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Chapter 9: The new student

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Chapter 9 : The new student

It's been a week since that first battle happened between Luke and devil . Luke , still healing from his injuries , is in middle of studying in school when suddenly hero speaks to Luke . " I sense something coming here ! " he says . "Good or bad ? " Luke asks . "Seems to be both ! " hero replied . "Then don't worry about it ! " Luke said calmly .
The teacher walks into the classroom . "Students , please stop studying . I got a announcement to make ! " the teacher said . The whole classroom becomes quiet . Luke stares at the teacher listening to everything he says . "We have a new student joining us today ! Please welcome Samantha ! " The teacher announces . The door opens and a girl walks in ; she is white with blonde hair and green eyes . She is skinny and around five feet tall , wearing a lip stick with eye liner . She is wearing a sky blue colored dress . Her teeth are whiter that a white t-shirt .
She smiles at the students . "That's the thing i sensed ! " Hero said . Luke stares at her sharply , then he puts his arms behind him and leans back against his chair . "Now , where should we sit you ? Ah , how bout next to Luke ? " The teacher asked . Luke falls off the chair . Everybody , even the new girl , laughs . Luke stands up again and lifts up the chair and sits back down . The new girl sits next to Luke . As she passes by him he smells strawberries coming from her .
"Don't worry about it hero , she's just an ordinary and innocent girl ! " Luke said . Hero glances at the new girl with his arms crossed . The new girl looks at Luke and gives him a friendly smile . "Hi , my name is Samantha . What's your name ? " She asks . "My name is Luke , Luke ooma . "Luke replied . "Nice to meet you ! " Samantha said .

The rest of the period flew by fast . At the end of the day Luke races home . The new girl stares at him . "H eh I've got you now ! " she said . She disappears into a nearby ally .
In hell : Devil stares out of the window . "How was your first day at school ?" he asks and turns around to see Samantha standing there . "Everything went well ! " she replied . "What about that boy with the millennium chain ? " devil asked . "I got one class with him ! " she replies again . "Excellent ! " devil said .
Samantha turns around and hangs her head low . " Mother , father , grandparents , cousins , ants and uncles i will set you free again ! " she thought to her self . Samantha leaves devils office .
Later that night at lukes house : Luke is finishing up his homework when he rubs his chest . Aaron walks in . "Sir, it's getting late . You should get some sleep ! " he said . Luke nods and puts his homework papers and books into his backpack . He turns off the lights and goes to sleep .

In lukes dream he is getting whipped by a person in the shadows . "Stop it dad stop it ! " Luke shouts but the person doesn't stop . Luke begins to cry .
Luke wakes up sweating . He rubs his chest . He takes off his white shirt . All over his body there are scars as long as his body and some are small .The scars begin to bleed . Hero appears by him . " Luke are you okay ? " he asks . Luke doesn't answer back . "Luke answer me ! " hero shouts . He tries to shake Luke but his hands go right through Luke . "Why did you do it dad ? " Luke asks . Hero stares at him awkwardly . "What are you talking about ? " hero asks .
Suddenly a window breaks in likes living room . Luke shakes his head and stands up . He slowly opens the door to see who is intruding his house . He sees two thieves looking around his living room . Luke opens the door wide and shouts . "Who are you and what do you want ! " The two thieves turn around to see who is talking . One of the thief's is a girl . The two thiefs stare at each other and jump out of the window . Luke watches them running away . "What was that all about ?" hero asked . "I don't know ! Let's get some sleep . I'll figure this out tomorrow . "Luke replied . He walks back to his bed and fell asleep.
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