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Chapter 5: Race to the bunker

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Chapter 5 : Race to the bunker

The first battle has just begun . Soldiers from both sides are dying fast . Bullets flying everywhere . Bombs going off in few places killing soldiers here and there . Cause of that , smoke begins to cover the battle . "Switch to laser weapons ! " captain b orders . Luke soldiers put the normal guns away and take out laser weapons which shoot out deadly lasers .
Now bullets and laser are flying all over . Luke is still on the hoover bike . He's speeding past bullets and lasers . He begins to speed faster . One bullet hits the bike and sets Luke off course sending him at a tree . He manages to jump off the bike . A second later the bike explodes into fire , sending pieces into the air .
Bullets and laser still flying all over the place , Luke decides to hide behinds a tree so he won't get hit . "Captains , I've been shot down . Reinforcements will be needed here ! " Luke orders . "Roger that ! " Captain a said .
The place where captain A is : "Lets move in ! The general needs back up ! " Captain orders to the soldiers and killer machines . They all charge and move in .
In the bunker : Marik checks to see how the battle is going . The number keeps on getting lower without stopping . "Damn ! I need more demons here ! Better call devil ! " Marik said .
The place where Luke crashed : It begins to get quiet . Luke looks around if there is any enemy nearby . "Should i move , or should i wait here for back up and get stuck here ? " He asked himself . He stands up and grabs his laser gun . He runs across the dirty path to the bunker and jumps into the tall grass . He pokes his head up to see if there is anyone near the bunker .
There were one hundred and fifty demons guarding the entrance to the bunker . Luke puts his head back down and crawls through the tall grass to get closer to the bunker without getting noticed . He notices a tree in front of him and hides near it . "Should i attack ? " He asks himself again .

In the bunker : Marik is on a cell phone talking to devil . "What ? " shouts the angry devil through the cell . Marik takes off his ear from the phone . He waits until he stops yelling . "I was wondering if you could bring me some backup cause i really need it ! " Marik asked nicely . "Alright then , we'll bring you some more soldiers ! If you fail then you will be severely punished ! Got it ! " devil says it angrily . "Yeah yeah i got you sir ! " Marik replies hesitantly . Outside of the bunker : Luke is getting prepared to strike by himself , taking out his bombs smokescreens and the weapons he took from home .

In hell : Devil is standing in his office looking down . "Noah get in here ! " He shouts . A shadow appears from the floor and Noah pops up . "Yes sir ? " he asks . "Prepare another army to backup marik and make sure he doesn't fail me ! " devil orders . "Yes sir ! " Noah said and begins to walk away . "On second thought , why don't you help him out and make sure u get rid of that army the little bastard has ! " devil said . " Right away sir ! " Noah says and disappears into the shadows . "Damn i can't trust him with a simple task like this ! Maybe I'm getting too old for this !" devil mumbles to himself then he sighs and sits back down .
Out side of hell : Noah goes aboard at demon- plane that was ready for him . The demon - soldiers begin to board the other two demon-planes . They leave one hour later .

Meanwhile : Luke crawls to the edge of the tall grass takes a bomb and throws it to the nearest demons . The bomb falls on the floor and explodes . Twenty demons explode into pieces . The other demons begin to shoot everywhere . Luke throws another bomb that falls into the bunker .
Inside the bunker marik hears something falling . When he entered the hallway that leads up to the surface he sees a bomb . He begins to run up . The bomb explodes and it fills the hallway up with smoke .
Outside , Luke notices marik running out . He takes a laser gun and begins to shoot at him . The demons notice that the laser is coming from the tall grass . They begin to shoot into the tall grass . Luke scatters to hide behind a tree . He finds one and hides behind it .
"Scatter out and find the person who was shooting ! " marik orders . Luke hears that and begins to pray . When he's done he says ,"Man i was stupid ! "
five demons find Luke and drag him to marik . " Well well well , what do we have here ? " Marik asks . He looks at the millennium chain that is around Luke neck . "I'll take that . " He said and rips the chain off lukes neck . Then from out of nowhere , smoke fills the air and lasers begins to fly everywhere , sending birds flying away .
The demons don't have enough time to react and shoot back . Half of them died . Marik stands up and runs into the bunker . Luke stands up . Captain b has arrived to the rescue . "About time ! " Luke shouts over the noise .
The soldiers and killer machine kill the remaining demons . "Are you alrigh sir ? " captain b asks . " I'm fine now ! " Luke replies . Just then captain a arrives with his soldiers and killer machines. "Sir , we killed the rest of the demons ! " He says . " Good ! Now here's more objectives , call the underground base and tell them to get you some more reinforcements cause i sense more demons coming ! Anyways while I'm down there killing , i want you guys to defend this bunker so no demons or devil apprentices won't come down here ! Got that ? " Luke asks the captains . "Yes sir ! " They both reply . As captain a tells the soldiers and the killer robots what to do and where to hide to surprise the enemy , Luke speaks to captain b . "Make sure to survive ! " captain b said . " Don't worry , make sure you won't die ! " Luke said . Luke turns away from the captains and runs down the smoky hallway . Captain b turns to the robots and killer machines . "What are you waiting for , go hiding ! " He orders . The soldiers and machines go scattering everywhere , while Luke goes face to face with one of devils apprentices.
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