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Chapter 68

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Gerard's POV

When I awoke in the morning it was to find Kat wrapped in my arms. Her Bare chest rising and falling gently against mine. Two green eyes looked back at me, framed delicately in long full lashes, and her mouth quickly found mine as she saw my eyes open. Welcoming me into another perfect day like the last.
Her hands wound my own around her breasts and her fingers found my cock, pulling and teasing before her head quickly dived beneath the covers with a cheeky grin. Her mouth pulled and licked at me, the sensation burning me into overdrive. Her teeth pulled at the skin wrapping me and I groaned in pleasure caused by the pain. Her touch was electric and I couldn't stop myself from releasing into her mouth. As I did, her fingernails tightened on my butt and I screamed in pain.

She quickly reappeared by my side and shoved her tongue in my mouth. It was urgent but necessary, it showed we were back, just for one another. She tasted of me and it was perfect. She laid her head on my chest and I caressed her body lightly beneath the covers. She pulled away from me, and in the dim light of the early morning I saw her small butt strut towards the bathroom. After a few minutes she reappeared in the doorway, the sound of the shower plummeting in the background. She lay up against the side of the doorway and rested a hand on her hip. Her chest heaved and she rubbed a hand over her left breast, pulling slightly.
To see her stood in the perfect dawn light in all her perfection made me harden and I pulled at the covers around me. She disappeared as I strode towards the bathroom quickly. When I entered the small room. The cold air emanating from the shower hit me. Kat led up against the far war of the room. Her body being hit by the cold pellets of the water being shot from the shower head. Her skin glowed and shined and as I wrapped my hands around her waist I pulled her under the heavy stream. She arched in shock and turned us in the tub so she could lie herself under the running water. As I stood and watched her, she pulled at her clit and began to shake as the water hit her. I lay ontop of her and pushed myself inside her, she writhed and we made love in the cold burst of the shower.

Half an hour later, we sat at the table in the kitchen, our hair running cold water down our backs as we drank coffee and laughed about what we'd done the night before. I couldn't stop touching her, making sure it wasn't just a dream and that she really was there. My hand cupped the back of the Kat's knee when Mom entered the kitchen carrying Hes on her hip. She reached out her hands and wrapped her little fists around my neck. I kissed her and gave her a quick squeeze before she began to pull at Kat for feeding. “Good morning Baby. Feed time huh?” Kat raised herself from her chair but I pulled her back down. “You can feed her here if you want. We don't mind. Its only natural, right.”
“Are you sure? Donna's about to eat she doesn't want to watch Hes get fed.”
“I don't mind love, I used to feed Gerard at church when I had him first. Nothing would stop that boy eating.” Great Mom, just what she needed to here, why is it a parents prerogative to embarrass their children? Kat sat back down beside me and undid the shirt Id lent her. Hes grabbed onto Kat quickly and her little head bobbed as she fed. We ate breakfast, talking about how much we missed Mikey, even if we did know him and Lic were okay. It didn't stop us missing them.
As we loaded the plates into the dishwasher, I heard a knock at the door and Kat placed Hes down before rushing after it.
“Oh god! Gerard!” I picked Hes up and shifted her onto my hip. Kat was crying when we reached the front door.
Outside on the porch, Kat's clothes lay smothered in paint. Hes's toys were smashed and her clothes ripped to seams. A crib lay broken and soiled on the steps and a note was pinned to the front door.

Bye Bitch. Thats all it read, but it was enough to bring Kat to tears. I pulled her into my chest and promised myself that it was my duty to protect them now. Nobody would ever hurt them.
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