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Chapter 8: The end of the battle

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Chapter 8 : The end of the first battle !

Noah , with marik on his back , has his mouth open as he stares at the horror in front of him . The demon-soldiers running to the landed demon-planes . Then something bad happens , lukes blue transport planes land in front of the demon planes and begin to kill the demons running to them . Noah takes out a smoke bomb from his pocket . "This isn't over ! " He said and explodes the smoke bomb . When the smoke vanished he was gone with marik .
While the demons are getting killed medics come out with hoover-stretchers and begin to load up the broken robots and heading back inside .Closer and closer the medics were to the bunker . Few demon-soldiers boarded the demon-planes and tried to flee , but lukes blue-fighters were on their trail and shooting them down again .
The medics pick up both captains and head back to the ship . Two medics go inside the bunker with the hoover-stretcher.
Inside the bunker : Luke is still lifeless .
Inside lukes mind : "Luke , Luke wake up ! " a voice said . Luke opens his eyes and blinks . In front of him is the guy that changed the tables . "Who are you ? " Luke asked . "I am hero , the legendary hero and warrior ! " hero said . "How did you get into my body ? " Luke asks again . Hero points at the millennium chain . Luke stares at it . "If you need me I'll be in there . "Hero said . The chain gives another flash and hero was gone .
Inside the bunker : The medics finally reach lukes lifeless body and slowly put him on the hoover-stretcher .
By the time the medics go outside the bunker with Luke in the stretcher , people began to swarm the place and cheering the robots .
When the last remaining robots got into the blue transports , the cops and and the news were on the scene . The transport planes were in the air before the news people asked them questions .

In hell : Noah drops marik in front of devils desk . "He's badly wounded ! " he said . "Take him to the clinic on the second floor ! " devil orders . Noah picks up marik again and disappears into the shadows . "Man , we are screwed ! With him back alive , what should i do ?" Devil asked himself.

At lukes house : The transport planes arrive and wait for Aaron to open up the base . While they waited , the medics whom had Luke in their stretcher , took him to his room and carefully put him in his bed .
Aaron walks in . "He needs to be in bed , he is very tired so he might not wake up for days . Also he has a few broken ribs , and broken arm and a dislocated knee and a head split open . We did fix them , but he cant move for at least a month . " one medic said .
Aaron leaves the room closing the doors behind him . "Thank god your okay sir , but this war has just started so next time please be more careful ! " he said
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