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Chapter 10: The painful memory

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Chapter 10 : The painful memory

Luke is back in his bed . He is fast asleep .
In Luke's dream : Luke is five years old again and his house looks a bit different ; The living room was more lively and bit more colorful . There is more colorful flowers surrounding the living room floor . Luke looks more fatter than he is now .He is sitting on the couch watching the television when all of a sudden his father comes in the house . He has long dirty blonde hair . He is about six feet tall . He is wearing a white t-shirt with red stains all over it and black pants . He is drunk and has a crazy look in his eyes . Luke stares at his father as he walks in . He looks at Luke and laughs crazily . "Son , why don't you go play with your friends ! " he orders . Luke nods and walks past him smelling death and beer on him .
One hour passes by . Luke is outside his house playing with his friends on the street . Then a blood curling scream interrupts the silence in the street followed by a crazy laugh . Luke and his friends look around to see where it's coming from . Luke turns to his house and runs there . Luke runs into the back yard and runs to the house that was in front of him . He tries to open the door but he can't .The door opens up slowly from out of no where . Luke slowly walks in . Luke begins to hear voices . "Die you sonofabitch bitch ! " his dad screams . Then another blood curling scream happens . Luke walks closer to the place where it happened . He opens the door a little bit and watches the shadows move on the wall .
The shadow stands up . Then another jumps on the shadow in front . "You're not going to kill my daughter ! " Luke's grandpa said . Luke's dad tries to grab a knife on the left of him . His grandpa begins to choke him . The dad grabs the knife and stabs lukes grandpa in the head . Grandpa falls onto the floor lifeless and frozen like a statue with his eyes still open . Luke begins to cry . His mom jumps on his dad trying to take the knife from him . He knocks her off of him turns around and stabs her in the heart . Luke's eyes are wide open and frozen still . The door opens wide and his father stares at Luke . "Didn't i tell you to play with your friends ? " he shouts . Luke tries to run away from his dad but hi grabs Luke shirt collar and drags him out of the house .
He throws Luke out the door then takes out a gas tank full of gas . He begins to throw the gas on the house . Then took out a lighter and throws it on the house . The house explodes into a ball of fire . Then his dad grabs his collar again and drags Luke into the other house . He grabs an empty bottle and shatters it over lukes head and Luke goes unconscious .
"Son , wake up ! Wake up son ! " his dad said . Luke slowly opens his eyes . He is surrounded by darkness and his arms and legs are tied up leaving his chest wide open . His dad walks from the shadows with a whip . He takes off Luke shirt and begins to whip him . Luke screams in pain as blood begins to flow down his body . "Didn't i tell you to play with your friends ? " his dad shouts as he continues to whip Luke faster and harder . Luke begins to cry as he screams in pain .
Ten more minutes of whipping go by . Then his dad stops whipping , unties Luke and steps away from him . Luke , on his fours , is bleeding all over his body and crying in pain . "Why did you do it ? Why did you kill them ? " Luke asked . His father looks at the blood then looks at the bloody whip and begins to walk backwards slowly . He takes out the gas tank again and throws it over himself again . Then he takes out the lighter again . "I'm sorry ! " he said and throws himself on fire .
Then a loud crash awakens Luke . Aaron slowly walks in . Luke sits up and looks at the time . " Aaron is 4:30 in the morning ! What the hell is going on ? " he asked . "Well sir , i fixed the window like you said but it looks like the two thieves are back . " Aaron replies . "The two thiefs again ! " hero said out of no where . Luke stands up and slowly walks to the door . "Luke , i don't think it's a good idea to try and catch them . What if they have any weapons . "hero asked worryingly . "Don't worry ! " Luke mumbles . He slowly opens the door .
"Where the hell is he keeping the chain ! " one thief asked . "I don't know but keep searching ! Our master needs them . " The second thief said . Luke creeps up to the closest thief . He grabs the mask and rips it off . It was Samantha . She turns to see Luke staring at her surprised . The masked thief grabs her hand and drags her out of the house . Luke , still looking surprised , looks at the mask still in his hand .
"Luke ... ! " hero says but stopped . Aaron walks next to Luke . "The truth hurts ! " he said . Luke hangs his head low . "I'm going to bed ! " he said .
When he fell asleep he continues with the dream where he left off .

He is still on his fours looking at the burning ashes of his dad . Two weeks later of loneliness , Luke begins to build his butler Aaron . A month later he has finally finished Aaron . From that day when Luke finished building Aaron he had begun to build some soldiers . He forgot about his dead family and the scars although the hurt him some times .
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