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Chapter 6: The war in the field, the underground battle

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Chapter 6 : The war in the grass , the battle underground .

Luke stops at the end of the hallway that lead him underground . Before him is a dim lit hallway . He cautiously enters the hallway turning around in circles looking at the walls and the ceiling .
When he finally reaches at the end of the hallway , a set of gray-cold stairway is in front of him leading more down .

Meanwhile : The demon-planes appear in the sky . The blue transport planes that dropped off Luke were still in the air .
Captain A gets a call and picks it up . "Hello , this is captain a speaking ! ...You sure it's the enemy ? Okay hold them off as much as possible ! I'll call for more reinforcements ! "Captain a said and gets off the phone .
In the air : The blue transport plane begins to take out laser machine guns . The demon-plane begins to drop of demons in the air , and also begins to take out machine guns . The blue transport planes are handicapped three to five . So they begun before the demon-planes had a chance to strike first .
Captain a gets on the phone again . Inside lukes , Aaron picks up the phone . "Hello , this is lukes butler how may i help you ?" Aaron asks . "Aaron hurry get to the underground base and send five more transports and we need them now ! Oh , and make sure they are protected with some fighter planes . " captain a orders over the phone . "Roger that sir ! " Aaron replies and gets off the phone . He rushes to Luke closet , pones it , presses a button on the wall and down he goes .
In the air : The blue transports and demon-plane are engaged in heavy battle in the air with bullets and laser going everywhere . One blue transport plane shoots down a demon-plane . Suddenly the other three demon-planes send out demons that look like jet fighters but alive . The demon-fighters begin to shoot down the blue transports . Both the captains can hear their maidais over the radios . Then the buzz and the radios goes off . They hear the blasts of the blue transport being slammed to the ground and going into fire with robots and machines still on board burning .

"Robots and machines get ready to - " captain a gets interrupted when the first bullet hits a robot and the robot dies . "Attack ! " captain b shouts . All the robots and killer machines begin to fire at the demon-soldiers . The demon-soldiers keep on coming and coming and nothing is stopping them . Some reach the nearest robots and killer machines and kill them .
Some robots run into the hallway that leads down , t get some protection from the bullets . Both captains shoot laser . Captain b gets shot in the head and dies . Captain a gets shot in the ribs and falls . He faints cause of the pain he feels . The battle becomes a robot massacre with smoke going up again , and bullets roaming everywhere. Less and less laser are being shot .

In the bunker : Luke finally reaches the last step and enters a dark room lit with only four lamps sticking in the wall . A creepy laughter surrounds the room . "Marik show yourself ! " Luke shouts . Marik comes out from the shadows , the millennium chain still in his hand . "Give me my chain back ! " Luke orders . Marik observes the chain and says " I don't see your name on it so it isn't yours . " Luke charges at marik , punching him in the face making marik fly a few feet . He lands near a metal pipe , grabs it and stands up .
Luke charges at marik again , not noticing that marik has a weapon . Luke tries to punch him again but marik evade and hits Luke with the pipe . Luke falls to the ground and tries to shake the pain off . He stands up again but marik launches another attack with the metal pipe . With no time to block , Luke tries to dodge it , but the pipe was too long .Marik hits Luke right on the side of lukes face . Again Luke falls to the floor and beginning to bleed from his mouth . Marik laughs again . Luke wipes the blood of his lips and stands back up again .
"So , you want some more don't you , you stupid bastard ! " Marik said angrily . He slams the pipe at Luke twice and Luke falls to the ground once more . Marik , still hitting Luke with that pipe to Luke head , laughs evilly . Luke begins to fade away . "My ...chain "He says before he goes conscious . Marik stops , rolls Luke over on his back and gets in his face . "So , you thought that you can beat me huh punk ! Well guess what punk , i still got the chain ! " Marik said and laughs happily . Suddenly he stops laughing and begins to feel pain in one of his arms . He looks down to see what is burning . He screams out of pain and lets the chain go . The chain falls to the ground next to Luke . Marik grabbing his burned hand stares at the chain .
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