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Chapter 1.

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Two odd meetings, worlds apart.

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We shouldn't keep meeting like this.

A Stargate SG-1/Doctor Who crossover. Who is the strange visitor that keeps popping up in Jack O'Neill's life?

Disclaimer: I own neither Stargate SG-1 nor Doctor Who, and I never will. I'm just having a little fun, no harm meant. Please don't sue. I don't have the money anyway.

Credit where credit is due: This fic would not exist without, and is dedicated to her. But without my fantastic betas, first of which is Margaret Price, this fic would not be the fic it is now. Margaret rubbed it in that I still have much to learn when it comes to writing. :-). Without Sophie and Isobel, however, the Stargate universe would be unrecognisable from the one in the show, and I owe them much thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow canon-wise.

Like I said, I still have much to learn in writing. If you see someplace I could improve, or if you think I did something particularly well, don't hesitate to tell me. You can leave a review or email me at

Right, enough rambling, on with the story. Enjoy,



1988, Earth, United States, Montana.

Captain Jack O'Neill knew he wasn't supposed to question orders. Even if he was in the Special Forces, where you were expected to think for yourself, he was still in the military. Yet sometimes he wondered what drugs his commanding officers were taking. Who in their right mind would use three crack Special Forces units to guard a quarter of a square mile of pine forest? And that on orders from some UN people who hadn't identified themselves further.

Jack could see, in the middle distance, three people emerging from a blue box. Where did that come from? He watched as the newcomers headed over to the higher ranking officers who seemed to be waiting for them. After a short discussion, two of the new arrivals separated from the group and headed in Jack's direction. A little later, the third member of the group followed the others.

Jack stopped the first individual, a youngish man in a truly ridiculous outfit, who coldly reprimanded the officer in some near incomprehensible British accent before stalking off. A blonde woman perhaps in her early twenties was following behind him and gave Captain O'Neill a weak smile before walking past. Not wanting to start an international incident by shooting the pair, Jack let them go. He turned in time to see a third man dressed in fatigues heading his way, apparently following the first two. As he drew nearer, the Captain noticed that, while he was fully armed, he wore no name tag or insignia of rank.

Captain O'Neill therefore felt fully justified in detaining and questioning a soldier. Not that he had much luck getting any answers. At first, the soldier seemed annoyed at being detained, only to suddenly flash a huge grin and wrap his arm around O'Neill's shoulder. "What you do, Jack, is watch and learn. You make sure nobody else from out here gets in there/," he said, stabbing a finger in the air to make his point. "And nothing from in /there gets out /here /except for us, and you leave the rest to the professionals. Okay? Now I got to go. See ya."

Then the extraordinary individual gave O'Neill a slap on the shoulder and ran off in pursuit of the two civilians, leaving Jack marveling and wondering how he knew his name. When he came to his senses enough to look around at his own men, he saw several of them grinning at him. He grumpily ordered them to stay alert, and resumed his own watch.

Ten minutes later, something came rushing out of the branches, probably scared up by the trio that had disappeared into the woods. All the soldiers of his squad opened fire simultaneously. Still, the...whatever-it-was, ran a hundred yards through a hail of bullets before it fell. That put his squad on edge. Not that the situation did any good for O'Neill either. What was happening here?

After that, no more strange creatures appeared, but during the next twenty minutes, O'Neill and his troops jumped at every noise. That ended when the usual forest sounds were replaced by a steady crackling and joined by a smell of burning wood. Soon after, everyone had to evacuate because the pines had caught fire and the blaze was spreading.

Afterwards, the men in all three squads were told to forget the incident ever happened. But everyone remembered the big forest fire that year.


1998, PTT-112

Even interplanetary travel could get routine if you did it often enough, Colonel O'Neill thought. This must have been the thirtieth planet in as many weeks. There seemed to be a pattern to these places. Either there were Goa'uld trying to kill them, ruins of some long degenerated civilization, or some seemingly innocent locals who would receive the team with an arbitrary degree of hostility. This particular location was of the abandoned ruins variety. This meant that Daniel Jackson, their linguist and resident archeologist, was happily filming the apparently fascinating engravings, while the more military members of the team were getting bored.

The distraction they got this time, however, wasn't entirely what Colonel O'Neill had anticipated. He expected the odd attack by locals enraged that the team had disturbed a sacred site. Or a squad of Jaffa attacking the intruders that had come through the reactivated Gate. Now that, he reflected, was almost as much a part of the routine as the Gate travel itself. But a single, apparently human figure doing his own exploration of the most interesting-according to Daniel, that is-part of the ruins was the last thing anyone expected.

Jack ordered the SG-1 team to encircle the interloper. Before they could complete the circle, however, the stranger looked up. As he did this, he looked straight at the Colonel, who thought he looked strangely familiar. He was about 6 feet tall, with short dark hair. The clothes he was wearing clearly had seen better days, but they were of a similar cut to those his own team wore. Jack could clearly see the man's expression change from surprise to shocked disbelief. He also thought he could just make out the stranger's words. "Not you again!"

Suddenly the stranger twisted round, found the gap in the incomplete encirclement, and ran like hell. He was in remarkable shape. Not even Teal'c had been able to catch him, despite the fact that the Jaffa had dropped all non-essential gear. The stranger, on the other hand, had been carrying a full pack and something resembling a skateboard. He seemed to have vanished into thin air; all attempts at tracking him down were fruitless.

Major Carter and Daniel investigated the part of the ruins the stranger had escaped from. According to Daniel, it had probably been a communications center of some sort. Carter noticed that something had been expertly removed from the base of a pedestal. Other components were hanging out, half loose, as if the stranger had been trying to get more out when he was interrupted.

When the team returned to the Gate four hours later,they found that it had been activated, but when they checked with Stargate Command, there was had no record of any unauthorized openings of the Gate on their side.

The paperwork and red tape that followed really had not been fun.
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