes . "I knew you were back sir . " he said . " Ah , it's good to see you again my assistant , Noah . How long has it been ?" devil asked . " I's been two months since you were here sir . Was your trip great ? " Noah asked .
"It"s been a great trip ! " Devil said happily . Another shadow appears from the floor and also turn into a man but this time it's and old man : He is bald , has a wrinkly face , he is fat . He is wearing a gray suite with a black tie . "Ah Krum , how's the big five these days ? " Devil asked .
"Not bad sir ! We assassinated a few people and angels ! " krum replies back. "That's excellent news krum ! You've made my day ! " devil says it happily . " Is it true sir that you've killed that kid with the chain ? " krum asked . "Yes , that's true , but i think he gave it to that other kid that was there ! " devil sad darkly . "Hmm a kid huh ? " Marik asked . "Yeah a kid ! " devil repeated . " Here is my chance to get that chain and try to rebel devil ! " marik said in his mind .

Back on earth : Luke is at michaels grave . Michaels family is gone now . It begins to rain . Luke is still standing over his friends grave . "Why did you give this chain ? " Luke mumbles . He takes out the chain and grips it tightly . "Why did you give it to me ? Why did you have to die ? " Luke shouts . A few birds nearby fly away . He stands up and turns away from the grave and begins to walk away .
He walks by his car . Aaron climbs out of the car to open the door for Luke . "I'm walking home Aaron . Go drive this car home and await me there for more orders . " Luke tells Aaron . He nods and climbs back in the car , starts it up and drives away .

It's been ten minutes already . It is still raining . Luke is walking home with his head hung low and his hands in his pockets . It becomes dark suddenly and it attracts likes attention . A shadow is growing in front of Luke .The shadow starts to look like a human . It turns out to be marik , one of the devils apprentices .
"Who are you ? " Luke asked . "Call me marik , the holder of your millennium chain . " marik said .

In hell : Devil gets a shudder . "Marik , Noah , krum get in here ! " Devil orders . Noah , and krum appear , but marik doesn't . "Sonofabitch bitch ! He went after that kid ! Both of you get him back ! " devil shouts . Noah and krum both disappear.

Back on earth : Luke puts the chain around his neck . "You want it , come get it ! " he said . Marik charges at Luke first . A smoke bomb goes off in front of marik . Two other people appear holding marik down .
"Noah , Krum , get the fuck off me ! I was going to take his chain ! " shouts marik at Noah and krum . "The devil wants to see you ! We will meet you again the holder of the millennium chain ! " Noah said . With another smoke bomb they were gone .

In hell : Noah and krum appear with marik . Devil stands up from his chair . "How dare you go against my orders ! " shouts devil . He whips marik five times . "For that , you have to wash the whole hell ! " devil finishes to shout at marik . "

Back on earth : Luke finally enters his home . He walks to his room . He opens the door , walks in , and sits on his unmade bed . He takes out the chain and stares at it . "Why do they want it so bad ? "Luke mumbles to himself .
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