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Chapter 67

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Gerard's POV

I watched as Kat opened the basement door below and felt everything from the last few months lift from my shoulders. She was back. Everything was going to be okay.
Mom was washing dishes as I entered the kitchen, the phone clasped in one soapy hand. When she saw my face in the door she smiled brightly and wrapped me in her arms. “My families back, Everything's perfect. Yes, Yes I love you too Mikey. Take your time.” Mom had us all, and that was all that mattered.

Kat's POV

I collected the made bottles as I took Hes back upstairs and rested her on the sofa beside Gee. He grabbed my wrist and laid it with tiny kisses. His fingers were warm and burnt like summers long passed, but I 'd never give this feeling up for the world.

Tonight, Hester would sleep with Donna, giving me the chance to talk to Gerard and make up for the last few months we'd been apart. He'd showered as soon as I'd finished feeding Hes so we'd only said a few words to one another over the supper table, but now, as the clock struck ten, Donna was off to bed, leaving us alone on the sofa with only a bottle of wine for company.
I hugged Hes tightly and kissed her tiny rosy cheeks. Her eyes were closing slowly and she was so tired that it didn't matter she'd be sleeping away from me tonight. As Donna and Hes climbed the stairs, I felt the sudden kick of nerves in my stomach and wrapped Gee's oversized t-shirt around me tighter. I'd have to find a way to get my stuff back from Traces as soon as possible but for tonight I made do with Gee's t-shirt which hung just above my knees.
What if he didn't want me the way I wanted him? I'd be making a fool of myself for nothing.
I stroked his hair down gently as he lay his head down into my lap and his movement warmed me, my thighs clenching and unclenching painfully in lust. He turned to face me, his head writhing the hem of the t-shirt so that it gave me little coverage. He cupped my face in his hand and kissed me warmly, his hand moving lower to clasp my breast. He squeezed tightly and I gasped into his mouth. Beneath the t-shirt I wore no protection of underwear, and his action made me pull his hair hard. My tongue wove by his nape and to his ear. His own tongue was moist against my throat and I pulled his hand tightly dragging him up from the sofa.
As I pulled him towards the stairs his hands weaved up beneath the t-shirt and clasped my butt cheeks, His fingers slipping between my legs as I walked and pulling at the skin between them. I gasped and pushed him against the wall. My butt tightening and writhing as his fingers played and poked. Before I could give him the satisfaction of me releasing, I pulled one of his fingers out and replaced it with one of my own, so that now our two fingers poked and pulled as Gee forced me under him, his mouth smothering my own so that as I came my yelp of pleasure wouldn't be heard by his sleeping mother and my own daughter. His finger was sodden as he pulled it from me before quickly thrusting it back in, this time there was no protection over my mouth so my cry of pain echoed as he pushed harder against my cusp.
I pushed him away now and ran lightly down the stairs to the basement but his hands quickly found me again at the bottom of the hall and he smashed me up against the basement door, my thighs writhing up against his hips as he lifted me up and grinded against me. My hand felt for the door handle and I pushed it down hard so that the door sprang open and we fell into our old bedroom.

He stumbled forwards. Wrapped around him, I felt his hard length begging for play as I slipped down and he pushed me against the bed. The new sheets were stiff and rough against my skin and I pulled Gee's zipper down hard before ripping his T-shirt from his shoulders. His lips licked at my knees and I pulled at his haunches so that he knelt with my legs between his own. I ran my hand up inside my t-shirt and pulled on my own nipple, pain surging through me, my back arched and I pushed a finger inside myself. I began writhing beneath him and with my back arched and my body shaking with pleasure, I screamed and Gee moaned. I lifted myself beneath him and wrapped my calves around his back, his hands sliding down his own pants to pull himself out of them. They fell to the floor with a thud and the swell of his sac caused me groan as it pushed against me.
Gee pulled at my t-shirt and it cascaded to the floor with one quick move of his hand. I ran my hands down over my nipples and pulled them, groaning and releasing them so my hands could find my arch and dive inside myself. I was begging him to play with me and his eyes sparkled and closed as he rubbed himself against me.
His teeth bit down hard on my nipple and milk dripped, rolling into his mouth. I shrieked as he licked it from my bare skin and my hand pushed down hard on the top of his head, willing him to do it again. By now my body was covered in slick sweat and shook as his length dove into me. As he grinded, he pulled my head up to his and, as ours bodies locked and writhed, we lay with our foreheads together. Ours lips pulling at one another's, begging for more.
I pulled myself onto my elbows as his legs shifted on the bed as he began to climax. My legs pulled tighter around him and his hands clasped the back of my knees.
My head was whirring with adrenaline and I began to push myself against him harder, wanting him inside me as far as possible. He began to shake harder and I knew we were close, my breathing was hard and he kept moaning as my hands slid around his butt. I moved myself with him and we were a perfect fit again. Moving completely in synchronization.
As he exploded I felt him pull me closer to him and I screamed with pleasure as I felt myself release.
He fell against me and I wrapped myself around him. His mouth covering my face, neck, breasts with kisses, as he pulled himself back together. “I love you Gerard.” His name was thick in my throat and I could feel myself moaning it as he tucked his head into my arch and licked the tucks of skin between my legs. As he came to lie beside me, I pulled his arms around me noticing now the tiny yet deep wounds crossing their surface. He sighed, “Oh Kat.” He kissed the top of my head and I let my tongue flick across the cuts. “Never again Gerard Way. Never.” I tucked myself against him and fell into the most peaceful sleep I had ever slept.
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