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Chapter 7: Hero's awakening

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Chapter 7 : Hero's awakening

In heaven : God is talking to a person in a white cloak . The person has a hood so so his face can't be seen . "It is time that i need you again my friend ! A boy named Luke has your chain ! So , you might have to share his body for a while ! The boy is very strong and talented . I'm pretty sure you will feel when your inside him . Well good luck ! " god said . The person in the white cloak flicks his fingers and disappears .

In the bunker : The chain is still flashing brightly . It begins to hoover in the air and moves towards likes conscious body . Then the chain slowly begins to go into Luke body . The bright light fades and everything becomes still and silent .
Marik blinks his eyes few times then shakes his head . Then he takes out his cell phone and calls devil . "What is it ! " devil shouts through the phone . "Sir , the millennium chain wen inside the kids body ! " marik said . "What ! " devil shouts furiously .
Inside likes consciousness : Luke is on the floor . "Wake up ! Wake up kid ! " a voice said . Luke opens his eyes and slowly stands up . His mind looks like a dark hallway with light on one side and there is a person standing before the light and it shadows his face . "Who are you ? " Luke asks . A flash of light blinds Luke and falls deeply asleep or so he thinks . " Don't worry kid ! I'll take care of this fight for you ! " the person said .

Back in the bunker : Marik is still talking to devil on his cell phone . "So what should i do sir ? " marik asks . "Try to kill him ! Noah should be there by now ! " devil orders marik . "Roger sir ! " marik replies back and gets off the phone . He turns towards lukes limb body and begins to walk to it . Suddenly another blinding flash of light appears and marik covers his eyes .
The blind light stops and marik opens his eyes again . "Oh fuck ! " he said . In front of him is a tall teenager that looks like he's around seventeen . He has spiky hair which changes color every minute . He has a very pale skin . His eyes are black . He also has black nail polish on his nails . "Let the fun begin ! " He says darkly to marik .

Outside of the bunker : The smoke is clearing . Most of lukes robots and killer machines that were guarding the entrance were down . Few of them still fighting the demon-soldiers . Noah runs by the remaining robots and killing machines and runs down the bunker . "Hope it's not too late ! " he said to himself .
In hell : Devil is reading some documents . His phone begins to ring and he picks it up . "Hello ? " he asks . "He h he h he h ! Devil , I'm coming for you ! Your apprentice wasn't as tough as i thought he would be ! I guess I'll be seeing you soon and i hope your much more fun that this little punk ! " A dark voice said and hangs up on devil . Devil sitting there with the cell phone still next to his ear looking shocked and scared . He quickly stands up and runs to his door .
Devil opens the door and begins to run down the stairs skipping five steps at a time . He stops at a door and opens it . In there there were demons in officer uniforms . "Call an emergence retreat ! " shouts devil . The demon-officers begin to rush to the phones . Devil begins to run back up the stairs .
When he got to his office he takes out his cell phone and calls Noah . "Hello ! " Noah answers . "Get the hell out of there ! Pick up marik first ! " Devil orders . "Yes sir ! " Noah replies and gets off the phone .
In the air : Luke's reinforcements and fighter planes finally appear on the scene . They see the demon-planes lowering down to the floor . The robot officers tell the fighter planes to begin to attack at the enemy . The fighter planes begin their charge .

Inside the bunker : Noah finally reaches the dark room . He tries to catch his breath and notices mariks body on the ground . Then he turns around to see the tall boy staring at Noah . "So , we have more company ! "the boy says . "No ! Please spare me , i just came for marik ! " Noah begs . The boy walks to the mariks body , picks it up and throws him at Noah . Noah catches marik . "He has most of his bones broken ! Tell him , once he awakens , to drink more milk and to get more stronger ! He barely gave me some sweat ! " the boy said . Noah turns around and runs up the stairs .
"Looks like this battle is over !"the boy says to himself . With another flash lukes original body comes back but lifeless .

Few minutes later , Noah finally reaches the entrance of the bunker . What he saw next was the last thing he would remember .
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