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Chapter 4: The battle begins

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Chapter 4 : The first battle begins !

Inside the devils demon-planes : Mariks phone rings . He picks it up . "Marik , we have a plan that can work ! " Noah said over the phone . "What's the plan ?" marik asked . "Kidnap the guy with the chain friends ! They might be his weakness ! " Noah said over the phone . Marik gets off the phone without replying .
Outside the demon-planes , the u.s.a jet fighter shoot rockets at the demon-planes . The demon-planes get a direct hit .
Inside the planes : Everything is shaking . Marik is now on the floor . He stands up . "Damn bastards ! " He murmurs .
Outside the planes : The demon-planes begins to change . Two machine guns come out of each side of the demon- planes and begins to fire back at the jet fighters . The jets dodge the bullets and fire back . Two rockets blow up one machine gun and the demon-plane begins to fall down . Mariks plane is still in the air . "Fire fast ! " He orders . The jets target mariks planes now . They hit it dead on . "Oh fuck ! " marik shouts . The demon-plane turns into a huge fire ball . It smashes into the ground . Somehow , marik and the demons survive . Few people run away .
Outside of lukes house : A huge blue colored transport plane is hoovering above the ground waiting for Luke. Luke runs from inside the house and jumps into the transport plane . The plane begins to go higher and higher . Then another transport planes begins to go higher and higher from Luke backyard , then another .
Luke looks down from the window . "Wow we're pretty high up ! If we get shot down the we are screwed . " He said to himself . Two robots who look like they are captains enter the room : Their body is gray and they have a mouth like humans do . They have a blue cap on . They have black eyes . Luke programmed them to have feelings like humans do . He didn't name them yet .
"Captain A and B . "Luke said . "Sir, we go some info that the enemy planes have crashed into a park just a few minutes ago . "Captain a said. "How ?"Luke asked . "It seems that the army of Florida has tried to defend them selves ! " captain b said . "Wow ! " Luke said surprisingly . "We will be by the enemies crash site soon sir ! " the pilot informed Luke through speakers .
At the crash site : The park looks like it had been hit my a bomb . The demon-planes pieces were scattered everywhere . Some places were still burning , trees were down , dirt was all over , some buildings , cars and people were destroyed or gone and some were flattened like pancakes . The demons begin to put up some walls to defend themselves . They already built a little bunker that seemed to go under ground . One demon-plane actually survived the attack from the jets and destroyed them . The pieces of the jets began to fall to the ground . The pilots that got out in time were gliding down now but the demon-planes shot them to death . The police and swat teams have begun to come to where the demons are building up the walls . They notice the cops coming . They take out rocket launchers and shoot them at the cops . The cops and swat car explode into fire . Some people scream and run for cover .
Luke looks through the windows again and notices and demon-plane circling in the air . "Begin to shoot at the plane ! " Luke orders . Luke three planes begin to shoot down the demon-plane . It gets shot down . "Begin the landing ! " Luke orders once more . The three planes separate and move away landing in three different spots . All of them two blocks away from the crash site . "Begin to unload the soldiers and the walking machines ! " Luke ordered once more .
The transports planes open up . Robot soldiers with guns begin to fill out of the planes in rows . After the half million soldiers were outside and waiting for further commands , the fifty thousand walking machines ( looks like At - At from star wars but it doesn't have people controlling it ! It walks by itself . They also have two arms which have one machine gun with unknown amounts of ammo in both arms ) walk out and also wait for orders . Some soldiers come out on hoover bikes ( Look like speeder bikes from star war but the bikes hoover over the ground and can go higher in the air ! It also has a machine gun in the front which shoots by itself . It has easy handling with fast acceleration of a thousand miles per second . )

Luke takes out a hologram of the surrounding . The two captains are with him . " Our goal is to get to the center ! That must be where one of devils apprentices are ! I will take one hundred soldiers and fifty walking machines . We will try t surround them first them attack head on ! Me and my soldiers will head straight to the center ! Your objectives is to get rid of their demons and secure the place ! " orders Luke . The both captains nod and walk away .
Luke one hundred soldiers and fifty walking machines are ready for Luke at the entrance of a transport plane . "Soldiers you will go straight until we reach the bunker ! I will take the hoover bike and try to get as far as i can ! " Luke orders . He walks back in . He starts up a hoover bike . He sits on it and drives outside , past his soldiers . He puts on a microphone . "Captain a and b , begin you objectives ! " He orders . The battle begins .
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